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Danish and O'Neill

Danish and O'Neill

Danish and O'Neill bring you the most insane and moronic news from their lives and around the world, breaking it down in the smartest/stupidest way possible.

1:35:40 | Aug 19th

Hello there. There's some pre-show talk this week. The fellas stumble upon the topic of whether there are any male twins in the adult film world. This leads them down the path of twindom and all that it entails. School lunches and old school cig...Show More

1:20:04 | Aug 12th

Hey there, happy international fish stick day! I just made that up, but hey, let's try to get that going. On this episode, we start off with some pop culture and sports. Is Steve Harvey involved? You better believe it. We also return to where ou...Show More

1:31:54 | Aug 5th

On this episode, we briefly talk about/describe the taping we did for four episodes of our upcoming ATC show (on youtube), the Basement with Danish and O'Neill. After that, there's some quick UFC talk. Then, we use a beautiful segue (not the vehicle...Show More

1:38:41 | Jul 29th

We're back! It's been a week since we were here last. On this episode, we get into all sorts of shenanigans. Danish talks about how he was almost puked on and was asked if his beard was natural. O'Neill talks about a new show he discovered, and Da...Show More

2:30:44 | Jul 22nd

Big "early 80's" Skakel comes back on the show to "clear his name" after episod 200. He tells some stories about humiliating himself in front of character actors from the 80's. He also mentions sending Robert Loggia a special gift at the Bel Air Co...Show More

1:52:04 | Jul 15th

Hey chickadees, it's episode 203! On this episode, we discuss the passing of Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife, Beth, and just Dog in general. There's also MAJOR Flavortown discussion, centered around Guy Fieri's hilariously awesome recent Twitter activ...Show More

2:01:16 | Jul 8th

Sean Patton stopped by to talk about his podcast 5 words, and a lot of other things. For instance, he gets into his experiences of going to 311 concerts (when he was a younger man, don't judge him!). Sean also talks about being in the LA comedy sce...Show More

1:37:55 | Jul 1st

Yello, ladies and gents. On this episode, we do some brief recapping from the live extravaganza that was episode 200. We discuss whether Bush will ever be back on the show as well. Danish talks about a performance he had at the Comedy Store. And,...Show More

1:34:55 | Jun 24th

This extravaganza must be heard to be believed. We had Eleanor Kerrigan, Earl Skakel, John Little, and Andrew DeWitt join us for insanity and hilarity. Someone didn't show up but listen to find out who broke our hearts. Eleanor is put to the test ...Show More

2:41:39 | Jun 17th

As stated in the title, Steve Simeone joins us to promote his new album, Jabba, that's available on iTunes and Google Play. Check it out! We talk about his album, the Comedy Store, the great James Painter, a meal we were once killed at, and all sor...Show More

1:41:51 | Jun 10th

We start off this week's show with a discussion about friend of the show, the Bushman (he likes to party!). Danish then gives a quick update on the Golden State Killer (a criminal he read a book about). After that, he discusses a new medical term h...Show More

1:44:21 | Jun 3rd

We come out of the gates with a vengeance on this episode, ya horsers. We start off with some light MMA talk but quickly transition into some quick Guy Fieri discussion. Danish describes a touching martial arts clip he stumbled across online. O'Ne...Show More

1:26:07 | May 27th

This week's show opens with some discussion of an appearance the Bushman made on a cable access show back in the day. There's some Guy Fieri talk! Who doesn't like that?!? He's the Emperor of Flavortown! After that, we talk about a criminal who s...Show More

1:15:01 | May 20th

Listen to the episode that really dissects the Gam of Thrones finale. Okay, maybe not. This episode has a few updates from last episode (they're good!), so we start out with those. After that, we talk about a man trying to smuggle a weapon into ja...Show More

1:48:20 | May 13th

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours. On this doozy of an episode, we cover a lot of ground. O'Neill starts the show off by talking about an unreal family feud he watched online. Danish gives a sad update that will affect the Dassman. Then, Danis...Show More

1:57:05 | May 6th

We open the show by talking about a stellar documentary we both watched about the 80's pop sensation, Tiffany. It features a GREAT cast of characters. There's some Comedy Store comings and goings reported on. O'Neill discusses his theory that the ...Show More

1:46:20 | Apr 29th

The Game of Thrones fans' number one podcast is BACK, baby! This week, O'Neill talks of his recent travels, which involved a trip to Cave City and a stay at a haunted hotel. Danish describes an awkward encounter he had with a neighbor and something...Show More

1:30:21 | Apr 22nd

O'Neill opens the show talking about a trip he's taking that will involve both cave exploration and a stay at a haunted hotel. After that, there's an important Rachael Ray update! Danish gives an update on the weird "club" that's in a backyard behi...Show More

1:46:49 | Apr 15th

And we're back with another episode to titillate the masses. On this funky fresh episode, we get into all sorts of wild hijinks. We open the show with breaking news about Brendan "the Dassman" Dassey. Spoiler alert: he's not going to Wrestlemania ...Show More

1:42:40 | Apr 8th

Meow. Get it? Cause of the episode title? HILARIOUS stuff. Anyhow, on this episode, there's a very special Wrestlemania recap from none other than Brendan Dassey and his mom Barb. There's also some quick fast food talk. After that, there's a wh...Show More

