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#90 Matt Lieber Goes to Dinner

30:59 | Mar 2nd, 2017

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This week, one man has been warning the world about an impending disaster for years, but no one will listen. Also, Alex makes a dumb decision.Further ReadingW3C's proposed standard W3C Director, Tim B...Show More


mm recommended:Oct 20th, 2019

Oooo this episode talks about the W3C, which I used to be a part of. I can definitely sympathize with the man who talked about the meetings. I was an independent member at W3C, but there there is a great risk of companies who are participating members and sponsors of the org who define standards tha...Show More

mmDec 11th, 2019

@danny This is the Reply All episode about large corps' interests trumping over public interests when it comes to defining open standards. It's a lot denser than their usual material.