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Episode 205: Ezra Klein

Aug 10th, 20161:05:47

Ezra Klein the editor-in-chief of Vox. “I think that if any of these big players collapse, when their obits are written, it’ll be because they did too much. I’m not saying I think any of them in particular are doing too much. But I do think, when I look around and I think, ‘What is the danger here? What is the danger for Vox?’ I think it is losing too much focus because you’re trying to do too many things.” Thanks to MailChimp, Casper, and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. @ezraklein Klein on Longform Vox [01:00] The Ezra Klein Show [2:00] The Weeds [2:45] Ezra Klein’s Blog [5:00] "Jesse Eisenberg on Jewish humor, writing lessons, and interrogating strangers" (The Ezra Klein Show • Jun 2016) [8:45] Videos on Vox [11:15] Wonkblog [16:00] "If you are losing faith in human natu... Show More

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