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Fabiola Melendez Carletti


Co-ordinating/Digital Producer for CBC Podcasts. Salvadoreña. Interested in the beauty, tragedy and absurdity of life.

fiercefab echoed Punks Oct 25th

What a charming (if frustrating) episode! Think of a movie you loved growing up. If you could easily watch it again today, feel lucky. Not everyone has access to the first film that made them feel seen.



fiercefab echoed Snap #1001 - This Is Not A Drill Oct 25th

A close friend of mine was in Hawaii for her honeymoon the day of the infamous false alarm. Her story alone blew my mind. Now hearing this bouquet of experiences — this incredible range of reactions — leaves me even more amazed. The conflicted father. The people in the movie theatre. The Hiroshima survivor. The waitress who lost her phone. Really makes you wonder who you’ll be at the end.

Snap #1001 - This Is Not A Drill

Snap Judgment

fiercefab echoed 01 | The VoiceOct 23rd

What’s the difference between a moral compass and a mean voice inside your head? In this refreshingly raw audio memoir, Honour lets us hear the hyper critical voice inside her head — so we might better understand (and hopefully stand up to) our own. This couldn’t have been easy to make ... I’m going to think about it for a long time.

01 | The Voice

No Feeling Is Final

fiercefab echoed A Sense of QuietnessOct 23rd

Like a quietly furious quartet, four women share their interconnected stories and bring the question of reproductive rights in Ireland down to the human level.

A Sense of Quietness

Earshot - ABC RN

fiercefab echoed Welcome to The View From SomewhereOct 22nd

Okay, buckle up for this one. The goal of this podcast is twofold: to undo the myth of journalistic objectivity and to create a new canon of diverse journalists who did or are doing work that changed the world.

Welcome to The View From Somewhere

The View from Somewhere

fiercefab echoed 07. Inoperative OperativeOct 22nd

Deeper into the labyrinth we go. Kudos to the writer. It’s super ambitious to build this many pathways, but because of the way this was written I’m never quite sure what will be a dead end vs. maybe, just maybe, the way out.

07. Inoperative Operative

Passenger List

fiercefab echoed How to serve up your politics this ThanksgivingOct 12th

Learned from this episode that, for the first time, millennial voters will make up the biggest voting bloc in a federal election. That’s huge. But we have to make it matter by showing up. I think this Thanksgiving I think I’ll leave the uncles alone and have a conversation with the cousins.

How to serve up your politics this Thanksgiving

Party Lines

fiercefab echoed Being Asian and LatinoOct 12th

I’m a Salvadoreña engaged to a Singaporean, and we hope to one day have a family. We’ve talked a lot about how we might talk to our kids about their identities and bring together our cultures. This conversation was really helpful — especially in the second half when they talked about moving beyond this hurtful idea of not belonging to other side. What if we can reframe it as a super power? It’s like my friend Adrian Ma tells his kids: “you’re not half, you’re double.”

Being Asian and Latino

Latino USA

fiercefab echoed Recapping a crucial federal leaders debateOct 8th

Did you miss the debate last night? (Or need help digesting it?) Front Burner’s got you covered — from the fighting words to the crosstalk to the few blessed moments of levity. Interesting to hear the same debate in clips, I’ll say. Some land so differently out of context.

Recapping a crucial federal leaders debate

Front Burner

fiercefab echoed 05. CyberspaceOct 7th

Okay, the latest episode pulled me back in. Mara Wilson pops up in the credits at the end and says she wrote this one. Nice!

05. Cyberspace

Passenger List

fiercefab echoed #CdnPoli podcasts to help you prepare for the 2019 Federal electionOct 5th

Voting day in Canada is fast approaching! Here’s a really great overview of the Canadian political podcasts on offer in the lead up, featuring Party Lines co-host Elamin Abdelmahmoud. Also a robust sweep of the issues — from climate to privacy to the conversation about race were not having.

#CdnPoli podcasts to help you prepare for the 2019 Federal election

Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio

fiercefab echoed How Iceland's Tourism Bubble DeflatedOct 4th

An interesting two-part look at the many economic lives of Iceland. Hear how this tiny island nation went from fishing to banking to insta-trapping.

How Iceland's Tourism Bubble Deflated

The Indicator from Planet Money

fiercefab echoed 04. Psychic WitchOct 2nd

Anyone else following this series? I am here for all the twists and turns, the immersive sound design and *especially* the Reddit-famous psychic witch. The acting in this episode is especially believable. I do wonder how long this device will hold me, though. Ready for Kaitlin to be something other than stubbornly single-minded and indiscriminately combative. But then again I also like complex and not blandly likeable female characters. We’ll see where this goes ...

04. Psychic Witch

Passenger List

fiercefab echoed Episode 3: The Birth of American MusicOct 2nd

Honestly, I should just echo every episode of this series. It’s one of the best I’ve ever, ever heard. This one is particularly powerful following the strained conversation about blackface we just had in Canada. Yes, you can learn a lot about a society by examining what they find entertaining, why they are drawn to it — and at whose expense.

