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Decipher SciFi explores the how and why in science fiction with conversations about technology, humanity, and the future. This is not a review show, nor will you see much criticism or snark. It is a rationally optimistic look, through film, at where ...Show More


00:54 | Mar 24th

Our pal joins us on our other show to talk about The Great War Go subscribe and listen! 🙂 1917: trenches, trench rats, and modern war w/ Josh

1:02:31 | Mar 19th

Current events Our world is on the brink of some possibly extreme unpleasantness. Known unknowns threats to civilization. Humanity is bad at planning for statistically-likely-but-not-definite disaster...Show More
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00:32 | Mar 10th

The taste of another episode of Decipher History! Featuring Ryan Stitt of the History of Ancient Greece Podcast! Alexander: succession, “The Great,” and sooo many Alexandrias w/ Ryan Stitt

30:09 | Feb 25th

A review We don’t normally do this, but… Memory Priming. Retrieval cues. Memory encoding, sotrage, and retrieval. Context-dependent memory. Getting drunk and finding your keys. Digital memory retrieva...Show More

30:46 | Feb 18th

Asteroids etc Revisiting: asteroids vs meteors vs meteoroids vs meteorites vs who knows. Still confusing! How much space stuff hits Earth? Like, not just dust but things big enough to be impressed by....Show More
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