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gasstationb echoed Impulse | S2 E1Feb 18th

So excited this show is back for a second season—the first was haunting and incredible, I’m sure s2 will be just as great

Impulse | S2 E1

Buried Truths

gasstationb echoed Episode 01 News of an Old EnemyFeb 13th

Interesting sci-fi tale of exploring new civilizations while rebuilding one’s own; for fans of Nathan Lowell’s ‘Golden Clipper’ series or Becky Chambers ‘A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet’

Episode 01 News of an Old Enemy

Infinity Machine

gasstationb echoed Derelict: Marines – Episode 1Feb 7th

Some authors are really good at different character voices or inflections, Paul Cooley is not really one of them... still an enjoyable story even if the audio performance is a little over the top.

Derelict: Marines – Episode 1

Derelict - Marines

gasstationb echoed SLBHYMN 01Jan 30th

An interesting detective novel set on a space station populated by drunks, vampires, and a serial killer obsessed with ancient religions...


Slab City Blues: A Hymn to Gods Long Dead

gasstationb echoed Episode One - Beautiful RedJan 30th

Taking place within the universe of the ‘Andersson Dexter’ series, this book explores what it means to be self aware, to exist, and what our responsibilities are to ourselves and one another...

Episode One - Beautiful Red

Beautiful Red

gasstationb echoed Pixels and Flesh - Part 1Jan 30th

The fourth book in M. Darusha Wehm’s ‘Andersson Dexter’ series—when Dexter and others push back against the corporations who control their virtual world, retaliations begin to spill into the physical world threatening their existence online and off.

Pixels and Flesh - Part 1

Pixels and Flesh

gasstationb echoed The Beauty of Our Weapons 01Jan 30th

The third book in M. Darusha Wehm’s ‘Andersson Dexter’ series, when the corporations begin to feel threatened by the growing autonomy of the virtual world they “own”, they begin to lash out, threatening the existence of a the new digital society

The Beauty of Our Weapons 01

The Beauty of Our Weapons

gasstationb echoed Act of Will 01Jan 30th

The second book in M. Darusha Wehm’s ‘Andersson Dexter’ series that explores how the excesses is the virtual world can become the gruesome abuses of the physical one...

Act of Will 01

Act of Will

gasstationb echoed 01 - Love, Wine and MathematicsJan 30th

From the author of the ‘Salmon & Dusk’ series comes a novel in short stories about the ways in which we are haunted by those we meet as we try and fail to connect in the modern world...

01 - Love, Wine and Mathematics


gasstationb echoed Story 1: Sideways Part 1Jan 30th

Connected short stories in the Salmon & Dusk series, featuring very unconventional private detectives slipping through time with their trusty London A—Z to make things even worse before eventually getting it right...

Story 1: Sideways Part 1

Your Days Are Numbered: The Terrible Business of Salmon & Dusk

gasstationb echoed Self Made 01Jan 7th

Started listening to book three in this series not realizing there were others—going back to Self Made it has had a much stronger start that raises a number of interesting questions of life and death in a virtual world

Self Made 01

Self Made

gasstationb echoed The SheriffDec 30th, 2018

This story could be a great season of podcast in itself — it’s almost more interesting than the Atlanta Monster season... 🤷‍♂️

The Sheriff

Atlanta Monster

gasstationb echoed SmokeDec 22nd, 2018

Follow up to FML—Jack is back, and this time he’s barbecuing with Kristen DiMercurio, who is incredible as always. It’s sick how funny this story was, I hope they team up again...


The Big Loop

gasstationb echoed 56: MISSING: Alissa TurneyNov 28th, 2018

Great overview of the Alissa Turney case and intro to the Missing Alissa podcast. You should definitely go listen to that one...

56: MISSING: Alissa Turney

Crime Junkie

danny echoed S03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls Sep 23rd, 2018

I dunno what to make of Judge Gaul. Definitely came across as arrogant and self- serving but he also came across as someone who cares about the people in his courtroom.

S03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls


paigebets echoed S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice CenterOct 27th, 2018

I'm all the way caught up so I can say with confidence that everyone should listen to this. No matter which lines you tell yourself you stand behind, this is important stuff. If you consider the laws of our land to be important, of course.

S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center


gasstationb echoed 1 - Episode 1: An Unsettling SecretNov 2nd, 2018

Excellent. Very much in the vein of Slow Burn...

1 - Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret

Bag Man

gasstationb echoed Episode 2.1 :: CoaxingOct 25th, 2018

Excited for season two!

Episode 2.1 :: Coaxing

The White Vault