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Why the American Approach Is Failing

28:57 | Mar 24th

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So far, the United States has been losing the battle against the pandemic, with a patchwork of inconsistent measures across the country proving unequal to halting the spread of the virus. Today, we as...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 25th

We are SO F*CKED. The only way to solve this pandemic is if there's a magic wand that froze everyone in place 6ft away from each other for 2 weeks. But there's no magic wand. 😫

mmMar 25th

@aliceko @bigfoot_skeptic This episode is depressing.

bigfoot_skepticMar 25th

@mm The US is clearly headed in the same direction as Italy, so I agree that they're f*cked. I don't feel similarly about Canada. This graph, best viewed on desktop, shows that Canada is trending in the right direction. More

mmMar 25th

@bigfoot_skeptic I'm worried about BC. We're nearing 700 cases now and it's not easy to qualify for a test... Great graph! Thanks for sharing it. Still doesn't give me a ton of comfort though that we're doubling every 3 days vs 2 days! 😫

jctrevino recommended:Mar 24th

If you remain optimistic about what is about to happen in the US with the pandemic, by all means do not listen to this episode. Especially around minute 15. 😢

mmMar 24th

😭 @kimwaudio

kimwaudioApr 15th

@mm @jctrevino I need to listen to this.

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