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Educators! Is your passion tank running on empty? Look no further. Gretchen of Always A Lesson has a double dose of just what you need. Come fill yourself up with an Empowering Educators podcast to start your day feeling… EMPOWERED! Includes emp...Show More


19:30 | Mar 9th

( We are all learners, honing our craft so we can better serve those we impact. Brian Mendler says, “Every plant has their own requ...Show More

49:02 | Feb 24th

Popularized as the “Handshake Teacher,” Barry White Jr. is a top-tier educator in the North Carolina school system, teaching fifth graders of Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina...Show More
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17:50 | Feb 10th

If you are a teacher in transition or distress, have no fear! This challenging season you are navigating will not last forever. In fact, the quicker you can jump to action for becoming the ideal perso...Show More

17:04 | Jan 27th

When you first begin teaching, there are so many changes you want to make to your instructional practice. Knowing what tweaks to make and which ones to save for later can be a daunting task. This podc...Show More

36:07 | Jan 13th

The chapters in your life are leading you somewhere. You have the choice where that destination is and you have the control along the way to shift your path if you so choose. Tune in to hear about 3 p...Show More
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