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Grierson & Leitch


Tim Grierson and Will Leitch are lifelong best friends who have been writing and talking about the movies for 25 years. Grierson is vice president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Leitch is doing his absolutely best to pretend. Read their...Show More


1:20:10 | May 17th

Hey, look! An actual new, 2020 movie for us to discuss! With a letter grade and everything. It's Josh Trank's "Capone," and boy howdy: It is definitely a movie. We also have two foreign language Reboo...Show More

1:38:25 | May 11th

There are actual new movies coming out next week, so this is our last year recap for a while. So let's all enjoy 1999, the year of "The Matrix," "The Phantom Menace" and ... "Magnolia!" And lots of mo...Show More
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1:25:14 | May 4th

Hello! The news from the Academy this week means we may actually have movies to discuss in the coming weeks, like, NEW movies. We discuss that. But we also look back at the movie year of 1982, the fir...Show More

1:37:33 | Apr 27th

Grierson went on a walk last week. We are very proud of him. Now that he has walked, we can talk about movies. This week, we look back at the movie year 1997, a particularly good movie year, and not j...Show More

49:04 | Apr 21st

Hi! It's time for another Grierson & Leitch: Conversations! This week, we talk with The Athletic baseball writer Keith Law, whose new book "The Inside Game" looks at baseball, but mostly looks at crit...Show More
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