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Optimal Performance Podcast

Sean McCormick


Optimal Performance is the podcast all about taking your mental and physical performance to the next level. Whether it's through nootropics, cutting-edge biohacking techniques, or adjusting your approach to nutrition and fitness, we'll have the best ...Show More


1:09:50 | Apr 22nd

Mike Salemi is a BEAST. Kettlebell Champion, Movement Specialist, Performance Coach and mentee of Paul Chek His approaches to performance of the mind, body, emotions and spirit are next level. So i...Show More

1:17:50 | Apr 13th

Erick Godsey is the thinker we all need. In this podcast we cover:  •Taking a look at symbolic psychology, what’s going on in the brains of people around the world •What can we do to activate...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

1:18:45 | Apr 6th

Now is the best time in your life to experiment with how you eat and how you life.  Fasting, intermittent fasting, fat adaptation, metabolic autophagy and more are Siim Land's wheelhouse. A content...Show More

1:14:05 | Apr 2nd

Shilajit (shil-uh-jeet) is unlike any other substance on the planet. It's formed from shifting tectonic plates. This densely packed mineral resin contains nearly all the elements from the periodic tab...Show More

1:19:28 | Mar 28th

Dr. Param Dedhia is a specialist's specialist - working at Johns Hopkins, Canyon Ranch and focusing on Sleep, Geriatrics, Health and Vitality.  In this episode we cover:  •Sleep to reduce inflam...Show More
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