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25:19 | Mar 27th

Ransomware gangs don’t seem to be trimming their activities for the greater good. TA505 and Silence identified as the groups behind recent attacks on European companies. An APT possibly connected to S...Show More

19:11 | Mar 26th

NIST offers advice on telework, as does Microsoft. Things to do for your professional growth while you’re in your bunker. Magecart hits Tupperware, and they won’t be the last as e-commerce targeting s...Show More
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20:01 | Mar 25th

APT41 is back, and throwing its weight around in about twenty verticals. States and gangs swap commodity malware. The FSB--yes, that FSB--takes down a major Russian carding gang. Coronavirus-themed at...Show More

20:38 | Mar 24th

WildPressure APT targets industrial systems in the Middle East. ICS attack tools show increasing commodification. TrickMo works against secure banking. Microsoft warns of RCE vulnerability in the way ...Show More

20:47 | Mar 23rd

US prosecutors begin to follow through on their announced determination to pay close attention to coronavirus fraud. Data stolen from Chinese social network Weibo is now for sale on the black market--...Show More
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