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I listen large. I listen to multitudes.

pannndemonium echoed Episode 3: The Birth of American MusicSep 15th

Another remarkable ep. This one starts playfully at Yacht Rock and travels back to blackface and minstrel shows, through the birth of the blues, Motown and back to Yacht Rock.

Episode 3: The Birth of American Music


pannndemonium echoed The Ox-Bow Incident — Rubén BladesSep 11th

Love the idea of this podcast! This episode left me wanting to see the noir Western "The Oxbow Incident".

The Ox-Bow Incident — Rubén Blades

This Movie Changed Me

pannndemonium echoed Episode 1049 - Buddy GuySep 11th

One of the first podcasters I ever followed was Marc Maron and although my podcasting diet is more diverse now than it was when I listen to him regularly, I like to check in now and then at random. This episode Marc talks with the youthful 83 year old blues legend Buddy Guy, a man who didn't know what indoor plumbing was until he was 17. What an interesting life his is, and he's still cutting albums and touring.

Episode 1049 - Buddy Guy

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

pannndemonium echoed Mark Nepo: Writing Is Listening with Your Heart and Taking NotesSep 11th

I really appreciate how Tammy Simon conducts her interviews. She's a patient listener who bring something personal to each interview. Further, she doesn't lard the interview with unnecessary comments, thanks or responses, allowing the interviewee to take their time exploring their ideas in depth which also declutters the listener's experience. This ep she talks to a poet/philosophy/author Mark Nepo who calls for each soul to find a personal whole-hearted form of expression. "What is expressed, is not depressed."

Mark Nepo: Writing Is Listening with Your Heart and Taking Notes

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

pannndemonium echoed 205: Music from ChildhoodSep 10th

I really enjoyed the set up, a reminder of the importance of the unknown, as well as the poem, a musical and abstract exploration of childhood. 5 minutes well spent. (Actually 10, since I listened twice)

205: Music from Childhood

The Slowdown

pannndemonium echoed Episode 2: The Economy That Slavery BuiltSep 9th

Nikole Hannah-Smith delivers another stunning episode. This one explores the roots of American capitalism and how it's tolerance for inhumanity trace back to cotton plantations, multinational banking and "too big to fail" economics. This is some of the most moving podcasting I've heard.

Episode 2: The Economy That Slavery Built


pannndemonium echoed Episode 147: Shipwreck KellySep 6th

When this podcast is good, it's magical. This episode transported me to the past when flagpole sitting made sense as a route to fame.

Episode 147: Shipwreck Kelly

the memory palace

pannndemonium echoed Gerry with the bad mapsSep 6th

As a voter who lives in a gerrymandered state, a new ruling in North Carolina Carolina brings a sign of hope for our struggling democracy. This is an explanation of the impact of that ruling from the North Carolina Supreme Court that puts Republican gerrymandering on notice. Hopefully this will be contagious throughout the states.

Gerry with the bad maps

Today, Explained

pannndemonium echoed “I’m a professional cuddler.”Sep 3rd

Therapeutic cuddling? Turns out this is a great idea.

“I’m a professional cuddler.”

Weird Work

pannndemonium echoed 51: "Cuisine des Mémoires" by N.K. JemisinSep 1st

This bit of short fiction by SciFi/Fantasy luminary Jemisin is captivating and surprising in all the ways fiction should be.

51: "Cuisine des Mémoires" by N.K. Jemisin

LeVar Burton Reads

pannndemonium echoed 1984 (the BOOK not the year)Aug 30th

1984 was my first favorite book and unfortunately it has become more relevant than it was in the 80's. Listen here for background on Orwell, his inspiration from and disagreement with HG Wells and analysis of his work's relevance now vs at the time of publication.

1984 (the BOOK not the year)

Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything

pannndemonium echoed The Mountain Goats - Cadaver Sniffing DogAug 29th

Even if you're familiar with the Mountain Goats and not sure about their music (the song here is called "Cadaver Sniffing Dog" after all) I think listening to lead singer/ songwriter John Darnielle talking about his music transcends anything you might feel about his work. He is so expressive and full of feeling. (Side note: his fiction is incredible...'Wolf In Vhite Van' is amazing.)

The Mountain Goats - Cadaver Sniffing Dog

Song Exploder

pannndemonium echoed Big Thief - CattailsAug 29th

Listen to this and congratulate yourself

Big Thief - Cattails

Song Exploder

pannndemonium echoed Not All Goods Are Traded EqualAug 28th

What industries are tariff-proof? Those with the most effective lobbyists, natch.

Not All Goods Are Traded Equal

The Indicator from Planet Money

pannndemonium echoed 368- All Rings ConsideredAug 28th

Reminds me I miss my funny ringtones, but I don't miss hearing everyone else's.

