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The Science of Happiness

Who Would You Be Without Them?

17:12 | Mar 12th

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Think of an important person in your life. Now imagine you never met. Our guest practices counting his blessings by picturing his life without a special person from his past.


jctrevino recommended:Mar 13th

Using Mental Subtraction as an alternative and amazingly powerful way to be grateful. I hadn’t listened to this podcast in a while. But especially in these turbulent times with so much anxiety, it helps to be appreciative of all the wonderful things one has close by. Like our loved ones.

mmMar 13th

@jctrevino Ughhhh this sounds like a necessary listen for right now. Actually thinking to see if folks might be interested in curating anxiety-decreasing “podcast care packages” to share with rest of community since our feeds have been hijacked by way too many scary coronavirus pods... 😫 Need to ch...Show More

jctrevinoMar 14th

@mm I could not be more in agreement.