Fabiola Melendez Carletti


Co-ordinating/Digital Producer for CBC Podcasts. Salvadoreña. Interested in the beauty, tragedy and absurdity of life.

fiercefab echoed You 2.0: The Ostrich EffectJul 11th

“I don’t want to hear about it.” What happens to our brains when we’re confronted with unpleasant or even painful information? This beautiful produced episode explores why we turn away from things that make us sad or upset, even when ignoring them is irrational or upsetting. What can we do to pull our heads out of the sand — and why should we?

You 2.0: The Ostrich Effect

Hidden Brain

fiercefab echoed Feeling My Flo TrailerJul 10th

Great trailer! I love that it’s expanding tired narratives about menstruation. I sincerely wish I had a resource like this as a girl (one who didn’t know what was happening and panicked when I got my first period really young!). Note: This is the latest from Lantigua Williams & Co., the great team that produces Latina to Latina and other pods that centre “creators from the margins” — looking forward!

Feeling My Flo Trailer

Feeling My Flo

fiercefab echoed A Very Offensive Rom-ComJul 10th

I found this episode refreshing in its candour. In general, I appreciate that Invisibilia is unapologetically nuanced and its storytellers are brave enough to turn the gaze inward. I can count on it for that, which is reassuring in divided times.

A Very Offensive Rom-Com


fiercefab echoed Carlo Rovelli — All Reality Is InteractionJul 10th

I loves this interview. It left me astonished and grateful, looking at myself and the world around me in a different way. Through this poetic physicist’s eyes, we are all part of a “wave of happenings.” How lucky are we to so briefly be a collection of cells. This quote says it all: “We live 100 years, but suppose we lived a billion years. A stone would be just a moment in which some sand gets together and then it disaggregates. Just a momentary getting-together of sand.”

Carlo Rovelli — All Reality Is Interaction

On Being with Krista Tippett

fiercefab echoed [Unedited] Tracy K. Smith with Krista TippettJul 10th

“Love isn’t just flowers and hearts. Love is work. Love is dangerous. Love is ennobling, but not in the easy, pretty way that we sometimes imagine that it is.” - Tracy K. Smith ❤️ I needed this conversation and all its healing words. Plus it led me to discover Tracy’s own podcast The Slowdown, a daily poetry pod and a healthy alternative when I just can’t start my day with the news.

[Unedited] Tracy K. Smith with Krista Tippett

On Being with Krista Tippett

fiercefab echoed HowlJul 10th


Love Me