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podcast evangelist 🥰 san francisco born n raised mostly into non-fiction longform narrative. always looking for things that move me. i listen to way too many podcasts, so please recommend me more. learning and unlearning.

michelle_ebooks echoed Maria Popova — Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital AgeAug 22nd

this is one i come back to often. maria’s mind is so wonderfully curious and full of wisdom, especially on brainpickings. but this longform interview really gets to how she thinks about what it means to live a good life. great bits: -people don’t want to think, they just want to know. we’ve gotta contemplate for meaning. -knowledge is not something you get, it’s something you claim -critical thinking without hope is cynicism, but hope without critical thinking is naiveté, so try to live in between the 2, while trying to avoid resignation, despair, and cynicism.

Maria Popova — Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital Age

On Being with Krista Tippett

michelle_ebooks echoed The Living RoomAug 21st

the go-to recommendation. good intro to the beauty and possibility of audio stories.

The Living Room

Love + Radio

michelle_ebooks echoed 341- National SwordAug 21st

recycling is trash! literally! sf as a case study for how recycling really isn’t doing so well. somehow we have forgotten the crucial reduce and reuse parts of saving natural resources and protecting our planet.

341- National Sword

99% Invisible

michelle_ebooks echoed 366- Model CityAug 21st

beautiful episode all about my first (complicated) love, san francisco. told through a giant physical scale model of the entire city created by different craftspeople and artists in the 1930s. i love anything that tells a wide range of history about the different parts of san francisco (not only about tech today) and the different versions that have existed. combines the sf public library ❤️ and many sf enthusiasts. highly recommend, and will be one i listen to over and over again. you’ll learn so many interesting things about san francisco!

366- Model City

99% Invisible

michelle_ebooks echoed You Don't Make Free PeopleAug 6th

amazing, powerful episode i listened to when it first came out (this one is an updated version that came out just now in august with an updated interview with casey’s thoughts after the first interview). casey gerald’s story and words are an honest reflection on what he lost when he bought into the promise of the american dream, challenging what we lose in gaining success, and how it must be about how we recover freedom, and heal. it’s a heavy one and definitely goes beyond more than an expected episode on the myth of the american dream. very very worth it to listen to over and over again.

You Don't Make Free People

The Nod

michelle_ebooks echoed How Kids Can Change YouAug 2nd

this is a really great episode of a candid conversation between the host aymann and his brother, reflecting on the household which they were raised in, the masculinity they learned, and what they are taking or leaving with them as adults/adults creating their own families now. i highly rec the entire series but this one is a good standalone one

How Kids Can Change You

Man Up | Masculinity, Race, and Relationships in the Modern World

michelle_ebooks echoed TL;DRAug 1st

really interesting perspectives on how technology has changed reading, and how we've changed with these changes. always interested in the discourse around reading and technology, so i loved it! + they talk about @pocket (owned by mozilla!) which is one of my favorite reading tools and something so vital in my continued efforts in finding and reading great longform articles, and staying informed about the world, online.


IRL: Online Life Is Real Life

michelle_ebooks echoed E Ola Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i Aug 1st

an incredibly powerful movement of a community dedicated to revitalizing a language against (american) colonialism. so moving it made me cry in public (in the best way) on my way to work.

E Ola Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i

Code Switch

michelle_ebooks echoed The cognitive cost of poverty (with Sendhil Mullainathan)Aug 1st

really illuminating and surprisingly delightful episode with the wonderfully-curious sendhil (whom i had never heard of before prior) covering a variety of topics because he is interested in so much!

The cognitive cost of poverty (with Sendhil Mullainathan)

The Ezra Klein Show

michelle_ebooks echoed 0: Sad Nora and the Secret BabyAug 1st

anyone who has asked me for a podcast recommendation recently will know that i will always say terrible, thanks for asking. nora sets out to talk more and candidly about pain and grief and all the good, sad, funny, uncomfortable parts of life, which inevitably we will encounter. this first episode is a good start to hear her own story of losing her young husband to cancer. love her storytelling style and willingness to talk about the real shit!!

0: Sad Nora and the Secret Baby

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

michelle_ebooks echoed You're Different From MeAug 1st

really really insightful episode on a queer married couple working in a legal brothel in the US

You're Different From Me


michelle_ebooks echoed G: the Miseducation of Larry P Jul 31st

wow listen to the whole “G” miniseries on what happens when we try to measure intelligence & all the intended and unintended implications

G: the Miseducation of Larry P