I Want It That Way: Bustle on Sex and Relationships


Each week on "I Want It That Way," Bustle's sex and relationships podcast, Lifestyle editor Kathryn Kattalia and associate Lifestyle editor Gabrielle Moss take on topics like cheating, sexual health myths, and how soon we'll all be dating robots — al...Show More

47:04 | Jul 7th, 2017

Writer and sex educator Gigi Engle joins us to share the wonders of Yoni eggs and other crystal sex toys, kegel exercises, and why the word "Hulk" was ever uttered in the same sentence as "vagina".

33:07 | Jun 22nd, 2017

Kristen Sollee joins us to discuss her new book, "Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive".
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43:44 | May 31st, 2017

In honor of Bustle's BeautyIRL, we sit down with writer Sarah Terez Rosenblum to discuss why women decide to remove their pubic hair... or not! Inspired by her AfterEllen article "How Do You Style You...Show More

35:47 | May 19th, 2017

This week, we crossover with Bustle's Beauty IRL series and talk to Gabriel Squalia about visibility, dating & her essay, "How Eyeliner Defines My Womanhood" https://www.bustle.com/p/how-eyeliner-defi...Show More

43:03 | May 16th, 2017

This Women's Health Week, we're excited to welcome Erin Robinson onto the podcast to discuss her battle with uterine fibroids, the importance of monitoring your sexual health, and having honest discus...Show More
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