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Didn't See It Coming by Marc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber


Explore brands that learned from the past and are looking to the future, to succeed today.

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46:58 | Jul 22nd

Brand storytelling is both powerful and perplexing. We all acknowledge that a good story 'sticks' better than any list of brand features or benefits... but we also know that crafting a memorable story...Show More

38:38 | Jun 16th

I've known Len Laycock for years. His stunning home furnishings design / retail brand Upholstery Arts was a beacon on the Vancouver scene - not least of which for its impeccable sustainability cred.  ...Show More
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25:57 | Jun 12th

Sarah Darcey aspired to build a fashion styling brand. But with a great job, her aspiration never left the back burner.  COVID-19 changed all that.  For months, Sarah was confined to her apartment. Th...Show More

44:01 | May 25th

As COVID and the economic meltdown grind on, we're seeing yawning market chasms emerge that are ripe for brand disruption.  One of the most glaring is the massive gap between 'big' retail and, well, a...Show More

35:14 | Apr 30th

How do you do a successful pandemic brand pivot? COVID has spawned a cottage industry of advice on  shifting the tactics of your brand - amping up the education and free value to your followers, reach...Show More
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