I listen to a lot of podcasts.

mm echoed Last Woman Standing: an Alberta Election SpecialApr 23rd

Timely episode about the lack of women first ministers in Canada. The bit about women in politics getting depicted in violence is scary. Reminds me of how JWR was often illustrated in a violent situation for political cartoons with Trudeau for SNC Lavalin scandal.

Last Woman Standing: an Alberta Election Special

No Second Chances

mm echoed Bumble: Whitney WolfeApr 23rd

I really enjoyed this episode. Whitney, the founder of Bumble, is whip smart and insightful. Inspiring story of how she went from wanting to commit suicide due to her situation at Tinder to how she’s building a female-friendly dating network. Imagine if all of the big tech companies we know were founded and led by women like Whitney. We would live in a better online world.

Bumble: Whitney Wolfe

How I Built This with Guy Raz

danny echoed The long fight over a "secular" QuebecApr 20th

Parts are really sad/frustrating to listen to. Really good reporting on the history of Quebec's new bill.

The long fight over a "secular" Quebec

Front Burner

kimwaudio echoed #120: Tim Ferriss, Host of 'The Tim Ferriss Show,' AuthorApr 20th

One of my favorite role models, authors, and mentorship leaders today shares his experience with healing and meditation. This one hits home for me, for sure.

#120: Tim Ferriss, Host of 'The Tim Ferriss Show,' Author

10% Happier with Dan Harris

virovalkyrie echoed An Instrumental CaseApr 21st

I have always wondered why each instrument sounds different. This has certainly satisfied my curiosity regarding this question. I like how this podcast keep both entertainment and scientific education at the same time. <3

An Instrumental Case

The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

virovalkyrie echoed CELERYApr 21st

From my childhood, celery was never something I avoid. It’s when I met people who hate celeries with all of their existence that I see celery isn’t always everyone’s favourite. Glad to see some proper love for celery in such special perspective. :)



jspinelle echoed The End of EmpathyApr 21st

Really interesting look at incel culture and how much framing a story matters!

The End of Empathy


mm echoed Change the Name of the Arts District to the Luxury District Apr 22nd

This was a good episode looking at "artwashing" by real estate developers and the role of artists in gentrification. Developers are no longer stopping at murals but putting live artists in buildings to give it "authenticity". It's crazy how luxury real estate developers are getting musicians to "audition" for "free residency" in their buildings if they play music for 8 hours per week for building residents!

Change the Name of the Arts District to the Luxury District

There Goes the Neighborhood

mm echoed #140 The Roman Mars Mazda VirusApr 22nd

This was a funny episode. I think they wanted to create all those podcast just for the heck of it though. Loved how Roman Mars said that he was like "a little piece of grit stuck between gears of tech companies" that don't know how to hand things off to one another. He always has the most beautiful words.

#140 The Roman Mars Mazda Virus

Reply All

mm echoed 343- Usonia ReduxApr 21st

This was a fascinating episode about famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s lesser known pursuit of creating beautiful but affordable housing for working and middle class families in America called Usonia. Now I want to see one of them!

343- Usonia Redux

99% Invisible

mm echoed 108 - The Dark Side of the Dewey Decimal SystemApr 21st

Fascinating look into the Dewey Decimal system and Melvil Dewey himself. Interesting arguments for and against the system, because Dewey was a racist and sexist and so his classification system reflected that and the times he lived in.

108 - The Dark Side of the Dewey Decimal System

The Kitchen Sisters Present

mm echoed LibrariesApr 21st

First part of the episode is about history of libraries. Gets interesting in the second part about libraries manners part at 28min mark where they get listener questions and requests (from actual librarians!). They answer questions like: "Should you sleep at the library?" "Should you re-shelve books?" (this question has an interesting answer)



mm echoed 664: The Room of RequirementApr 20th

I loved the last act of this episode about libraries and how it is used. It was so beautiful I actually cried. There are lots of episodes that comment about homeless people using the library as a place of refuge, but this episode found someone who was the actual homeless person and what happened after that.

