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The Annual AFC Over/Unders With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast

1:38:42 | Aug 29th, 2019

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In Part 1 of their two-part podcast, Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal gear up for the 2019 NFL regular season by running through each team in the AFC and talking odds, sleepers, parlays, Parent Corner, and...Show More


mcu recommended:Sep 2nd, 2019

Bill and Cousin Sal reunite for the start of football season by going over the over/insets for each team. I couldn’t care less about the football, but I appreciate their insights on gambling. They’re never entirely upfront about their betting strategies (it’d ruin their advantage if the market knew ...Show More

dannySep 3rd, 2019

@mcu you in a fantasy league this year? I find it so funny how much they hate snake drafts (it's the only kind of drafts I've been part of) 😂

mcuSep 3rd, 2019

@danny No fantasy leagues for me. I'm more into betting on games, futures, etc. Fantasy leagues are a lot of work for little payout (just my opinion!), so I like to focus on traditional sports betting LOL.

mcuSep 3rd, 2019

@danny However, I'm also curious as to how much they dislike snake drafts!!