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jilliankuzma echoed Episode 1: Knowing PhoebeJul 26th

Phoebe Handsjuk’s body was discovered at the bottom of the garbage chute of her apartment building after she’d fallen forty meters to her death. Despite a number of unanswered questions, the coroner ruled Phoebe had died by misadventure. Phoebe’s Fall looks at her complex life and the bizarre circumstances of her death.

Episode 1: Knowing Phoebe

Phoebe's Fall

jilliankuzma echoed Meet the 3 Men / Tracie Hawlett & J.B. Beasley Jul 26th

Three Men and a Mystery began as an attempt to shed light on the unsolved murders of two teenagers in 1999. Shortly after production began, a major break in the case was announced and an arrest was made. The show explores the details of the twenty-year-old case and follows updates as they unfold today.

Meet the 3 Men / Tracie Hawlett & J.B. Beasley

3 Men And A Mystery

jilliankuzma echoed The MurderJul 26th

The violent murder of writer Krista Worthington shocked the quiet Cape Cod town where she had made a life for herself and her young daughter. An acquaintance was convicted of the crime, but questions about what really happened remain. A Killing on the Cape looks at the murder, the trial and the conviction, while also exploring Krista’s life and her often-complicated relationships with those closest to her.

The Murder

A Killing On the Cape

jilliankuzma echoed October 27, 1989Jul 26th

Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? looks back at the 1989 unsolved murder of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic and the massive investigation that followed. Featuring interviews with dedicated law enforcement officers, journalists and Amy’s father, the podcast offers an in-depth look at this haunting case and the on-going pursuit for answers.

October 27, 1989

Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?

jilliankuzma echoed S5 Episode 1: RavensJul 26th

Season five of Someone Knows Something tells the story of Kerrie Brown who seemingly disappeared into thin air during a party and was found murdered two days later. The show presents a compelling mystery, while emotional interviews capture the pain and frustration of the many people affected by the murder and its aftermath.

S5 Episode 1: Ravens

Someone Knows Something

jilliankuzma echoed Episode 1: A Significant EventJul 26th

Big Savage covers the death of Alexander Stevens and the subsequent trial of Megan Shaffer for both murder and assisted suicide. With reporters in the courtroom, the podcast documented the trial as it happened and analyzed the many bizarre details and unanswered questions about what really happened late one night on a clifftop in Maryland’s Savage River Forest.

Episode 1: A Significant Event

Big Savage: The Death Of Alexander Stevens

jilliankuzma echoed 1: The StormJul 26th

In 1990, two thieves brazenly stole 13 works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. After almost 30 years, not a single a piece of art has been recovered and the culprits have never been identified. Crawlspace Media’s Empty Frames digs into the facts of the case, theories of who was behind the robbery and what it will take to solve the greatest art heist in history.

1: The Storm

Empty Frames

jilliankuzma echoed 1. The Isdal WomanJul 26th

Death in Ice Valley chronicles the discovery of an unidentified body known only as the Isdal Woman and investigation into who she was and how she died. The podcast dives into the many baffling details of the case and looks for new clues that could finally close a nearly fifty-year-old mystery.

1. The Isdal Woman

Death in Ice Valley

jilliankuzma echoed EP 1: Hide and SeekJul 26th

In 1984, two unidentified bodies were found in the woods of New Hampshire. Sixteen years later, two more were found. All were victims of the same killer. Bear Brook explores the 35-year-long investigation by police and citizen sleuths, the new techniques that led to a major break in the case, and the unanswered questions that remain.

EP 1: Hide and Seek

Bear Brook

jilliankuzma echoed 1. The Last DayJul 26th

Missing Alissa takes an in-depth look at the 2001 disappearance and likely murder of Alissa Turney. Using case documents and interviews with the people closest to Alissa, the podcast attempts to solve the mystery, names the prime suspect and seeks justice for the victim.

1. The Last Day

Missing Alissa

jilliankuzma echoed Part One: Prologue – Under the bridgeJul 26th

The brutal murder of Lynette White in 1988 was the first event in a series of shocking tragedies and miscarriages of justice. Shreds tells the story of her murder, the police investigation and the convictions of the men who became known as the “Cardiff Three,” but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Part One: Prologue – Under the bridge

Shreds: Murder in the dock

jilliankuzma echoed Episode 1: The DisappearanceJul 25th

Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders looks at the murders of two West Virginia University students in 1970. The series covers the impact of the crime on the community, a mysterious letter writer who claimed to solve the case, the arrest and possible wrongful conviction of the prime suspect, and the “parade of horribles” that could be the true culprit.

Episode 1: The Disappearance

Mared & Karen