2:37:07 | Apr 1st

It's not every day that a guest provides their own sound board, but Earl Skakel did just that. Big Earl came on and opened up on a wide variety of topics. He told us about the time he was almost molested at a professional wrestling show. He also g...Show More

1:33:49 | Mar 25th

Welcome. Danish starts out this episode by detailing how he fell down a Bushman rabbit hole on youtube. He ended up watching highlights of Bush's son play pro basketball. After that, Danish talks about making an appearance on Steve Rannazzisi's po...Show More

1:49:09 | Mar 18th

Make sure to listen all the way to the end on this one! There's a surprise, and you'll enjoy it. So, stop being difficult about it. As the title of the show suggests, this one is about parenting (specifically, mothers). There are super cool paren...Show More

1:25:25 | Mar 11th

On this doozy of an episode, we cover a lot of different topics. O'Neill starts out by talking about a podcast he had the chance to listen to recently. We switch gears by discussing KFC's new attempt at getting attention. Then, we stay in the worl...Show More

1:55:57 | Mar 4th

Due to technical difficulties, we had to start this one dry (without a theme song). We persevered and even played the theme song a little later in the show. O'Neill talked about a flat Earth documentary he saw on Netflix. Danish goes into detail a...Show More

2:17:17 | Feb 25th

John Little joins us on this episode. We start out by expressing sadness about the passing of Brody Stevens. We share some memories and stories about him. Later, we discuss a junior college football coach, who takes his job VERY seriously. A man ...Show More

1:45:45 | Feb 18th

Heeeeeeeeeey-lo, On today's episode, we tackle a lot of interesting topics. There are two mountain lion related stories. One is a follow-up of the man who killed a mountain lion with his bare hands. The other is about a couple who received quite t...Show More

1:47:20 | Feb 11th

Ryan Sickler was kind enough to join us this week. There's a LOT of animal talk (it's clean! seriously!). There's a much needed P-22 update, and O'Neill sheds light on whether he was responsible for the mountain lion death in Colorado. Sickler tel...Show More

1:29:40 | Feb 4th

On this episode, O'Neill is fresh off his trip to Utah with Ari Shaffir, Steve Rannazzisi, Bert Kreischer, Sean Patton, and Mark Normand. He provides an update on the shenanigans that took place and sheds light on why Bert now wants to be called "th...Show More

1:37:07 | Jan 28th

On this week's show, we talk a little more about the Fyre Festival documentaries. We also cover a wide range of people, who are as the title of the episode suggest, are detestable. There's a morbidly obese man who allegedly made a flight attendant ...Show More

1:56:58 | Jan 21st

The Danish and O'Neill podcast is back in business for yet another episode. This week, we discuss a multitude of topics. O'Neill talks about two Fyre Festival documentaries he watched. A HOT new West Hollywood eatery is discussed, and the menu is ...Show More

1:39:32 | Jan 14th

Episode 1-7-7. Oh yeeeeeah (said as the Macho Man). This episode has something for everyone: a man who licks doorbells, a woman who drinks out of a Pringles container, a pizza thrower, low-brow board games, Guy Fieri talk, Dass-man talk, and even a...Show More

1:33:48 | Jan 7th

On this episode of Danish and O'Neill, we were supposed to record from a jacuzzi. Sadly, it didn't happen. We're joined by international man of mystery, Ari Shaffir, and all around good guy and pizza maker, Steve Simeone. We pick Ari's mind about ...Show More

1:14:21 | Dec 31st, 2018

Happy New Year! 2019 is DEFINITELY the year of Danish and O'Neill. Nostradamus predicted it!!!! The episode starts off with some light Evil Genius (Neftlix doc) talk and a little brief MMA talk. We hear from the Dass-man and then discuss a young ...Show More

1:17:35 | Dec 24th, 2018

Recorded on Christmas Eve Eve, this episode will get you feeling all holly and jolly. While most podcasts take a week off, D+O put out a quality episode for you, our dear listeners. On this week's show, we feature three different animal stories, al...Show More

1:43:25 | Dec 17th, 2018

What a lovely episode this turned out to be! We opened the show with a fantastic new song. It's groovy and will make you want to bust a move like Young MC. Danish leads the show off with some tales from the road. O'Neill follows suits and talks a...Show More

1:07:53 | Dec 10th, 2018

Hey yo, On this week's edition of the show, we cover a lot of ground. We open with an update on Paula Deen's husband, Michael. After that, we play a quick round of "who's the better practical joker". The competition pits an older gentleman versus ...Show More

1:08:11 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Danish, Dassey, and O'Neill! On this week's episode, we take a deep-dive into season 2 of Making A Murderer. It's all things Dassy (and Avery, but let's be honest, the Dasseys always steal the show). We also cover a story about Dass-man's first law...Show More

2:20:11 | Nov 26th, 2018

John Little joins us on this week's program. Our conversation covers the gamut. For one, John expresses his view on smoke detectors. He also gives an impromptu lesson on old Vietnamese children's toys. This leads into a discussion of the 2018 Toy...Show More

