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Unfinished: Deep South

S1 E1 Isadore Banks

35:41 | Jun 29th

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For most of his life Isadore Banks found ways to survive—and thrive—in the violently anti-black South. He became one of the largest land-owners on the Arkansas Delta, ran several businesses, and was a...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 13th

If you love Floodlines and 1619, this is a must listen podcast for you. A wealthy southern Black cotton farm owner beat the white farmers at their game, but got lynched and stripped of all his money and land leaving generational trauma that’s still present today. Incredible and important listen.

I thought this episode was:

😢 Moving
😱 Horrifying
💡 Educational
💯 A must listen
👍 Well-produced

mmJul 13th

ICYMI 1619 + Floodlines fans, you'll 100% enjoy this new pod about a wealthy Black man in the south who was lynched. cc @jnk @fiercefab @jspinelle @argentum @michelle_ebooks @adam_p @harwood @cesarm @saam @basicallydan @jennx @magicfrog @emilymcmc @phocks @jhawthorne @rmmiller 364 @phyllisgoode @h...Show More

jhawthorneJul 13th

@mm yes! I just started listening, love it

phyllisgoodeJul 13th

@mm ooooh thanks for the rec!