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Episode 212: Julia Turner

Sep 21st, 20161:03:27

Julia Turner is editor-in-chief of Slate. “That’s what we’ve been focused on: trying to double down on the stuff that feels distinctive and original. Because if you spend all your time on a social platform, and a bunch of media brands are optimizing all their content for that social platform, all those media brands’ headlines say the same, all the content is pretty interchangeable. It turns media into this commodity where then what is the point of developing a media company for 20 years? You might as well take the Silicon Valley approach and just make a new one every three years for whatever that moment is.” Thanks to MailChimp, Audible, and Igloo for sponsoring this week's episode. @juliaturner [03:15] Michael Kinsley on the cover of Newsweek [06:15] Slate Plus [07:45] Turner’s Slate Arc... Show More

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