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Struggling with distractions in this amped up world? Renowned ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell guides us through stories, guests, tips, calls, and lots of surprises too. If you’re pulled and prodded all day from many directions or tied to your smartphon...Show More
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New Perspectives Can Change Your Thinking

11:03 | Jun 25th

How do we come up with new ideas? Can humans multi-task? Are we overusing our devices? Dr. Hallowell finds himself questioning his own beliefs about mutli-tasking and technology after spending the afternoon watching the Patriots football game with hi...Show More
Master Time Management with The Pomodoro Technique

21:17 | Jun 18th

Prioritizing, organizing and time management are fundamental skills that everyone should have, but unfortunately many never learn. Self-described school junkie and founder of SchoolHabits.com, Katie Azevedo, joins Dr. Hallowell to share some habits a...Show More
Willpower Doesn't Work

30:27 | Jun 11th

Benjamin Hardy believes people can change in both big and small ways, but not how they've traditionally been taught.
Women and ADHD Q&A

34:09 | Jun 4th

Women and girls with ADHD face a number of unique issues in dealing with their "race car brains."
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective ADHD Adults

08:06 | May 28th

Dr. Hallowell gives his spin on Stephen Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, with a similar list for those with ADHD. From doing what you're good at, to asking for advice, you're bound to find a few nuggets of applicable wisdom for ...Show More
Reinvent Yourself at Work

28:39 | May 21st

The new-millennium workplace requires all of us to rewrite the rules and start treating our careers like we’re running a business—which means understanding the markets for our talents, knowing our value, and looking out over the horizon to plot our p...Show More
ADHD's Practical Problem Solver

32:34 | May 14th

Much has changed in the world of ADHD since Dr. William Dodson began his career in the field 35 years ago. He spoke with Dr. Hallowell about the pioneering work he's done in the treatment of ADHD, the omnipotential of those with ADHD, and what he wis...Show More
The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep-- with Landmark College

13:50 | May 7th

Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD returns for the last episode in our special Landmark College series to share some tips and ideas for getting a good night's rest (something especially important if you're in school). Jessica also talks about what's wor...Show More
Exercise Is Miracle Gro for ADHD Brains with Landmark College

08:43 | May 2nd

Getting enough exercise is important for everyone, but it's crucial for those with ADHD. Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD returns to Distraction to talk about the best type of exercise for those who learn differently, as well as the ideal time to exer...Show More
S3 Mini 31: Filling in the Gaps of ADHD Treatment

08:51 | Apr 25th

Dr. Hallowell responds to a listener email from a mom who is concerned about her 24 year old son. Should she be worried that he's not going to achieve his goals? Is nagging the answer?  Send us YOUR questions and episode ideas to connect@distracti...Show More
S3 Ep 31: Helping Athletic Coaches Understand ADHD Players

24:12 | Apr 24th

Own Beat Athlete is an organization that aims to help coaches better understand neurodivergent kids, like those with ADHD. Please reach out to use with your comments, questions and show ideas. Email connect@distractionpodcast.com!  This episode ...Show More
S3 Mini 30: The Right Medication Is A Game Changer

07:44 | Apr 18th

ADHD Coach and APRN Kristin Seymour returns for a brief chat with Dr. H about medications and how to approach them when treating ADHD.  Kristin's book: The Fog Lifted: A Clinician's Journey with ADHD This episode is sponsored by Landmark Colleg...Show More
S3 Ep 30: Teens with Screens Require Moderation

15:29 | Apr 16th

Listener Emily has a son in 8th grade who loves his screen time a little too much for her liking. She's worried about him developing an addiction and reached out to Dr. Hallowell for advice. Their conversation highlights the struggle many parents are...Show More
S3 Mini 29: ADHD Advice for Middle Schoolers

05:24 | Apr 11th

6th, 7th and 8th graders need help managing their ADHD. Dr. Hallowell offers up tips for helping a young person thrive during these critical years.  Reach out to us with your questions and show ideas. Email connect@distractionpodcast.com or call 844...Show More
S3 Ep 29: My Doctor Doesn't Understand ADHD

15:46 | Apr 9th

Getting an ADHD diagnosis can be difficult outside the U.S. as you'll hear in this episode. Dr. Hallowell speaks with a listener named Lena, who lives in Germany and has had difficulty getting her doctor to understand the condition. She turned to Dis...Show More
S3 Mini 28: Do You Know What Today Is?

