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Chapter One: The Reporter

23:47 | Apr 19th, 2018

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Rukmini describes the reality of being on the terrorism beat and why she brings trash bags with her to the frontlines of the war against ISIS.


mm recommended:Feb 6th, 2019

I binged on this series. So so good! Now I need people to talk to about it!!! Anyone listened to this???

kigord recommended:Feb 19th

Great podcast with quite perfect sound design

mmFeb 19th

@kigord Easily one of the best podcasts of all time!!! Sounds like you’re going on he journey with them.

kigordFeb 19th

@mm already listened it all a year ago, just decided to leave a recommendation here)

mmFeb 19th

@kigord It’s never too late to leave a recommendation for podcasts we love πŸ’›

kigordFeb 19th

@mm by the way, I thing your product is great! Although I already started to recommend it to my friends, I find it intrusive that I get email each time I receive comment or clap. I don’t know of course what data tells you about it and how it influence retention, but you should consider turning it of...Show More

mmFeb 19th

@kigord Thanks for being a member and for contributing with the great recommendations, and for recommending Podyssey to your friends! Sorry for all the emails! The plan to give users the ability to turn emails on/off is on the roadmap. In the meantime, we can turn it off for you. Will follow up vi...Show More

danny recommended:Jul 20th, 2018

Just binge listened to this pod. It's excellent!