1:27:48 | Nov 19th, 2018

Hey there. Welcome to episode 169. On this episode, Danish starts off by talking about a concert he recently attended and then gets into his experiences in a mommy and me class. After that, there's a discussion about a man, meth, and a beaver (tha...Show More

1:21:22 | Nov 11th, 2018

Hey, you true blue beach ponies! Another luscious episode is here. Danish talks about Home Depot and the swingers club behind his place. A guy who is probably friends with the Bushman, the piggyback bandit, is really dissected. We also discuss th...Show More

1:07:49 | Nov 5th, 2018

It's episode 167! Hooray! O'Neill starts the show by describing a fart mystery that's taking place in his building. After that, we look back at a special family bond we learned about at the All Things Comedy Festival in Phoenix. Danish then tells...Show More

1:56:55 | Oct 29th, 2018

Danish and O'Neill live from the 2018 All Things Comedy festival! We got the queen of the 7-up cake, Eleanor Kerrigan, on with us, which was a BIG get! Also, Steve "Cheese Parmazissi" Rannazzisi joined us after having a VERY interesting day (we get...Show More

1:32:17 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Hey all you, trick or treaters, it is the FIRST ever holiday addition of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. Spoiler alert, that holiday is Halloween (I know, the title made it a little hard to figure out). We spend the episode discussing spooooooky Ha...Show More

1:09:33 | Oct 15th, 2018

Ooooooh yeah, it's a new episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. On this episode, we start off by talking about a sad case of child abuse (in this case, a birthday party theme that we just can't get behind). Then, it's a case of "who did it bett...Show More

1:02:36 | Oct 8th, 2018

What a day to be alive!!!!! Conor "the king" McGregor's BS reign is over! Ding dong the witch is dead. On this episode, Danish opens the show by discussing a strange encounter he had at a gas station. A UFO is involved. He also gives a brief upd...Show More

2:23:11 | Oct 1st, 2018

Eleanor Kerrigan is back once again to regale us with tales of her misguided childhood in Philadelphia. She talks about her Uncle Tom and Grandpa Ace among other things. Of course, we roast her every chance we get. We also discuss an interesting s...Show More

2:01:46 | Sep 24th, 2018

Rejoice! It's episode 161 of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. And, a two hours of power at that. We haven't done a two hour'er in a while, so soak it in. This one opens with us talking about food you can get at the fair. A character named Chicken ...Show More

1:41:48 | Sep 17th, 2018

Yeah, buddy. It's episode 160, and it's a real barn burner. On this episode, we open by discussing why the Comedy Store allows one particular individual to roam its hallowed hallways. There's some brief Connor McG and Khabib talk, and D+O predict ...Show More

1:37:36 | Sep 10th, 2018

G'day mates, it's yet another stupendous edition of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. Rejoice! On this week's episode, all sorts of super important discussions take place, which isn't really abnormal for the show. Danish gives some updates from his ...Show More

1:47:10 | Sep 3rd, 2018

On this week's show, O'Neill discusses his experience at Jason Ellis' Ellismania in Las Vegas and talks about his fight versus Luigi Gomez. Celebrity callers leave messages for O'Neill. Listen and learn.

1:09:02 | Aug 24th, 2018

This episode was pre-recorded, so if you're looking for a fight recap, it will be on next week's show. That's not to say that this week's isn't a doozy cause it is. Danish describes the local goings-on around his neighborhood, including a few sight...Show More

1:13:17 | Aug 20th, 2018

This week we dive right back into the animal kingdom for a very special episode. We've got big hairy beavers, an obsessed squirrel, and one true blue beach pony. Also, bet on Ellismania 15 using Betdsi and our promo code: DO101

1:15:22 | Aug 13th, 2018

We got UFC fighter, model, and known Lou Gomez sympathizer, Mickey Gall, into the All Things Comedy studio to talk about both his and O'Neill's upcoming fights. Mickey was forthcoming and discussed many different aspects of MMA and how he prepares f...Show More

1:39:51 | Aug 6th, 2018

This episode has a lil' something for the whole family. There's some Steven Seagal talk (he was just given a position by his boy Putin). We talk about weak parents paying tutors to help their kids become better at Fortnite. We also play a bit from...Show More

2:24:37 | Jul 30th, 2018

On this fantastic episode, John J. Little (no relation to Lou J. Gomez) joined us. We talk about all sorts of interesting topics. For instance, O'Neill warns John about drinking out of plastic water bottles. That leads to a discussion of a study t...Show More

1:34:45 | Jul 23rd, 2018

Ground control to Major Tom, it's another episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. On this stimulating episode. we discuss our experiences at Skankfest. There's travel talk, and you get to hear what it's like to go to the Shvitz Palace with Ari S...Show More

1:51:20 | Jul 9th, 2018

Whats up, all you rattlesnake-a-maniacs?!? Ready for another power-packed episode of D+O, brother?!? Well, regardless, here it is. This episode is a real smorgasbord (much like Lou Gomez's dinner table). We cover a little bit of everything. Dani...Show More

1:24:18 | Jul 2nd, 2018

This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions. Happy, sad, confused, scared, frightened, intrigued, ya know, the whole gamut. We start off with a double dose of sad news: a Dassey update and a death on the best show of all time, Pawn Stars. Danish t...Show More