03:30 | Apr 4th

It seems like there's a "National ____ Day" for just about everything, and today is no different! Dr. H fills listeners in on what some people celebrate on April 4th in this lighthearted mini. Today's episode is sponsored by Landmark College in Putn...Show More
S3 Ep 28: Risk of Addiction Is Real with ADHD

22:18 | Apr 2nd

Those with ADHD are 5 to 10 times more likely to develop an addiction to a chemical substance or to an activity, or both. ADHD coach and advanced practice nurse, Kristin Seymour, joins Dr. H to discuss the very real issue of ADHD and addiction in you...Show More
S3 Mini 27: Scientific Proof That ADHD Brains Are More Creative

04:07 | Mar 28th

A study at the University of Michigan has shown that people with ADHD have a higher level of creativity which could make them a valuable asset in fields that value innovative and nontraditional approaches. Dr. Hallowell explains.  This episode is ...Show More
S3 Ep 27: Yes You Can Just Do It!

24:34 | Mar 26th

Allison Hausman had an idea and she went for it. She joins Ned to talk about the podcast project she conceived of and created, and provides some inspiration for our listeners who need a little push to get started on their own projects. Allison's ...Show More
S3 Mini 26: Managing Kids' Meds & Understanding An Impulsive Partner

10:41 | Mar 22nd

Dr. Hallowell answers a couple of questions from listeners. If you have a question for Dr. Hallowell please send it in an email to connect@distractionpodcast.com. Or, record your question as a voice memo on your phone and sent it to us!  And p...Show More
S3 Ep 26: The Big Things You Need to Think About as You Get Older

33:06 | Mar 19th

Making good financial and other life decisions can become more difficult as a person grows older, gets sick, or for a variety of other reasons. Chris Heye of Whealthcare Planning joins Ned to talk about the four big challenges of aging and what indiv...Show More
Balancing School and Social Life with How to ADHD and Landmark College

14:40 | Mar 15th

One of our favorite ADHDers, Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD, joins Ned to talk about how to balance school life with your social life, because they are equally important! In this special episode sponsored by Landmark College, Jessica and Dr. H discuss...Show More
S3 Mini 25: Managing Multiple Diagnoses

07:23 | Mar 14th

Roughly 80 percent of those with ADHD are diagnosed with at least one other psychiatric disorder sometime during their life. So what do you treat first? Landmark College's Institute for Research and Training is hosting their annual Summer Institu...Show More
S3 Ep 25: Using Essential Oils for Anxiety, Depression and More

41:18 | Mar 12th

Essential oils seem to be ubiquitous these days, but some of us know very little about them or their health benefits. Dr. Eric Zielinsk shares a ton of knowledge with Dr. H about all of the ways essential oils can be beneficial, as well as practical ...Show More
S3 Mini 24: Breaking the Bad Habit of Lying

05:46 | Mar 7th

Lying is a common problem for those with ADHD and there are strategies you can use to work past it. In this mini Ned responds to  concerned mom who reached out about her 11-year old son who is struggling with telling the truth. Do you have a ques...Show More
S3 Ep24: Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom

21:40 | Mar 5th

Stress, anxiety and depression can affect everyone in our society, from the youngest to the oldest. Author Stephanie Dalfonzo shares many different techniques for overcoming anxiety and building resilience. https://stephaniedalfonzo.com  This...Show More
Tips for Studying Abroad with How to ADHD and Landmark College

13:04 | Mar 1st

Going to school in another country can pose some interesting and unique challenges for those with learning differences. Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD returns to share some ideas on ways to get the most out of your experience in this special episode...Show More
S3 Mini23: ADHD Diagnoses on the Rise

08:05 | Feb 28th

ADHD diagnoses in the U.S. have gone from 6.1% in 1997 to 10.2% in 2016. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Dr. Hallowell shares his thoughts on why more U.S. kids aged 4 to 17 are being diagnosed with ADHD, and what that increase really means. JAMA...Show More
S3 Ep23: Overcome Your Procrastination

23:04 | Feb 26th

ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his best tips for beating procrastination, along with some details about how your working memory impacts why you put off or delay doing something. Jeff excels at helping people identify their unique natural processes and...Show More
S3 Mini 22: ADHD Help for the Whole Family

05:40 | Feb 21st

If someone in your household has ADHD it can affect the entire family. That's why Dr. H's summer camp aims to help everyone navigate the ups and downs of ADHD. Listen as he details what's in store for this year and how to join him, his wife Sue, and ...Show More
S3 Ep22: Creating Pathways For Success

16:08 | Feb 19th

Pathways 4 Success 4 Life is a partnership group that was started by two moms and their two ADHD sons who wanted to promote community. The group is relatively new, but their members are already seeing positive results.    For more information: pat...Show More
S3 Mini 21: How Do You Know When Enough Is Enough?

