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1:34:08 | Dec 30th, 2019

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It’s here. The final AMA of 2019. Among the questions you asked: - If you believe that changing someone's mind about a topic, any topic is difficult, how do you function as a journalist? - What’s your...Show More


danny recommended:Dec 31st, 2019

Damn, Ezra is smart. Definitely going to listen to him more in the new year.

mm recommended:Jan 3rd

Ezra Klein is my Joe Rogan. He's the best podcast interviewer ever. A great deep dive about Ezra, his way of thinking, and how he's evolved his podcast over the year.

mcuJan 5th

@mm How has he evolved the podcast?? I stopped listening because it began to be a bit overwhelming (going into such depth on complicated/controversial topics).

mmJan 5th

@mcu He talks about removing questions that didn’t make sense (eg “What’s something you think is true but other don’t?”) because he rather gets deeper 😝 into the person’s expertise than something random. The one about overworking is quite good. I listened to it twice because like you say, hard to c...Show More