1:27:20 | Jun 25th, 2018

It's episode 148 of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. Rejoice! Holidaaaaay, celebraaate! On this episode, all sorts of strange and interesting topics get discussed. Danish talks about some things going on in his neighborhood lately, and O'Neill dis...Show More

1:46:33 | Jun 18th, 2018

Meow, everyone. Today's show is a real doooooozy. We discuss all sorts of beautiful topics such as: the Pasadena chalk festival, an O'Neill family wedding, garbage quesadillas, a woman fighting a bobcat, Gary Keillor emails, Derrick "the black beas...Show More

1:32:45 | Jun 11th, 2018

It's time for yet another episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. On this episode, O'Neill discusses the recent drama surrounding his fight as Jason Ellis' Ellismania with the Argentinian trouser snake, Louie J. Gomez. Danish discusses an articl...Show More

1:41:58 | Jun 4th, 2018

Ey yo, chico. Welcome back to the Danish and O'Neill podcast. In this edition of the show, O'Neill discusses his rigorous taekwondo training regimen that he's using to prepare to fight the Puerto Rican Rattlesnake, Luis G. Gomes. He also tells a s...Show More

1:52:35 | May 28th, 2018

Aye there, mateys! On this week's luscious episode, we have special guest and Kid Rock Cruise comic, Eleanor Kerrigan, on the program. We get foot loose and fancy-free with the convo, and it takes more turns the Mississippi River. Some of the topi...Show More

1:34:17 | May 21st, 2018

Your top source of news and information is back for the week. We get into a whole host of topics this week. There's a mountain lion attack in Washington state that we had to discuss. We also update the crazy story from last week about a woman who ...Show More

1:24:04 | May 14th, 2018

On this week's episode, O'Neill starts things off by talking about a phone call he had with his fight opponent, Luis J. Gomez. Danish then reveals a disturbing fashion trend he noticed in a store. After that, D+O discuss an story about a woman who ...Show More

1:21:24 | May 7th, 2018

Hey all you Steven Seagal, Garrison Keillor, and Guy Fieri fans! On this week's episode, we delve into all sorts of fun current events. For example, we start off by discussing a serial pooper who caused a sting operation to be launched to end his r...Show More

1:29:11 | Apr 30th, 2018

Ahoy, maties. What week to be alive! Why? Cause there's another new episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast, ya dingus! This episode is going to rock your socks off. Maybe even your top. And bottoms. Especially if you're wearing pajamas. W...Show More

1:32:16 | Apr 23rd, 2018

Heeeeello, baaaaaaaby! As the podcast title suggests, this episode is about the birth of Danish's child. We also get into fun stuff like recent movies, documentaries, and UFC fights. Danish also tells of an interesting situation in his neighborhoo...Show More

1:25:45 | Apr 9th, 2018

Yello! It's the Wrestlemania night edition of Danish and O'Neill! We start the show off by talking about the latest incident involving Connie Mac McGregor. After that, we discuss a not-so-secret pregnancy salad that Courtney tried to get this baby...Show More

1:41:38 | Apr 2nd, 2018

On this week's episode, we finally get the legendary Bushman back on the show. He came in ready to go in a beautiful suit that was tight-fitting in the best of ways. We talked about all sorts of things with the Bush and even touched on his new care...Show More

1:31:02 | Mar 26th, 2018

Jumpin' John Little joins us on this week's program. We discuss all sorts of topics such as: the limo driver turned rocketeer, "Mad" Mike Hughes, elderly sprinters, pastry truck robbery, Australian train hijinks, horses in nightclubs, Miami monkeys ...Show More

1:22:42 | Mar 19th, 2018

This week's episode starts with us discussing the holiday of Dyngus Day. Want to know what it's all about? Well, we'll give you a hint. Get your pussywilllows ready! After that, we listen to an unbelievable commercial for a defunct martial arts s...Show More

1:30:34 | Mar 12th, 2018

Oh, what an episode this week. It's a real titillater. O'Neill starts the show off by telling a story about one of Ari Shaffir's fans and something he witnessed when said fan met his hero. After that, we discuss Tommy Morris' latest "comedy" show....Show More

1:16:55 | Mar 5th, 2018

Oooooooooh, heavens to Betsy, it's another beautiful episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast starring none other than us, Danish and O'Neill (duh!). We come firing hot out of the starting gates in this episode. There's some brief hamster-flushgat...Show More

54:38 | Feb 26th, 2018

Heeeeeey you guuuuuuuuuuuuys! It's yet another scintillating and titillating episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. This week, we start off talking about a little known Frankie boy Sinatra movie entitled Dirty Dingus Magee. After that, there's...Show More

1:03:36 | Feb 19th, 2018

Happy President's Day, everybody! It's a BIG holiday, so we hope you're all acting accordingly and really living it up like the crazy mofos you all are. We start off by talking a little about the new Karate Kid youtube show trailer. We quickly mov...Show More

1:18:41 | Feb 12th, 2018

Hola, come estan? Bien bien. Es tiempo para mas Danish y O'Neill. This week, we start off by updating a few stories we've discussed in the past: the former limo driver turned space explorer and the woman who posts breastfeeding videos to youtube. ...Show More

