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Bandrew Says Podcast: Tech News & Tales of YouTube Content Creation

Geeks Rising


Learn about tech and other stuff from Bandrew on The Bandrew Says podcast; a weekly podcast that mixes the personal appeal of podcasting with tech news and tutorials.


32:42 | Jul 26th

Topics Discussed: TikTok planning to pay US creators $200 million dollars to create content on their platform, reasons to advocate your viewers to comment on your videos, and more.

40:56 | Jul 19th

Topics Discussed: Twitter Hack on 15th JULY 2020, how it happened, what was taken, what was done and why it is so scary. I also answer a lot of questions about background noise rejection, why I promot...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

42:00 | Jul 12th

Topics Analyzed: the possibility of TikTok being banned in the United States and what steps creators should take to mitigate the damage to their business, YouTube automatically adding mid roll adverts...Show More

41:35 | Jul 5th

Topics Discussed: You owe your audience good audio, address a comment saying that broadcast dynamic mics are better than handheld dynamics, how like and dislike buttons affect your YouTube video’s dis...Show More

43:41 | Jun 28th

Topics Discussed: AEA KU5a Ribbon Microphone for Podcasting, Microphone for Bass Singers, Editing your Podcast via written word with Descript, how I record my podcast video, provide descriptions of au...Show More
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