Episode 3: The Birth of American Music


fiercefab echoed Natalia LafourcadeOct 2nd

Tú sí sabes quererme, Natalia. ❤️🙏🏽

Natalia Lafourcade

Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio

fiercefab echoed I let go of my plan — and found myself, by Krista TippettOct 2nd

“Looking back, if I could change something, I wish I had been kinder to myself all along.” This one was really special for me. I’ve long loved Krista Tippett’s work on On Being, and I had no idea about her past life as a diplomat or her time in Berlin. But even if I’d never heard of her, this meditative story would have resonated deep. That feeling she had that she needed to do something “impressive” – even if it meant being chronologically exhausted — is a familiar one. I love that she took the road less travelled. And I love the prompt: What would it take for you to do something unexpected?

I let go of my plan — and found myself, by Krista Tippett

Meditative Story

fiercefab echoed #140 The Roman Mars Mazda VirusSep 10th

A wild goose chase that ultimately satisfies. There are many ways to solve a mysterious tech support problem — and persuading Samin Nosrat and Sarah Koenig to host “garbage” podcasts is now one of them.

#140 The Roman Mars Mazda Virus

Reply All

fiercefab echoed Bianca Andreescu Brings a Tennis Grandslam to CanadaSep 10th

I should start by admitting I’m not a tennis fan, which makes it all the more impressive that I found this episode fascinating. I know it’s about Bianca Andreescu, mostly, but I gained a deeper appreciation of both our Canadian champ and the legend that is Serena Williams. She literally changed the game, and did something most meteoric stars can’t do: keep it consistent. After listening to this I’m rooting for Andreescu’s mental game as much as her physical one. Winning is a state of mind.

Bianca Andreescu Brings a Tennis Grandslam to Canada

Front Burner

fiercefab echoed What’s the science behind bullying?Sep 6th

Honestly, Tai is a remarkable human that happens to be a kid. This episode is a fantastic example. It was smart, compassionate and genuinely educational. Highlight: when Tai asks a researcher if there’s any way our species might evolve beyond bullying. She responds that she’s not sure how — and he chirps, “that’s not a no!”

What’s the science behind bullying?

Tai Asks Why

fiercefab echoed Pre-Flight AnnouncementAug 30th

This one’s been endorsed by some of the best podcasters and curators in the biz. As my ascent into audio drama continues, I’m only too pleased to be pre-boarding for this one.

Pre-Flight Announcement

Passenger List

fiercefab echoed Episode 1: The Fight for a True DemocracyAug 28th

Some of the most powerful stories ever told are familiar ones, reframed. There’s a reason Nikole Hannah-Jones’ can claim the title “Beyoncé of journalism” without flinching — she’s certainly causing all this conversation. Eager to follow this one all the way through.

Episode 1: The Fight for a True Democracy


fiercefab echoed 07. The Hollow of the KingsAug 24th

Just finished this charming, funny, sweet series and my heart is aglow. Major motion picture, please! I need to see Samira Wiley in real armour and so many other things I can’t say without spoiling the plot!

07. The Hollow of the Kings

The Two Princes

fiercefab echoed Ever Dearest Cousin NickyAug 22nd

A familiar story told in such a way that made it new. I don’t know why I’m on a Royal Story kick but here I am! Only downside: I had Ra-Ra-Rasputin stuck in my head for a whole day.

Ever Dearest Cousin Nicky

Noble Blood

fiercefab echoed 01. Once Upon a TimeAug 22nd

Oh my gosh, what? How am I binging an audio drama for kids? I stumbled upon this accidentally in the Tai Asks Why feed and haven’t been able to stop! The immersive sound design, the fabulously wry matriarch, the familiar frustrations of youth — oh man, and that sweet chamberlain ... this is a great one to listen to with the tweens in your life or, well, with your grown ass self. Plus it’s totally a gay love story and that’s amazing.

01. Once Upon a Time

The Two Princes

fiercefab echoed 01 | With me, even when you’re notAug 15th

A very satisfactory first episode. Kind of like an sound rich audio book with multiple convincingly realistic voices (and some sweet Aussie accents). Can anyone with Oz experience translate the following though? Skink Braces (in the context of firefighters) Pog’s (sp?) coverband Irish elf hats Luminous Yute Guy (what’s a Yute?) Birds in the eucalips Flywire door Tag an Australian! Thanks mates :)

01 | With me, even when you’re not

The Fitzroy Diaries

fiercefab echoed LizzoAug 7th

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch.” 💋💋 If you’re experiencing even a slight dip in your confidence, your energy, your magic, your joy, let Queen Lizzo sing you back to life. “If you can love me, you can love yourself.” (Shout out to @bkxb for finding this gem!)


Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio

fiercefab echoed 48 HoursAug 6th

Nothing like working on a wildly condensed timeline to get a fresh perspective on your craft. Indiewire recently called this mildly masochistic experiment one of the best podcast episodes of the year — so there’s that!

48 Hours

Personal Best

fiercefab echoed "Hagamos esa vaina de la radio"Aug 6th

¿Dónde están mis podcasters que hablan Español? If you’re wondering how “This American Life in Spanish” went from dream to reality, and what it takes to pitch the team, look no further. I especially enjoyed their answer to what this pod has to do with great Latino literature. (Turns out: a convincing lot!)

"Hagamos esa vaina de la radio"

Radio Ambulante

fiercefab echoed The End of EmpathyAug 6th

How often do you get to hear how a story was *almost* framed, followed by a completely different take on the same series of events? I’ve said before that the Invisibilia team is refreshingly introspective, and this is one of the absolute best examples of that. Few are brave enough to question their own initial reaction and question their own thought process out loud.

The End of Empathy


fiercefab echoed Toy StoryAug 6th

I’m trying to listen to more podcasts in my mother tongue, so naturally Radio Ambulante is on heavy rotation. I fell in love with this Cuban coming-of-age story, rich with moments of transportive sound design. (Thunderstorm in Havana? Yes please.) I could really picture the storyteller riding her Soviet era bike along the waterfront, listening to Pink Floyd on her Walkman and dreaming of more than “una vida cualquiera.”

Toy Story

Radio Ambulante

fiercefab echoed Teju Cole — Sitting Together in the DarkAug 1st

“If everyone’s so woke, why are things so terrible? ... being woke is different from waking up, because it’s a performing — knowing the right things to say so that you don’t get attacked. But the responsibility actually goes deeper than that. What does it mean to seek justice?” I love On Being. It may be my favourite podcast, period. So when Kate from Podcast Playlist asked me what my favourite On Being episode is, I almost short circuited. I did know that this chat with Teju Cole immediately came to mind. His thoughts on James Baldwin, independent thinking and how “devastatingly isolating” it can be to take a truly progressive position, really stuck with me. How changing people’s words is not the same as changing their hearts. It’s this kind of nuance that I’m constantly hungry for. On Being reliably satiates.

Teju Cole — Sitting Together in the Dark

On Being with Krista Tippett

fiercefab echoed Season Finale: Amy Pearl Jul 31st

This is an absolute gem of a show, and the producer in me immediately geeked out over the season finale. I finally got to hear how 10 things came to be, and how the producers create that sense of moving from room to room in a mansion of our most visceral fears. We are defined by what we are afraid of, and maybe the path to courage begins with a deceptively simple list.

Season Finale: Amy Pearl

10 Things That Scare Me

fiercefab echoed You 2.0: The Ostrich EffectJul 11th

“I don’t want to hear about it.” What happens to our brains when we’re confronted with unpleasant or even painful information? This beautiful produced episode explores why we turn away from things that make us sad or upset, even when ignoring them is irrational or upsetting. What can we do to pull our heads out of the sand — and why should we?

You 2.0: The Ostrich Effect

Hidden Brain

fiercefab echoed Feeling My Flo TrailerJul 10th

Great trailer! I love that it’s expanding tired narratives about menstruation. I sincerely wish I had a resource like this as a girl (one who didn’t know what was happening and panicked when I got my first period really young!). Note: This is the latest from Lantigua Williams & Co., the great team that produces Latina to Latina and other pods that centre “creators from the margins” — looking forward!

Feeling My Flo Trailer

Feeling My Flo

fiercefab echoed A Very Offensive Rom-ComJul 10th

I found this episode refreshing in its candour. In general, I appreciate that Invisibilia is unapologetically nuanced and its storytellers are brave enough to turn the gaze inward. I can count on it for that, which is reassuring in divided times.

A Very Offensive Rom-Com


fiercefab echoed Carlo Rovelli — All Reality Is InteractionJul 10th

I loves this interview. It left me astonished and grateful, looking at myself and the world around me in a different way. Through this poetic physicist’s eyes, we are all part of a “wave of happenings.” How lucky are we to so briefly be a collection of cells. This quote says it all: “We live 100 years, but suppose we lived a billion years. A stone would be just a moment in which some sand gets together and then it disaggregates. Just a momentary getting-together of sand.”

Carlo Rovelli — All Reality Is Interaction

On Being with Krista Tippett

fiercefab echoed [Unedited] Tracy K. Smith with Krista TippettJul 10th

“Love isn’t just flowers and hearts. Love is work. Love is dangerous. Love is ennobling, but not in the easy, pretty way that we sometimes imagine that it is.” - Tracy K. Smith ❤️ I needed this conversation and all its healing words. Plus it led me to discover Tracy’s own podcast The Slowdown, a daily poetry pod and a healthy alternative when I just can’t start my day with the news.

[Unedited] Tracy K. Smith with Krista Tippett

On Being with Krista Tippett

fiercefab echoed HowlJul 10th


Love Me