1:06:26 | Feb 5th, 2018

Heeeeeeeey Macarena! It's another delectable episode of the Danish and O'Neill show. We start off talking about the man of the hour, the international ju jitsu practitioner-man of mystery, Chase Moore. He sends in an email filling in some of the b...Show More

1:27:13 | Jan 29th, 2018

Hey there pickle heads, It's yet another week of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. To start out the episode, we discuss what appears to be the end for Boner City USA. What a glorious run... After that, we check in on some news regarding Gary Keilor. ...Show More

1:15:38 | Jan 22nd, 2018

Howdy, everybody! This week starts out with a (literal) bang as we discuss a security guard who walks into a 7-11 with gun a-blazin to prevent an attempted robbery. After that, we talk about our new favorite airline, Delta. They've decided to take...Show More

1:40:59 | Jan 15th, 2018

On this week's show, we have Mack Lindsay, our old friend and co-worker from our Comedy Store days, join us. Of course, we get into all things Comedy Store related and discuss our (Bruce Springsteen) gloooory days. Like a nice, lazy river (at eithe...Show More

1:28:37 | Jan 8th, 2018

Just like that STD you've been having trouble kicking, we're baaaaa-aaaaaack! It's 2018, and Danish and O'Neill are back in town. Danish kicks off the show with an announcement (that many of you already know, but hey, some may not). If you dooooon...Show More

1:04:05 | Dec 11th, 2017

Hey there, beautiful people. Another episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast is in the books. This week's show gets started with a bang via an original reworking of the Danish and O'Neill theme song that was so beautifully written by Sean Aylward...Show More

1:23:00 | Dec 4th, 2017

Fear not, good people, episode 123 is upon us, and it brings everything you could want in a podcast. We start out with a spontaneous update of what's been going on lately with various homeless people in LA. We then quickly switch into second gear w...Show More

1:23:57 | Nov 27th, 2017

Hey there, weirdos. It's time for your weekly helping of Danish and O'Neill. This week's edition starts out with some ramblings from Thanksgiving. Danish spins some yarns about his old man, while O'Neill talks about an interesting gig he had recen...Show More

1:07:53 | Nov 20th, 2017

Hey jive turkeys, it's the Thanksgiving week edition of Danish and O'Neill. We open the show with an article that discusses famed Los Angeles mountain lion, P-22, heading down out of the hills to bring the fight to O'Neill! Boooooold move, P-22. T...Show More

1:57:47 | Nov 13th, 2017

Rise 'n shine, sweet listeners, a new episode of Danish and O'Neill is upon us. This week, we have special guest Andrew DeWitt sitting in for some mayhem. We sprint out of the starting gates by discussing a fascinating new program Harvard put on fo...Show More

1:40:09 | Nov 6th, 2017

Yeeeeeeello, everybody, and welcome to episode 119. This week, we open talking about Bushman's list of demands to get back on the show. Then, we segue (like Kevin James in Mall Cop) on to the age old debate: are people tampering with Halloween cand...Show More

1:15:49 | Oct 30th, 2017

On Sunday, our fair heroes returned from the All Things Comedy Festival in Phoenix. What did they do immediately upon returning home? Did they rest on their laurels? HELL NO!!!! We got off the road after a fun but tiring weekend and recorded a br...Show More

1:47:43 | Oct 23rd, 2017

Paaaaaarty peeeeeeople (remember that from the hit song Whoomp There It Is?)! We start off the show by wishing all of you a happy P-22 day and discussing the "legendary" cougar and O'Neill's chances against it. O'Neill then discusses his experience...Show More

1:23:40 | Oct 16th, 2017

Hiiiiiiiiiyee. It's yet another glorious episode of Danish and O'Neill for your listening consumption. On this week's edition, we start out with a much needed Eric Hites update. Spoiler alert, he's on the move again! After that magic, we make a p...Show More

1:31:02 | Oct 9th, 2017

It's the first ever episode of Danish and O'Neill that was recorded in front of a live studio audience. We went to the LA Podfest and really tore the house down (and that's us being modest). People came from all over the world to see us perform, an...Show More

1:37:18 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Bonjiorno, everybody. It's another episode of Danish and O'Neill. This week, we start by talking about what's been going on in our lives, ya know, out and about and around town. There are tales of impromptu concerts, ram's horns, knives in trees, ...Show More

1:48:45 | Sep 25th, 2017

On this episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast, we have a VERY special guest. It's not Gareth Keillor. It's Gareth Reynolds of the hit podcast, the Dollop. It's a real rapid fire, shootin' straight from the hip episode. We waste no time gettin...Show More

1:32:05 | Sep 18th, 2017

Heeeeeeey yooooooou guuuuuuys, it's episode 112 of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. And you know what that means, two family-sized portions of funny to spice up your week. We start out this week's episode by talking about our experience at the Los A...Show More

1:43:16 | Sep 11th, 2017

Patrons of the Danish and O'Neill show, Welcome back to another heaping helping of the top comedy podcast in Puerto Rico. We start off with some light banter, describing what we've been up to lately. Danish went to see the Muppets live at the Holly...Show More

1:52:53 | Sep 4th, 2017

Step right up, step right up, it's another fabulous episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. We start off with some light book discussion (seriously) regarding the book It. Then, Danish delves deep into his recent travels. Tales include but are ...Show More

