Dear Hank and John

Hank Green and John Green

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Hank and John Green (YouTubers and etc.) answer questions, give questionable advice, and talk about Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the 3rd tier English football club).

39:43 | Jan 13th

What should I do with my art money? What do you do if you miss a flight? Are gas giants just tiny planets with big atmospheres? Why does my brain release endorphins for things that are bad for me? Wha...Show More

49:28 | Jan 6th

In this special episode of the pod, John Green and Hank Green discuss their favorites of the past decade! Topics include: Favorite bookFavorite poemFavorite dad jokeFavorite TV showFavorite tripFavori...Show More
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37:06 | Dec 23rd, 2019

Is it okay to go to your old house and ask if you can walk through it? How do you research? How do you interject in conversations smoothly? Can you unpickle a pickle? What should my rice crispy sculpt...Show More

37:16 | Dec 16th, 2019

What is the proper reaction to a canceled Shawn Mendes concert? When should I wear my fancy diamond gold pretzel necklace? What am I supposed to do with the urn my dog's ashes were in? Why do hamsters...Show More

40:22 | Dec 9th, 2019

Why shouldn't I take my temperature after I eat? Will my fingerprint grow back? How will COPPA affect Crash Course? Can my bottle of frozen water get through TSA? At what age are you supposed to use t...Show More
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