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Small Town Dicks Podcast

On the Killing of George Floyd

27:09 | Jun 4th

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Detectives Dan and Dave offer their professional perspectives on the conduct of the officers now charged with the murder of George Floyd....Show More


elfflame recommended:Jul 14th

I've been waiting for any of my True Crime Podcasts to deal with this issue, and this is the first one I've gotten to. I am behind on many, so that is part of the problem, but part of the problem is so many are being just silent on the issue. So thank you Dave and Dan for taking the cops who helped ...Show More

I thought this episode was:

💔 Heart-breaking
💛 Honest
💯 A must listen

mmJul 14th

@elfflame Oh wow - didn't know that this is one of the few pods that have dealt with the issue. Have you heard the new true crime x history pod Unfinished? It's about the lynching of a wealthy Black man in the south. They address George Floyd issue head on in episode 1: More

elfflameJul 14th

@mm I don't know that it is. As I said, I'm not caught up on a lot of my podcasts, but it was nice to finally hear one of my favorite podcasts talk about it, especially in such a way. I will definitely check out Unfinished. Thank you.