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Trailer Park Boys

Bubbles, Ricky, Julian


Join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for the most outrageous comedy podcast on the world pipe! Watch the video version at

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32:07 | May 25th

Bubbles shows off his TV production skills - think Steve Rogers might have a job for him down at Channel 10? Find out how to fight off a KGB agent, Ricky's experience with eating rocks, and weird thin...Show More

36:26 | May 18th

Spring's in the f**king air, the stolen lobsters are in the pot, and the Boys are looking forward to getting out of this c*cksucker of a lockdown! Find out why Ricky's been thinking too hard about lla...Show More
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36:56 | May 11th

Forget donairs, corndogs and dirty old steak, the Boys are living on a lockdown diet of deep-fried beetles, clover and vintage soda! Bubbles considers the pros and cons of buying a $400,000 banging ma...Show More

25:29 | May 4th

Ricky and Julian have been going crazy in lockdown but TV studio engineer Bubbles is f**kin' on it! Bubbles has a Coronavirus kitty update, and Ricky ponders Tinder hookup advice from Dr. Fauci. Also:...Show More

37:03 | Apr 27th

The Boys propose a toast to the victims of the terrible Nova Scotia shooting tragedy, and dream of a post-420 420 party with a pig roast and muscle hugs. Bubbles considers spending his free government...Show More
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