Super Geeky Play Date ()


2:08:00 | Mar 26th

The boys have a blast watching a great movie! There's some legit crying. Stay safe out there!

50:00 | Mar 21st

Matt and Brady sit down to talk about Whats Up. The only thing sicker than the general public are these tunes!
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2:57:00 | Mar 3rd

Altered Carbon, Impractical Jokers, Hunters, I Am Not OK With This, and is Monterey Jack a useless member of the team? Tadd Galusha is back!

1:47:00 | Feb 18th

Birds of Prey, Locke and Key, Masters of the Universe, Rick Moranis, and then a very frustrating list. Mike Chexx is back!

1:38:00 | Feb 13th

Its Valentine's Day! So we talk over an 80's slasher flick! Matty K is back to help us name every Air Bud sequel!
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