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Hidden Brain

The Tale of the Cowboy Philosopher

51:08 | Mar 3rd

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In 2009, an old man died in a California nursing home. His obituary included not just his given name, but a long list of the pseudonyms he'd been known to use. In this episode, which we originally rel...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 8th

This story 😭😭😭 A daughter discovers who her father really was twice over. One destroyed their relationship. The other she never has a chance to reconcile. Was he a con man or a genius? Either or, it's no doubt Riley Shepard's encyclopedia of folk music is an important body of work. You can find t...Show More

mmMar 9th

@danny @jvaill You’ll love this. Heart-wrenching .

mpr recommended:Mar 8th

Bitter sweet and fascinating, reminds me a little of the book “surgeon of Crowethorne”.

rmmiller364 recommended:Mar 8th

A fascinating episode about an interesting and perhaps difficult person who tried to produce a 50-volume encyclopedia of folk music, despite only having a fifth-grade education

yveehops recommended:Mar 7th

Added this to my list of favorite podcasts. Super interesting story of how one man was seen as a swindler and cheat to some people and an astounding genius to others. Even his daughter didn’t realize the magnitude of his life’s work.