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Jenna Spinelle


Writer, journalism instructor, and producer/host of the Democracy Works podcast.

Episode Recommendations (199)

jspinelle recommended:Feb 21st

In the U.S., we hear a lot that Congress would be so much more effective if Republicans and Democrats could just interact more often outside the floors of their chamber. My guest this week shows why that’s unlikely, if not, impossible in today’s media and political climate.

Does Congress promote partisan gridlock?

Democracy Works

jspinelle recommended:Feb 19th

Really great discussion about the future of higher ed and how it’s covered in the media

Episode 48: Reporters’ Roundtable

Future U Podcast

jspinelle recommended:Feb 14th

I love the disruption of DTC brands. This episode is a good overview of how a few of them succeeded while others failed.

Larry Ingrassia: How Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and other disruptors became billion-dollar companies

Recode Decode