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Natural MD Radio is your place to hear the whole truth on health and natural medicine for women and children, and get the tools you need to take back your health starting now. The focus of this show is women's health, fitness, beauty, natural living,...Show More

59:19 | Feb 13th

Hair loss. It fills our hair brushes, our sink drains, and our nightmares. It also brings a lot of women to my medical practice.  Up to 50% of women will experience significant amount of hair loss in ...Show More

50:43 | Jan 25th

Being a new momma can feel over the top exhausting at times - a lot of the time, in fact. But being a new mom with a thyroid problem can feel like holding baby while pushing a piano up a hill. Over th...Show More
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28:49 | Jan 22nd

Healthy thyroid function is essential to the physical and emotional health of pregnant women and to new moms. It’s also critical for the health of the baby. This is such an important topic that I’ve b...Show More

21:46 | Jan 18th

Hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid problem and the autoimmune form, Hashimoto’s disease, is the most common form of all. We know that 28 million individuals in the US alone are affected, and it...Show More

24:45 | Jan 15th

While nobody wants to ever have a medical diagnosis, the diagnosis of hypothyroidism (or Hashimoto’s, the autoimmune form), which is now so common that 1 in 8 women can expect to receive a diagnosis i...Show More
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