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Unemployable provides actionable strategies for thousands of freelancers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Brian Clark is an entrepreneur who has started eight successful businesses, and he draws upon his own evolution from solo to CEO to del...Show More

26:44 | Mar 7th, 2017

I was in Austin last week speaking at a conference, and I had an interesting conversation with one of the other speakers. It's a guy I've known for years on the web writing circuit. He started off saying how he had always felt as if he'd missed out f...Show More

26:43 | Aug 21st

Today is the big day that we've been alluding to now for a few weeks here on the Unemployable podcast. The Unemployable Initiative is open, and accepting applications. In this edition of the podcast, Brian Clark and Jerod Morris explain the big id...Show More
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11:01 | Aug 16th

No matter what type of services you offer as a freelancer, having an arsenal of photo and video tools that can help you create high-quality graphics, images, and media is always a good idea. Even if you might not need them for client work, you can u...Show More

30:02 | Aug 14th

We’ve talked a lot about curation this season on Unemployable. And with good reason: a curation marketing strategy has proven to be an effective way to build a successful online audience and business in an age of content overload. But we also know t...Show More

1:00:13 | Jul 31st

“Don’t build on someone else’s land,” you’ve heard me say many times over the years. Especially with a company with a horrible track record like Facebook. And for your own website, there’s really no need. With powerful platforms that allow you contr...Show More
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10:14 | Jul 26th

Having a conference call system not only makes you look professional, but they tend to make client calls run easier and more efficiently. Not to mention, if you’re full-on digital-nomad-ing, it may make more sense to run a call through a conference ...Show More

1:12:44 | Jul 24th

The paradigm for how to build sustainable success online has shifted in some important ways, and a key to building a 7-Figure Small business is understanding these shifts and being prepared to capitalize on them. One of the biggest shifts is what Br...Show More

11:25 | Jul 12th

As a freelancer, you’re juggling a lot of things at once on a regular basis. From managing client work to making sure you pay your quarterly taxes on time, you’ve got quite a bit to remember and get done. It goes without saying that managing your w...Show More

47:44 | Jul 10th

At the heart of any successful small business is a creative human being. And it’s important that we remember to put our very human voice out there to connect with our preferred clients and customers. And yet, when it comes to writing copy or conten...Show More

51:09 | Jul 3rd

No matter what your idea of freedom is — whether it’s maximizing earnings or maximizing lifestyle — you will have to find reliable ways to earn more money in less time to achieve it. Otherwise, you just end up sacrificing the freedom that drew you t...Show More

51:57 | Jun 26th

This week’s episode of Unemployable is dedicated to you and your questions. Brian Clark put out a call for questions in the most recent edition of the Unemployable newsletter, and you responded with a number of good ones. Brian, Jerod Morris, and Ka...Show More

33:04 | Jun 19th

It’s a pretty common dream. Start a business, work hard, and someday you’ll get to travel the world. But what if you started a business so you could travel the world right away? These days, it’s completely doable if you set things up intentionally t...Show More

46:32 | Jun 12th

When you think of the entrepreneurial hustle, filmmakers are not the first to come to mind. But they are a really good example of the mindset and drive that are required of a 7-Figure Small startup. The broader world of business is moving more towar...Show More

10:42 | Jun 7th

Whether you’re managing social media for a client or need a better way to manage your channels, using a reliable social media marketing tool could save you tons of time. With features like post scheduling, social listening, content composers, and mo...Show More

44:46 | Jun 5th

What is it like going from the heights of running a company that is growing fast and attracting gobs of VC money ... to being on your own and running a "measly lifestyle business"? Not too many people can answer that question based on experience. Sah...Show More

08:38 | May 31st

As freelancers, there is no accounting department to keep track of this side of the business for us. Here’s a little dose of healthy reality: YOU are your accounting department. But you’re a freelancer — your craft is what you really do. Whatever th...Show More

46:04 | May 29th

In the realm of starting and running your own business, “success” has often been defined by how much your business grows. More clients, more money, more employees. Of course, that’s a fallacy. At some point the returns of growth diminish, and you’r...Show More

50:49 | May 22nd

When we talk about powerful yet tiny businesses making 7 figures in revenue without employees, freelancers may feel left out. After all, you’re just one person serving clients, and unless you’re perhaps an attorney or financial advisor, it’s tough t...Show More

11:28 | May 21st

Email marketing is (still!) a powerful tool that can help you launch your next product or find your next big client. Whatever your goals are, having a solid email strategy is a worthwhile investment and can make a positive impact on your business. ...Show More

16:30 | May 17th

Today we’re discussing the “Great Website Debate.” Do you need one as a freelancer? Is it worth the investment of time and money? Actually, the reality is: there’s actually no debate at all for savvy freelancers. A sustainable and lucrative freelan...Show More

53:49 | May 15th

Technology and the internet are changing at an exponential pace. You can either approach the future with eyes wide open and a plan for how to adapt, or you can stick your head in the stand and be passed by ... or run over. This week, we discuss an a...Show More

49:27 | May 8th

From the outside, Joanna Penn is a successful author of both fiction and non-fiction. And she’s an entrepreneur in that she controls her “products” by self-publishing. But as with her last interview on the show, there’s a lot more going on under the...Show More

13:52 | May 1st

One of the biggest draws of being a freelancer is the ability to work from wherever you have a strong wifi connection. And if you’re going to work remotely, you need software that’s going to help you succeed no matter where you are or what file type...Show More

11:33 | Apr 26th

As a freelancer, it’s your job to protect yourself and your work from the perils of client management. Without a contract or other legally-binding document in place, you run the risk of losing your work and not getting paid. There’s little you can ...Show More

07:50 | Apr 26th

Freelancing can lead to a great lifestyle — but you need a unique combination of expertise, determination, and resilience to keep going. Plus, you need tools that will not only help you make more money but will also make your life easier, too. This ...Show More

55:23 | Apr 24th

Last week, we introduced the concept of “7-Figure Small.” This week, we react to your feedback and answer your questions about building this type of “sanely ambitious” business. This week’s rundown: • So … who the heck is this new co-host Jerod Mor...Show More

1:05:45 | Apr 17th

What do you want your life as an unemployable to be? Do you want to patiently create a lifestyle business as a freelancer without the pressure for massive growth? Do you want to, instead, create the next new SaaS mega-hit that puts you on the fast t...Show More

37:58 | Apr 10th

If you're paying attention to the world of work, the news is unavoidable. Everyone is bracing for a tech-induced transformation -- and it’s already started. As a solo or small business person, technology allows you to do things that used to require ...Show More

16:56 | Aug 22nd, 2018

The Unemployable life is all about being a digital nomad, maybe cruising around the country in a van, trusty laptop at your side, right? Well, for the last 20 years, I can t say that s been my experience at all. So, let s fix that. For the next year,...Show More

53:51 | Aug 15th, 2018

It can be easy to think that highly successful people have just ended up that way, fully formed. The reality is, almost every person deemed to have "made it" makes the same joke: "I m a ten-year overnight success." I ve been fortunate to know Lewis H...Show More