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The Secret Room | True Stories

Ben Hamm

Join Ben Hamm on an intimate quest revealing the hidden lives of ordinary people around you. Everyone has secrets, and they share them here. Welcome to The Secret Room, a podcast about the true stories no one ever tells.

43:28 | Oct 15th

Evan was federally investigated for something he did while caring for an autistic child.  He meant no harm, but he paid a heavy, heavy toll.  Evan sent pictures of him with Brian.  Also a picture of evidence that brought Evan down. They're waiting on...Show More

58:32 | Oct 2nd

Kelly and her friends caused a horrific explosion and fled the scene. No one was ever brought to justice. Kelly describes the terrible events of that evening and the devastating blows karma has dealt her and her family. See pictures Kelly and Mike t...Show More
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43:42 | Sep 17th

A 2 a.m. phone call plunged Lindsay into a deep hole of sex and drugs. She confesses for the first time in 17 years the terrible path she traveled and the things she had to do get her fix. See pictures of Lindsay with the Journey CD, Kyle and her BFF...Show More

51:52 | Sep 3rd

Jen feels empathy for a convicted murderer she saw on a reality TV show.  Find out what happens when love blossoms on Death Row, and the one thing that Todd did that devastated her. See pictures of Jenn, Todd and a letter he sent her with the prison'...Show More

53:32 | Aug 20th

Bird did something terrible on her way home from work one day.  It impacted a lot of lives, and she told a lie so that she wouldn’t be blamed for what she did.  See pictures of Bird, David and Ethan. Also a picture in the junk yard of Bird's terribly...Show More
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