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18:44 | May 19th

Even limited hearing loss might be associated with cognitive decline. If true, early intervention with hearing aids might help people have better cognitive performance. Michael Johns III, MD, online e...Show More

16:07 | May 5th

When she was a teenager Melissa Red Hoffman's father was killed by terrorists. Dr Hoffman recalls her father's death and how that has influenced her career and how she can identify with patients and t...Show More
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26:44 | Apr 24th

Management of COVID-19-related respiratory failure differs from what is necessary for ARDS. Rather than having alveolar edema, COVID-19 patients have pulmonary vascular dysregulation. Gas exchange is ...Show More

15:34 | Apr 14th

More than 6 million people worldwide have Parkinson disease. Even though it is classically associated with tremors, the disease has many manifestations and is very treatable for most patients. Michael...Show More

40:21 | Apr 8th

Shortages of face masks and N95 respirators have forced clinicians and hospitals to reuse these normally disposable items. Ron Shaffer, PhD, former CDC PPE Research Branch Chief, discusses effective s...Show More
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