664: The Room of Requirement

This American Life

mm echoed Is there a Rosy Future for Libraries?Apr 20th

This episode was great for learning about the history of libraries (starts at 13 min mark, second portion starts at 29min). Key takeaways: - There's a secret library in Syria in the besieged Damascus suburb of Darayya - stocked with 12k books! "Just like the body needs food, the soul needs food". BBC article about it mentioned in episode is here: - Public support (91%) is higher than people who use them (44%) - Decline in visitors due to 1) digital and also 2) government funding cuts (~6min mark explains more about impact on funding cuts) - Pew Research found that more funding, better staff & resource, more people use them. - The beautiful Times piece by Caitlin Moran is here: Here's the beautiful quote: "A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination. On a cold, rainy island, they are the only sheltered public spaces where you are not a consumer, but a citizen, instead. A human with a brain and a heart and a desire to be uplifted, rather than a customer with a credit card and an inchoate “need” for “stuff.” A mall—the shops—are places where your money makes the wealthy wealthier. But a library is where the wealthy’s taxes pay for you to become a little more extraordinary, instead. A satisfying reversal. A balancing of the power." 13min - History of libraries: - Royal library collection was built through collecting of conquest - In Greece, people would bring items to add to library collection - Hilarious about history of how books used to be stored horizontally until book spins were created. Fascinating hacks to get around it. Apparently chains were a thing. - Libraries started private, then subscription/membership libraries, then public lending libraries (and the first one!) - Carnegie funded over 1500 of libraries. Fascinating story about why he funded the libraries. (history continues at 29min mark) 30min - Interesting services offered by libraries - Printing press for self-publishing - Necktie library for job interviews 34min - Hilarious "I work at a public library" Tumblr by librarians

Is there a Rosy Future for Libraries?

Part-Time Genius

mm echoed 07.06.18 - LibrariesApr 20th

First part of the episode (10min) is about how libraries have managed to survive in digital age: - Apparently people thought that the library was going to disappear at the end of the 20th century because 1) Threat of privatization 2) Internet. - On citizen surveys, most people don't want libraries privatized. - Key to survival of library because not only source of knowledge, but also public spaces. - Libraries are spaces of community and conviviality. - Libraries can accommodate "diversity of users and diversity of uses" - Interesting how "library rules" are enforced by each other, not police or authority. - Toy libraries! Coding classes! Second part of episode (starting at ~11 min) is about library as a space: - Figuring collections that works for the community - Safe space for homeless people, women, kids who are bullied, etc. - Heart of libraries mission is free and equal access. Unlike malls and other collective spaces. Last 3min (starting at ~16 min) is about the drama surround the Waterloo library in the City of Sidney where they want to move the local library collection to the new larger library down the road. Seems to be a lot of development and gentrification happening in Waterloo and now the town council want to take the library away from them. Update on the petition mentioned at the end of episode:

07.06.18 - Libraries

Down To Earth

mm echoed FYI 024 Guest: Nicholas Higgins -- Library Service to Jails and PrisonsApr 20th

"Living out the mission of the public library". I really enjoyed listen how the public library navigates a environment - the prison - that is completely opposite of theirs in values. Shows that public libraries can serve everyone. Key takeaways: - Public libraries espouse values of inclusion, access and diversity - not values of correctional system. Should not use words like "inmate", "prisoners", etc. because creates power dynamics that are in conflict with the values of libraries. - The library take great pride in bringing a sense of civility and humanity in a place that is opposite of that. - Encourages staff and volunteers to take time off if they become too stressed because it's a "heavy environment" - Key to developing collection is to ask people what to read and offer diverse collection. But if there is concern from administration, then his recommendation is to have a diverse committee from in and out of the system to determine collection. - Interesting question about censorship and glad to hear there's none. Apparently science, physics and chemistry books can be faced with objections by individual officers. - To mitigate loss of books, have donations and also consistency of developing relationships with people in jail. Do not take a punitive approach to book loss in the environment. Need to create sense of shared responsibility. Often, people who lost a book with donate one out of their person collection. Even if it's not a good book, the library will accept it because it's the gesture that counts. - The library trains parents who are in jail who have children to read and listen to audio recordings children books, then record it with their voice and send it to their children. Then library will host a family celebration day. - If you want to start a local prison library service, 90% of the work is developing relationships.