1:34:42 | Aug 27th, 2017

Hey, from vacation-land. There's some pre-show talk (O'Neill discusses a snowmobile-loving couple he saw on some sort of TV program, and Danish does a quick Gary Keillor update). After that, we discuss the BIG fight, which involves two little peopl...Show More

1:38:45 | Aug 20th, 2017

Heeeeeeeello there, neighbors. We start off with some light pre-show banter, but have no fear, it escalates quickly with a story about flying humanoids being spotted in Chicago. Listen carefully though, there are some tangential stories within that...Show More

1:45:03 | Aug 14th, 2017

Yooooooooooooo, Adrian! We did it. We made another episode of Danish and O'Neill. So, do you what you gotta do and listen to the comedy goodness we provide on a weekly basis. O'Neill starts out the show by detailing his trip to Lake Tahoe. The t...Show More

1:52:44 | Aug 7th, 2017

Howdy, partners. Saddle up your horses cause another episode of D+O is upon us. And once again, we're one of the only podcasts out there that provides information that you can use to impress your coworkers and dinner party guests with. You're welc...Show More

1:56:17 | Jul 31st, 2017

Episode 105'er is upon us, and this one is chock-full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Right off the bat, O'Neill gets into some tales from his trip to his homeland: Valparaiso, Indiana. Not to be confused with Valparaiso, Chile. But I guess t...Show More

1:31:38 | Jul 24th, 2017

Greetings, Earthlings, extra terrestrials, and whoever else may be listening out there in the universe. It's episode 104. YAY!!!! O'Neill opens the show with an interesting idea about the possibility of new merch: a D+O calendar. Then, we get int...Show More

1:37:12 | Jul 17th, 2017

Another week is upon us, as is another episode of D+O. The show opens with some quick tent talk. Danish then discusses yet another near miss he had with a man who shares his name. Imposter! Show yourself. After that, we discuss an "exciting" tal...Show More

2:13:47 | Jul 10th, 2017

Dear loyal listener, It's time for episode 102, so put on a nice outfit, grab some snacks, and get ready for the excellence you've come to expect from this show. Joining us in studio is John Little, the son of the great painter, Jim Little. O'Neill...Show More

1:44:09 | Jul 3rd, 2017

Greetings, Earthlings. On the 101st episode, Danish and O'Neill feel like they're starting a new chapter. They start out with a few exciting announcements that include some merchandise that just may be coming soon (listen for details!). After that...Show More

2:35:20 | Jun 26th, 2017

Hoooooooooliday! Celebrate! Episode 100 is upon us, ladies and gents, so listen and rejoice. A special guest joins us in studio. Who is it??? The intrigue. The mystery. The excitement. We start off the show by talking about a new procedure th...Show More

2:05:22 | Jun 19th, 2017

To open this hot episode, O'Neill describes a trailer for a beautiful new Steven Seagal movie called The China Salesman (with a title like that, how can you not already be sold?!?). Danish brings the mood down with some sad news (it relates to the t...Show More

2:03:22 | Jun 12th, 2017

Greetings, Earthlings, extra terrestrials, and others who may be listening. Danish starts off by telling a few tales of things he's seen around town, one of which blew his mind. O'Neill watched the documentary we talked about last episode and share...Show More

1:31:48 | Jun 5th, 2017

Episode 97 is heeeeeeere! O'Neill does the show with a diaper on because he was having problems with his tummy. Then, we decide to turn the clock back and tell some stories from our days as delivery drivers. After that, we turn our attention to no...Show More

1:34:20 | May 29th, 2017

Aw tick tock you don't stop...it's yet another hot episode of Danish and O'Neill for that ass. My humble apologies for not getting the show notes up sooner. I had them up last night but forgot to hit save. I blame Barb for not reminding me. Step ...Show More

1:54:47 | May 22nd, 2017

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to you, faithful podcast listener. It's time for another gorgeous episode of Danish and O'Neill. This week, we open with some tent talk with Danish talking about some drama he saw out on the streets. After that...Show More

1:40:25 | May 15th, 2017

Come one, come all to this very special Danish and O'Neill Mother's Day episode. We start off with a BIG announcement that proves we are the people's champion of podcasts. After that excitement, we discuss a great quote about horses. We stay withi...Show More

1:58:12 | May 8th, 2017

Heeeeey there, podcastateers. Welcome to the show notes for episode 93. Exciting stuff, right? Yup. Totally. We start off the show with some housekeeping, aka, discussing some follow-up topics that carried over from last week's show. Then, we g...Show More

1:51:22 | May 1st, 2017

On this stimulating episode, we take a lot of people to task. To start, Danish discusses a new trend of homeless people pitching tents and details a crime he witnessed at the grocery store (twice...same guy, two different times). Then, it's a sad s...Show More

2:02:47 | Apr 24th, 2017

Heeeeeeeeeeey everybody, Gather round your digital devices for this installment of yet another Danish and O'Neill podcast. Worried the show isn't over the two hour mark? Fear not, faithful listener, it's just over one hundred and twenty minutes. O...Show More

2:33:34 | Apr 17th, 2017

On this week's show, we welcome back our old pal, John Little. We discuss all sorts of fun topics and articles. There's one about an 8 year old boy hitting the road with his sister. We discuss two Canadian court cases. John tells us about the tim...Show More

