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Better Leaders Better Schools is a world-class podcast created for you --the current school administrator, emerging leader, and educational influencer. Each episode Daniel Bauer interviews top school principals as well as industry leaders to unpack ...Show More


23:46 | Feb 12th

In this episode with Rohin Shahi, we discuss 1) Generation Z is entering the workforce -- will your school be prepared?, 2) Mentorship and purpose-driven work matters (more than you think), and 3) A s...Show More

26:13 | Feb 5th

In this episode with Dave Burgess, we discuss 1) Disrupting the publishing industry , 2) The “snowball” theory to creating cultural change in school, and 3) How to use social media to connect and comm...Show More
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37:45 | Jan 29th

In this episode with David Wood, we discuss 1) Naming fears as a way for moving past them, 2) The tough conversation blueprint, and 3) Role-playing specific principal challenges. Listen to the full po...Show More

46:15 | Jan 22nd

In this episode with Oleg Lougheed, we discuss 1) How to break free from society and live a life that fulfills you, 2) There is no blueprint to life or leadership., and 3) Not allowing the past to def...Show More

35:40 | Jan 15th

In this episode with Jonathan Levi, we discuss 1) Career criteria list, 2) How to train like an Olympian, and 3) How to improve learning and memory. Listen to the full podcast here.
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