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The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway

A Post-Corona World

51:49 | Mar 26th

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Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist, author, and NYU professor, discusses the psychological and social impact of COVID-19. Scott also answers listener questions about investing, entrepreneurship, and ...Show More


jspinelle recommended:Mar 31st

Jonathan Haidt’s take on coronavirus, risk, human psychology, and democracy is super interesting. I haven’t heard anyone else articulate it in quite this way.

danny recommended:Mar 28th

An optimistic take on the virus' impact. Glad to have heard it.

mm recommended:Mar 27th

Interesting take on the pandemic from social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt. He says that a mathematician already predicted that every 10 years or so, there will be a downturn and he actually warned in an article that 2020 will be the year. Haidt also says the bright side of the pandemic is that we'll...Show More

jctrevino recommended:Mar 26th

Finally a sensible and fairly optimistic view in the coronavirus pandemic! First time I hear Jonathan Haidt but he as some very interesting thoughts to ruminate.