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Untangle, is the podcast from the 5-star app, Meditation Studio. Experts and ‘real people’ share stories about how mindfulness practices have changed their lives. Hear experiences from business leaders, psychologists, cancer survivors, moms, neurosci...Show More


48:09 | Mar 30th

Laughter boosts your immunity and gets your body out of fight or flight. Laughter is not a frivolous act in these times, it's a valuable tool to have in your tool chest. Come laugh along with us, lear...Show More

15:42 | Mar 27th

This guided meditation by Kate Johnson will help you find love and equanimity to stay grounded even during the most challenging times.
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26:48 | Mar 23rd

Michaela Haas is the author of "Bouncing Forward: Transforming Bad Breaks Into Breakthroughs". She explores how we find healing and resilience after major setbacks and emerge even stronger, wiser, and...Show More

16:26 | Mar 19th

Ashley Turner guides us through this meditation to help us find balance and peace on the inside even when things are chaotic on the outside. Tune in with your breath and embrace change while listening...Show More

55:35 | Mar 16th

This is Brain Awareness Week. In this episode, you can learn more about what you eat affects the health of your brain. Dr. Lisa Mosconi, Alzheimer's researcher, and nutritionist gives us a step by ste...Show More
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