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Global News Podcast

US overtakes China with most coronavirus cases

29:08 | Mar 27th

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According to John Hopkins University, the United States has more than eighty-two thousand positive tests. Also: a nationwide three-week lockdown has begun in South Africa, and Russia has grounded all ...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 27th

Terrific sweep around the world on how each country is dealing with COVID-19.

tsrk30 recommended:Mar 27th

News with a Global perspective. Worth your time

mmMar 27th

@tsrk30 This was a terrific episode! I really appreciated the sampling around the world.

tsrk30Mar 27th

@mm Awesome, I was curious if people actually responded on here :). To be fair you are the co founder of the app. Lol. This is really an awesome idea and I have already discovered many new podcast here. So thank you, have a great day and be safe

mmMar 28th

@tsrk30 Yes! People do respond, but sometimes folks are a bit shy ;) I’m so happy hear you’ve already discovered new podcasts! Looking forward to your recommendations and feel free to let @danny and me know if there’s anything we can do to continue to improve this experience. You stay safe too!