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17:21 | Nov 16th

Researchers at McAfee's Advanced Threat Research Team have been analyzing Sodinokibi ransomware as a service, also known as REvil. John Fokker is head of cyber investigations for McAfee Advanced Threat Research, and he joins us to share their finding...Show More

26:37 | Nov 15th

Pemex has recovered from the ransomware attack it sustained...or has it? TA2101 is spoofing German, Italian, and US government agencies in its phishing emails. A dropper in the wild is delivering a Trojan two-fer. AntiFrigus ransomware is avoiding C-...Show More
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19:43 | Nov 14th

PureLocker is a new ransomware strain available in the black market. APT33 is showing a surge of activity. Lawfare and information operations in and around Hong Kong. Facebook takes down content for violating its Community Standards. And two alleged ...Show More

20:21 | Nov 13th

National Association of Manufacturers hacked during Sino-American trade negotiations (and tensions). Ineffectual DDoS attacks hit both of the UK’s largest political parties. Pemex says it’s completed recovery from ransomware. The US Department of Hea...Show More

15:36 | Nov 12th

The UK’s Labour Party says it was hacked, but unsuccessfully. The Lazarus Group seems to be back out and about, and apparently interested in India. The Platinum threat actor continues to prospect Southeast Asian targets with stealthy malware, and a n...Show More
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