FYI 024 Guest: Nicholas Higgins -- Library Service to Jails and Prisons

FYI: The Public Libraries Podcast

mm echoed Filthy Rich Apr 20th

Interesting insight into the lives of the very rich and how rules don’t apply to them, like how borders are meaningless. 🤑🤑🤑

Filthy Rich

Hidden Brain

danny echoed a16z Podcast: A Podcast About PodcastingApr 13th

Some amazing insights on why podcasts are so popular these days, what's holding it back and what are people trying to do to solve it. Great encouragement for us as we build out the community here!

a16z Podcast: A Podcast About Podcasting


dj echoed Brave's Brendan Eich on Fixing Online AdvertisingApr 17th

To me, Brave / BAT is the most exciting project in crypto. Brendan Eich has already fundamentally changed the web twice, with JavaScript and then Firefox. I strongly believe that BAT will be the first crypto token the average person is exposed to.

Brave's Brendan Eich on Fixing Online Advertising

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast: Bitcoin & Crypto Trading | Strategy | Business | Mining

retroreviews echoed Speed (1994)Apr 17th

Revisiting the 1994 action packed movie Speed in this episode.

Speed (1994)

Retro Reviews

mm echoed Sara Panton - capacity & clarityApr 17th

@aliceko - Just found out about this podcast. Thought you might enjoy it! It's about Vancouver women and their personal development + lots of wellness angles to it too.

Sara Panton - capacity & clarity


mm echoed Homebrew’s Hunter Walk: Brand safety concerns can be overblownApr 17th

Good talk about brand safety, building audience companies, and venture capital in media. Interesting conversation about The Skimm and how it fits into the media, tech and VC landscape with its audience size limiting factor.

Homebrew’s Hunter Walk: Brand safety concerns can be overblown

The Digiday Podcast

aliceko echoed Bringing Organizational Values to Life: A Conversation With Bertrand Andre Rossert of The World BankApr 17th

Loved Bertrand's story of how his colleagues at World Bank volunteered their time to translate different legislations & rules around the world on gender-based violence in their spare time. Really interesting insights into how The World Bank operates.

Bringing Organizational Values to Life: A Conversation With Bertrand Andre Rossert of The World Bank


aliceko echoed The Importance of Transparency with Ellen Hunt of AARPApr 17th

Lots of respect to Ellen Hunt who gives real talk about retaliation and how ethics & compliance works from a non-profit level.

The Importance of Transparency with Ellen Hunt of AARP


jspinelle echoed E.J. Dionne on empathy and democracyApr 15th

E.J. is such a genuinely nice person, and I think it comes across in the interview. I really enjoyed his insights on argument and look forward to seeing more from his universal voting project.

E.J. Dionne on empathy and democracy

Democracy Works

stefannypack echoed #130 The Snapchat ThiefApr 16th

Well, I'm upping all my cyber security after this listen.

#130 The Snapchat Thief

Reply All

virovalkyrie echoed Episode 1: Wanna Swim in Cash?Apr 16th

I had always thought pyramid scheme is so well known that no way this is still a thing. However, reality is these MLMs still very much in the picture. They might even be controlling the law! This podcast is definitely an eye-opener.

Episode 1: Wanna Swim in Cash?

The Dream

mm echoed Uber and Lyft Drivers StrikeApr 17th

The first part of the episode was about Apple’s foray into services as another pillar of revenue. Wonder if they’ll dip into monetizing podcasts at some point. Most of the episode was about Uber and Lyft drivers striking. Being a digital gig driver doesn’t necessarily offer “flexibility” of work because the work is controlled by an algorithm. “Management by algorithm”

Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike

If Then | News on technology, Silicon Valley, politics, and tech policy

acserrano echoed Last Woman Standing: an Alberta Election SpecialApr 17th

"It's about whether or not women can succeed in political office." -- overwhelmingly this episode seems to suggest that this goal is a LOT harder to achieve than we might think, TODAY! Yesterdays' Jason Kenney win will make this even harder as his party is primed to set the women's movement back by decades. Depressing but #MustListen

