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I listen to a lot of podcasts. Co-founder of this app. Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club lead. Will binge on white collar true crime, investigative journalism & musical podcasts. Also tech, business, journalism & democracy podcasts. ❤️ audio dramas lately.

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mm recommended:Jan 21st

Very interesting conversation with Brian Lee of BAM Ventures who was a founder of Honest Company with Jessica Alba. BAM has both a VC arm and a studio arm and does everything consumer including brands and CPG. His anecdote about how he started a frozen yogurt shop and realized that it was the same a...Show More

Brian Lee -- BAM Ventures

LA Venture

mm recommended:Jan 21st

Great pragmatic and valuable advice for founders and how to interact with VCs from one of the top funds in LA. "Fundraising is a muscle and you got to build the muscle at every stage." An episode worth listening again and again if you're a founder going through the fundraising process.

Kara Nortman -- Upfront Ventures

LA Venture

mm recommended:Jan 21st

This is the deliberation of Sander's interview with the NYTimes editorial board. Great behind-the-scenes look at what the board members thought of Bernie's performance at their interrogation. I understand that a president's health is really important, but I can't help but cringe quite a bit during ...Show More

Bernie Sanders: The Deliberation

The Choice