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Jenna Spinelle


Writer, journalism instructor, producer/host of the Democracy Works podcast, founder of The Democracy Group podcast network.

Episode Recommendations (235)

jspinelle recommended:May 30th

I love Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit and how he mixes food and media. Plus, the masks they discuss in this episode look amazing!

The Quarantine Chronicles, vol V, featuring Ellen Bennett

by Starving for Attention with Richard Blais

jspinelle recommended:May 28th

I love the idea of the U.S. as a success story in constant turmoil.

I thought this episode was...

💬 A great conversation
🤔 Thought-provoking

Is America Going to Make It?

by Social Distance

jspinelle recommended:May 27th

I never considered how generational differences might impact perceptions of the news. I love the “teach them to fish” approach in this episode as well.

I thought this episode was...

🤔 Thought-provoking
💡 Educational

Parents Might Be Spreading Fake News

by How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything