Expect Theatre

Award winning Expect Theatre takes new theater scripts and short stories and turns them into contemporary radio plays. Hosted by Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin, this podcast delivers drama on demand and interviews with writers about the art of storyte...Show More

43:32 | Jan 27th

Chris talks to playwright Emil Sher and journalist Ian Brown about Ian’s bestselling book-turned-play, The Boy in the Moon. Both tell the story of Ian’s quest to connect with his son, Walker, who was ...Show More

28:33 | Jan 20th

An early delivery of their son catches Ian Brown and his wife Johanna Schneller by surprise. Their son Walker is born with a rare genetic disorder, which went undetected in the womb. His condition wil...Show More
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27:01 | Jan 20th

Walker is diagnosed with Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome, a condition so rare only 300 people in the world have been diagnosed with it. Ian and his wife are faced with the task of raising a boy who can’...Show More

39:01 | Jan 20th

Ian reflects on the beautiful moments — the private language of tongue clicks and the joys of an echoing hallway. He also recalls the worst moments — his wife at the bottom of the darkness, and well-m...Show More

26:09 | Nov 19th, 2019

Laura talks to Governor General award-winning playwright Nicolas Billon about his play "BUTCHER", a dark political thriller set on Christmas Eve. Billon explains why he felt the need to invent a count...Show More
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