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Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

104: My Old Lady with Sarah Chalke

1:24:45 | Apr 16th

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In episode 104, Turk, JD, and Elliot try to save their dying patient. Hospital statistics predict at least one will die. In the real world, Zach and Donald are joined by Sarah Chalke, as she shares he...Show More


readingsusan recommended:May 17th

All right this is my new favorite podcast! It’s hilarious and a must listen for Scrubs fans!

alishiamarie recommended:Apr 24th

I didn’t know Sarah was Canadian, her long O’s are so cute. It’s been so fun listening to all these cast members reconnect, clearly they all truly care about one another.

alishiamarieApr 26th

@mm have you tried this one, it’s so refreshing compared to all the heavy stuff we listen to

mmApr 26th

@alishiamarie No, I haven't yet, but will do! Thanks for suggesting :) Also, we do listen to so much heavy stuff around here, don't we.