2:24:16 | Apr 10th, 2017

Ever wanted to have O'Neill as a travel guide? Well, here's your chance. O'Neill's back from India, and he takes us through his journey in this 2 1/2 hour podcast. The trip included: rickshaw fights, crazy driving, animal sightings/encounters, near...Show More

1:06:57 | Apr 3rd, 2017

Greetings, y'all. This week's show opens with the Danish talking about some youtube rabbit holes he recently fell down (George Dillman alert). Aaaaand, it doesn't end there...there's some Beyond Scared Straight talk. After that, it's the debut of ...Show More

1:39:02 | Mar 27th, 2017

Welcome back to another scintillating episode of Danish and O'Neill. On our 87th edition, we kick things off by talking about a new study about swimming pools and hot tubs (propaganda!). Invigorated and motivated by the pool talk, Danish is compell...Show More

1:09:27 | Mar 20th, 2017

Well, hello there, and shinpi to you and yours. We start the show talking about O'Neill's upcoming trip to India and the preparations he's made for it. Sticking with the theme, we discuss a story about a possible airline controversy in India that O...Show More

1:22:07 | Mar 13th, 2017

Before you listen to this episode, please take off your socks and shoes. It's SO good that it will blow your socks clean off. Just a warning. O'Neill starts us off by detailing his trip to Vegas and describes an off the strip bar that he discovere...Show More

2:10:11 | Mar 6th, 2017

Ladies and gents, it's the first female guest on the show! Who did we get? (wait for it) (wait for it longer) None other than Eleanor Kerrigan! She kicked off the show by saying our opening song was blasphemous. Whether she likes the theme song...Show More

1:43:17 | Feb 27th, 2017

Hey. Come here often? Cool. Are you a female? Do you know females? I've heard they LOVE this show. Anyhow, today's episode gives you nearly two hours of creamy podcasting goodness. Danish blows O'Neill's mind right out of the gate with a story...Show More

1:32:35 | Feb 20th, 2017

Well, hello there. Today's episode promises to scintillate and titillate your eardrums. Right off the bat, we listen to a phone call from a living legend, who is always hard to track down. Then, O'Neill rains on my GSP celebration by not sharing m...Show More

1:20:29 | Feb 13th, 2017

This episode comes to you from Denver. We discuss our adventures in this beautiful city and what we've been up to on the road. Steve Rannazzisi joins us briefly to add his insightful input into our misadventures. After that, we break down the BEST...Show More

1:37:54 | Feb 6th, 2017

Hello. Welcome. No, don't run away. Please come in. Take your shoes off though. Thanks. On this week's stimulating episode, we cover the gamut. We update yet another twist in the never ending Bushman saga. We then talk about "the big game", w...Show More

1:45:56 | Jan 30th, 2017

Welcome to episode 79'er. We open up with a vengeance, pondering how we both find a way to get sick so often. After that, it's time for a BIG announcement. That's right, everybody. We've got a new podcast coming soon. Stay tuned. Then, it's tim...Show More

1:26:31 | Jan 23rd, 2017

Hey, weenies and weenettes, it's another episode of Danish and O'Neill, and this one's extra special cause our old pal, Andrew DeWitt, joins us in studio. O'Neill starts us off on the right foot by discussing the touching gift his family gave him fo...Show More

1:44:11 | Jan 16th, 2017

We start off this week's episode with O'Neill as skeptical as ever. He doesn't believe that a muscular man with a mustache had a bald eagle on his arm in an airport (despite video evidence that shows said event happening). Danish gives an update ab...Show More

1:39:00 | Jan 9th, 2017

In the first actual episode of 2017, Danish and O'Neill unleash some serious audio ass whippery. Right off the bat, we learn that O'Neill's mother isn't a snitch. We also learn that Australians don't call farts "farts". Danish goes over his flawle...Show More

1:32:56 | Jan 1st, 2017

Happy new year, everybody. To start the year off right, Danish and O'Neill cooked up one humdoozy of a show. O'Neill shares breaking Bushman news. Well, not really, but there is a "where's Bushman" update, which is a lot harder than Where's Waldo ...Show More

1:20:55 | Dec 19th, 2016

Shinpei, everyone and welcome to yet another episode of Danish and O'Neill. We recap our weekend hanging out with GSP and his bff David Loiseau. Then, we get into a GREAT story about fan favorite, Dikembe Mutombo. The audio is just gold, baby. Af...Show More

1:10:35 | Dec 12th, 2016

Awwwww yeah, you and your mother's favorite podcast is back for another great week of content. We come out of the gate HOT with a story about a young North Carolina boy's run-in with a Santa. Next, we get to a mannequin challenge that resulted in s...Show More

1:31:08 | Dec 5th, 2016

This week's show comes (with an "o") live from Raleigh, North Carolina, where we were doing a road gig. We open the show discussing a story of bad showmanship from the world of weightlifting. Next, we get into our bread and butter, some good old fa...Show More

1:30:34 | Nov 28th, 2016

Well hello, loyal listener. Apparently, you've come (with an "o") back for more creamy Danish and O'Neill goodness. On today's episode, O'Neill tells about his run-in with coyotes. Next, we discuss Nick Diaz's appearance on the Opie Radio Show. A...Show More