368- All Rings Considered

99% Invisible

pannndemonium echoed New Mix: Brittany Howard, Big Thief, The Messthetics, MoreAug 27th

I listen to so much talk, it's important for me to switch hemispheres and listen to music even when I'm not in the mood to pick something. This episode reminded me why that works. The second track alone by Big Thief is reason enough to listen.

New Mix: Brittany Howard, Big Thief, The Messthetics, More

All Songs Considered

pannndemonium echoed Yo-Yo Ma - Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1 in G MajorAug 22nd

I haven't listened to the On Being episode (yet) but this is a fave I was reminded of when I saw that echoed. I have a young, beginning cello player in the family and since hearing this he's been teaching himself the Prelude performed here. Truly inspiring!

Yo-Yo Ma - Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major

Song Exploder

pannndemonium echoed A Very Offensive Rom-ComAug 21st

Ever think that who you tend to date is proof of white supremacy? Fascinating look at dating/paring norms explored on the micro and macro scale. Thought provoking and intense listen.

A Very Offensive Rom-Com


pannndemonium echoed Kitten LadyAug 17th

Crazy Cat Lady plus Florence Nightingale minus Ted Nugent. A heartwarming listen.

Kitten Lady

Fresh Air

pannndemonium echoed The 'Secret History' Of Koch IndustriesAug 15th

A worthwhile listen on the brilliant long-term strategies of the real world evil geniuses of corporate dominance, legal system edge play and political manipulation. And they are unboycottable. 🤢 🤮

The 'Secret History' Of Koch Industries

Fresh Air

pannndemonium echoed 135: What if a minor procedure left you permanently altered?Aug 14th

INCREDIBLY PROFOUND. I'm just SO blown away by this person's story. And the way the podcast just let's her words and voice carry it without interruption. Just listen to it. Trust me. Wow...just wow.

135: What if a minor procedure left you permanently altered?

This Is Actually Happening

pannndemonium echoed Aiding and A-pettingAug 13th

Fun episode of consistently entertaining family friendly podcast...think aging Gen Xer meets Ms Manners meets Judge Judy.

Aiding and A-petting

Judge John Hodgman

pannndemonium echoed 3: Terms of ServiceAug 10th

Spoiler alert: What a tragic story! BUT I was pleasantly surprised that it had a happy ending. Much needed at a time when so much corporate malfeasance guess unchecked. It's refreshing to hear ordinary people creating change.

3: Terms of Service


pannndemonium echoed Rethinking Economics Aug 10th

This is refreshing. Mainstream economists need to embrace a framework that incorporates ecological costs (not mentioned here) and inequality, and listen to actual data, as the guest here does.

Rethinking Economics

The Indicator from Planet Money

pannndemonium echoed Addictionology (ADDICTION) with Erin ParisiAug 10th

Love this podcast and this is an excellent ep. Heard this on the way to a funeral of a friend struggling with addiction and it gave me such insight that I was able to understand his passing with more empathy.

Addictionology (ADDICTION) with Erin Parisi


pannndemonium echoed #141— Is #MeToo Going Too Far?Aug 10th

Ah Sam Harris. Always intelligent, not always so wise. Rebecca Traister is articulate and patient describing the value and importance of women's anger. Although Harris does offer some thoughtful openess, he still whines about the endangerment of men's reputations (would love to hear a Hannah Gadsby rebuttal to him). This is a good listen both for Traister's insights and to really hear what might limit a male perspective, even after they are thoroughly informed.

#141— Is #MeToo Going Too Far?

Making Sense with Sam Harris

pannndemonium echoed #142 — Addiction, Depression, and a Meaningful LifeAug 10th

If you have survived trauma, cope with mental health or addiction in your life or with loved ones, anything with Johann Hari is worth listening to.

#142 — Addiction, Depression, and a Meaningful Life

Making Sense with Sam Harris

pannndemonium echoed LIVE! in Portland: "The Fliers of Gy" by Ursula K. Le GuinAug 10th

Listened with my tween son on a short road trip. Le Guin's creations always get me.

LIVE! in Portland: "The Fliers of Gy" by Ursula K. Le Guin

LeVar Burton Reads

pannndemonium echoed 291: Maia Szalavitz on Addiction - Re-ReleaseAug 10th

So many things we get wrong about addiction, refreshing to hear Szalavitz's reframing. Following up by reading "Unbroken Brain".

291: Maia Szalavitz on Addiction - Re-Release

The One You Feed

pannndemonium echoed Mike LeighAug 10th

I love how Leigh talks about film like it's an organic act of creative discovery.

Mike Leigh

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

pannndemonium echoed 3: Turndown ServiceAug 26th, 2017

this is a taut bit if science fiction

3: Turndown Service

Steal the Stars