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LifeAfter/The Message

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From GE Podcast Theater and Panoply, The Message and its sequel, LifeAfter, take listeners on journeys to the limits of technology. In The Message, an alien transmission from decades ago becomes an urgent puzzle with life or death consequences. In Li...Show More


27:33 | Nov 13th, 2016

Since low-level FBI clerk Ross Barnes lost his wife to a car accident, he’s consoled himself by listening to her voice-posts on an audio social media website.  When he hears something eerie and shocki...Show More

15:09 | Oct 4th, 2015

The NSA has tasked the Cypher Group with decoding a verified alien message that has plaguedcodebreakers for decades. In this episode, Nicky introduces the members of the Cypher Group and “TheMessage” ...Show More
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This series of podcasts is honestly one of the best storytelling experiences out there.

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30:00 | Jan 29th, 2017

Astrophysicist, StarTalk host, and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts a round table talking about the science behind the science-fiction in GE Podcast Theater’s LifeAfter. Joining h...Show More
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miss this show! please come back

33:07 | Dec 23rd, 2016

Now on the run from the FBI, Ross finds his way to the secret location of LifeAfter’s horrifying endgame, where he has to make a fateful decision. 

25:47 | Dec 22nd, 2016

Torn between Charlie and the FBI, Ross must choose where his loyalties lie. The taskforce’s desperation to find the missing cultists leads Octavia into a brutal confrontation with Sasha. 
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