Last Woman Standing: an Alberta Election Special

No Second Chances

aliceko echoed 108: You're Probably Vitamin D Deficient & Why It Matters With Steven Gundry, M.D.Apr 16th

The MBD podcast is one of my favorites b/c they actually give actionable advice on all things health! This is one of the better episodes I've listened to in a long time - a must listen for any health nut. Dr Gundry discusses how the gut influences longevity, the importance of climbing stairs (up AND down!), and why Vitamin D is underrated.

108: You're Probably Vitamin D Deficient & Why It Matters With Steven Gundry, M.D.

The mindbodygreen Podcast

jspinelle echoed Karen StennerApr 12th

Yascha correctly describes this as a heady interview, but it’s worth listening to for an understanding of what draws people to authoritarian leaders, and what we can do about it.

Karen Stenner

The Good Fight

aliceko echoed What We Get Wrong about Other PeopleApr 15th

Sally Kohn just blew my mind with her real talk. Why is it difficult for us to understand someone else’s point of view - and not argue? Why is it ok to make mistakes - but not for others. Also, the opposite of hate is - finding our common humanity.

What We Get Wrong about Other People

The goop Podcast

mm echoed Equity Dive: Patreon Apr 14th

Great insight from the journalist on Patreon’s history and paths to growth and exit. Interesting look at how they’ve refined the target market they’re focusing on and pivot to a SaaS company.

Equity Dive: Patreon


mm echoed How to Deal With the Boys' Club, with Tina Brown of Women in the WorldApr 14th

Amazing to hear Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor in chief in how she rose to the top and turnaround Vanity Fair.

How to Deal With the Boys' Club, with Tina Brown of Women in the World

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

mm echoed #63 | Phone TonesApr 14th

I loved this episode! Always wondered why the phone tones sounded like they do and this beautifully produced episode answers this question.

#63 | Phone Tones

Twenty Thousand Hertz

aliceko echoed 111: The No. 1 Thing To Ask Yourself When You Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong With Lissa RankinApr 14th

Fascinating podcast about spontaneous remissions and self-healing from those diagnosed with terminal diseases. Great episode to send to those who need a little bit of hope in healing.

111: The No. 1 Thing To Ask Yourself When You Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong With Lissa Rankin

The mindbodygreen Podcast

matresstester echoed The Puerto Rico EditionApr 13th

Natalie Jaresko is the Tony Stark of distressed government finances. She stabilized Ukraine and is now trying to help Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Edition

Slate Money

epekilis echoed #63 | Phone TonesApr 11th

The story behind the tones of a touch tone phone from this wonderful podcast about sound. Once ubiquitous to those of us of a certain age, the sound of touch tone is passing into history as both phoning and push button fade into obsolescence.

#63 | Phone Tones

Twenty Thousand Hertz

jspinelle echoed Inside The Fight For Free PressApr 10th

David McCraw pretty much has my dream job, but you’ll learn a lot from this interview even if you are not a media law nerd.

Inside The Fight For Free Press

Fresh Air

dianebluegreen echoed Remembering Agnès VardaApr 10th

i loved agnes varda and jr in 'faces and places' and was really sad to hear of agnes' death. she brought joy and beauty to the world.

Remembering Agnès Varda

Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen

jspinelle echoed #SabotagingDemocracyApr 10th

Laura and Jamie doing such good work. And, astute listeners might hear a familiar voice at the beginning of this episode 😀


The Strategerist

mochromatic echoed 366. This Economist Predicted the Last Crisis. What’s the Next One?Apr 10th

It was interesting to hear Rajan's take on why there is an increase in social unrest and extremist thinking.

366. This Economist Predicted the Last Crisis. What’s the Next One?

Freakonomics Radio

mm echoed Episode 3: Why Are We Like This?Apr 10th

Interesting to hear how people deal with being away from earth but still caring (or not) about what happens on it.

Episode 3: Why Are We Like This?

The Habitat