1:39:51 | Nov 21st, 2016

Howdy, partners. Wow, what an episode. Where to begin? How about the beginning? The theme song really came in full throttle this week. It will get your blood pumpin' and burn at least 80 calories (allegedly). To start off, O'Neill shows off his...Show More

1:34:05 | Nov 14th, 2016

Hola. Como estas? On this very special episode of Danish and O'Neill (episode 69), we get into all sorts of shenan-foolery (new hybrid word I just made up). We report on some "shinhai" follow up. O'Neill is upset about 60 Days In, while Danish is...Show More

1:44:12 | Nov 7th, 2016

Wow, what an exciting episode we have for you this time, folks. What did we discuss? Well, thanks for asking. Once again, O'Neill vehemently DENIES foreign objects EVER being put in candy during Halloween. Then, we discuss the craziest incident t...Show More

1:42:55 | Oct 31st, 2016

In this riveting Halloween episode, we provide many tricks and treats. We start off by telling about some "interesting" experiences we've both had lately. O'Neill talks about what it's like to be a hero (you'll see). We discuss a clown story from ...Show More

1:16:00 | Oct 24th, 2016

Wow. What an episode you're in store for today, dear listener. Right off the bat, O'Neill rights a wrong by reading an email that he somehow overlooked. How could we possibly follow that?!? Well, there's only one way: by reading a listener haiku ...Show More

1:44:39 | Oct 17th, 2016

In this rollicking episode of D+O, we discuss lots of important topics that will help strengthen you emotionally and intellectually. We give an update to the children fighting in Chechnya story. We also put out an APB for the Bushman (has anyone se...Show More

1:34:48 | Oct 10th, 2016

Welcome to episode 64! Now that we got that out of the way, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of this week's episode. We discuss the weird trend of clowns scaring people across the United States. After that, O'Neill details yet another wild ...Show More

1:36:38 | Oct 3rd, 2016

Gather around, boys and girls, cause we've got a podcast for your ears. In this episode, we come (with an "o") out of the gates hot with some congratulations and the debut of a new Bushman inspired song by a listener. We follow that up with a horri...Show More

1:30:12 | Sep 26th, 2016

In this Danish and O'Neill doozy, we discuss a non-story about a comic that Buzzfeed tried to make into a story. O'Neill tells of how he was mishandled at the airport by a rogue TSA employee. We also discuss a teacher, who has an unbelievable gift ...Show More

1:29:04 | Sep 19th, 2016

In this episode, we're firing on all cylinders. Barbara turned in an MVP performance with stellar articles for us to discuss. Also, if you like air raid O'Neill, this is the episode for you. First, we dissect the most disgusting episode of Hoarder...Show More

1:47:07 | Sep 12th, 2016

In this lovely episode, we have Jerry Rocha join us. We talk about CM Punk's big "fight" debut and our thoughts on the UFC bringing him in with zero fight experience. We discuss a man who passed away, leaving behind an "interesting" collection and ...Show More

1:44:09 | Sep 5th, 2016

While 9 out of 10 podcasters don't drop a podcast this Monday because of Labor Day, it's business as usual for the ever so diligent Danish and O'Neill. Hell, we even brought in crowd favorite and Boner City bad boy, Andrew DeWitt, for good measure i...Show More

1:16:00 | Aug 29th, 2016

O'Neill's playing hurt on this episode because of some "bad pudding" he ate at a movie night in the park. We briefly pay our respects to one of the best wrestling managers of all time, Mr. Fuji. We play audio from commentators covering one of our f...Show More

1:40:21 | Aug 22nd, 2016

In this rock hard episode, we're pumped cause 60 Days In is baaaaaaaack! We discuss the first 2 episodes, and of course, O'Neill fawns over Scotty Maples. After, the Danish tells O'Neill about a talk he attended that was about his archrival: the mo...Show More

1:25:08 | Aug 15th, 2016

On this rip-roaring episode, these two handsome hunks discuss the Rio Olympics, which O'Neill is vehemently against. An illegal Hawaiian hike is also discussed. O'Neill tells a harrowing tale of walking his mom's dog. We also talked about some wei...Show More

1:23:49 | Aug 8th, 2016

On this episode, we discuss the passing of the man, the myth, the mild-anarchist legend, Steve O'Neill, and briefly pay tribute to him. Danish discusses his trip to the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. A Chinese tiger mauling is reviewe...Show More

1:19:26 | Jul 25th, 2016

On this episode (new show notes!), Danish asks O'Neill about his adventures at the Calgary Stampede. O'Neill details how he transformed himself into a cowboy, and how Ari Shaffir became a "missing child". O'Neill also discusses his redemptive batt...Show More

1:27:13 | Jul 18th, 2016

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In this episode, there's a controversy in the sauna, dangerous items in schools, and a Comedy Store legend discussed.

1:09:02 | Sep 28th, 2015

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Episode 2 by Danish and O'Neill

59:34 | Jul 19th, 2015

In the inaugural episode of Danish and O'Neill, the gents discuss classy topics such as: mermaid sex, macing innocent civilians, international candy, angry neighbors, and much, much more.