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The Sportsmen’s Nation is a collection of outdoor hunting podcasts for the die-hard sportsman. These podcasts are jam packed with fun and educational information about whitetail deer hunting that will not only help you in the field, but help scratch ...Show More


21:40 | Mar 19th

Dan and Bob talk with Nate Grace of G5 about their lineup of broadheads, company history, and product design.

1:02:53 | Mar 19th

In the podcast, we discuss Tennessee's turkey management structure, locating birds, calling strategies, seasonal changes, gear, and setting up without decoys.
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1:00:56 | Mar 18th

In this episode we discuss the layout of the property and what some of the future plans are for some habitat improvements.

1:09:43 | Mar 18th

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Erik Barber about preparing for an out of state hunt.

57:23 | Mar 17th

Nathaniel is the owner of Slate & Glass Productions which creates documentaries and films for brands and individuals looking to share their stories.
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