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podcast evangelist 🥰 📍san francisco enjoy listening to: feminism, non-fiction longform narrative, bipoc voices, diaspora stories, true crime, libraries, education, death, relationships, & anything that’ll move me. learning + unlearning.

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michelle_ebooks recommended:Apr 7th

i am a big fan of the preach podcast! and krista tippett! do you see the trend here? i love finding crossovers and collaborations with my favorite storytellers, bc they have the best convos. i especially loved getting to know more about krista’s curiosities about religion and faith, some of which ...Show More

On Being’s Krista Tippett Is A 'Little Bit Allergic' To Belief


michelle_ebooks recommended:Apr 4th

one of my all time favorites. lots of great bits on what makes love work

Alain de Botton — The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships

On Being with Krista Tippett

michelle_ebooks recommended:Apr 3rd

ed yong is an incredible science writer at the atlantic! longform podcasts interviews journalists about their paths to writing but this one is a special pandemic one. he was on book leave while this pandemic emerged & they asked him to come back to write a longview piece about the pandemic. the amaz...Show More

Episode 386: Ed Yong