Trailer Park Boys

Bubbles, Ricky, Julian

Join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for the most outrageous comedy podcast on the world pipe! Watch the video version at

29:57 | Nov 4th

A googly-eyed Stranger Things monster, an alien pizza delivery guy and a lobster fisherman compare their bulging Halloween sacks - and guess who stole most of his swag! They also discuss banging in horror movies, and the best and worst Halloween cost...Show More

27:17 | Oct 28th

Ricky tests the Motel's favourite ninja sword, imagines a wild night out with Dr. Seuss and Mr. Rogers, and gets learnt about Instant-gram! Plus: Guess which grumpy pumpy muscleman isn't on Bubbles' Christmas card list this year!
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30:03 | Oct 21st

The Boys are frisky as f**k today! They chat about 19" weiners, Ricky's sexy chocolate fondue party, and the weirdest places they've banged. Also: the muscular mayor works out!

28:24 | Oct 14th

On today's BAKED episode: Bubbles' singing gopher, how to tickle a star, lesbian koalas, and how to make the Egyptian pyramids more awesomer. And guess which school supplies item Julian once get stuck up his p**shole!!

28:30 | Oct 7th

Put down your new (stolen) smartphones, Boys - you've got an episode of Park After Dark to film! Today's subjects include cock jockeys, golden toilets, and what to do if the bank gives you a bunch of scrilla by mistake. Also: Bubbles wants a ride in ...Show More
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