06:06 | Feb 14th

Whether you're struggling with a job, relationship or something else, this mini episode can help you figure out your next steps. Plus, hear about the project Ned walked away from after investing a ton of time and energy, and why he's better off for i...Show More
S3 Ep21: Rethinking How ADHD is Diagnosed & Treated

38:18 | Feb 12th

Core Brain Journal creator Dr. Charles Parker talks about some critical questions your doctor should ask when diagnosing and treating ADHD. Core Brain Journal website Dr. Parker's YouTube video about Prozac & Drug Interactions Let Dr. Hallowe...Show More
S3 Mini 20: ADHD and Addiction

06:06 | Feb 7th

Those with ADHD are at a greater risk for addiction. Dr. Hallowell explains.
S3 Ep20: 5 ADHD Questions

24:49 | Feb 5th

Dr. H answers questions regarding ADHD and aging, anxiety, giftedness and more.
S3 Ep19: Cyberbullied to Death

22:52 | Jan 29th

The devastating consequences of cyberbullying, and a brief look at kids and the dark web.
S3 Ep18: Stop Chewing Like That! When Noises Trigger Rage

21:55 | Jan 22nd

Exploring a little known and often misunderstood condition called misophonia.
S3 Mini 17: Dav Pilkey's Magnificent Message

08:50 | Jan 17th

The prolific author with ADHD and dyslexia answers some questions from kids, and Ned shares his thoughts on the significance of Dav's work.
S3 Ep17: Author Dav Pilkey is an ADHD Superhero

28:37 | Jan 15th

The creator of Captain Underpants and Dog Man graphic novels opens up to Dr. H about having ADHD and dyslexia, and the abuse he suffered in elementary school.
S3 Mini 16: Resolutions Are Out. Gratitude Is In!

07:19 | Dec 27th, 2018

Dr. H challenges you not to make resolutions in 2019, but to do something else that's far more productive.
S3 Ep 16: Achieve More With A Growth Mindset

26:58 | Dec 25th, 2018

Learn about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth one, and why you want the latter.
S3 Mini 15: Give The Gift Of Love

06:19 | Dec 20th, 2018

Who can you give a little extra love to this time of year? We all need it! <3
S3 Ep15: 5 Daily Habits to Help Your Child Succeed

23:27 | Dec 18th, 2018

Dr. Sharon Saline talks about the 5 C's parents can employ each day to help their child with ADHD succeed.
S3 Mini14: Struggling In Your Situation

08:15 | Dec 14th, 2018

Distraction listener Jessica reaches out for help with executive function challenges and other struggles stemming from her ADHD.
S3 Ep14: Ending Mental Health Stigma

28:40 | Dec 12th, 2018

With mental health clinics now popping up inside Walmarts, will the stigma of getting mental health help finally end?
S3 Mini13: One More Trip Around the Sun

06:22 | Dec 6th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell shares thoughts on getting older and likens it to a row of red lights.
S3 Ep13: When You Disagree About Treatment Options

21:48 | Dec 4th, 2018

What do you do when you and your partner disagree about how to treat your child's ADHD?
S3 Mini12: 3 Ways to Feel Less Busy

04:14 | Nov 29th, 2018

Do the holidays leave you feeling overwhelmed? Ned offers advice.
S3 Ep12: Just Let Boys Play

29:23 | Nov 27th, 2018

Dr. Michael Thompson, author of Raising Cain, joins Ned to talk about how to raise happy and well-adjusted boys, and where we're going wrong.
S3 Mini11: Ned on Being Thankful

05:09 | Nov 22nd, 2018

Dr. Hallowell opines about all of the things he's thankful for, including our listeners!
Special Re-Release: Kids on Being Thankful

06:39 | Nov 20th, 2018

Kids say it best! Listen to our youngest generation talk about why they are thankful.
S3 Mini 10: Some of Ned's Best Friends Have Paws

06:22 | Nov 16th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell tells us why we should become pet parents and about the furry friends that have touched his life over the years.
S3 Ep 10: Reclaiming Our Focus in a World of Lost Attention

29:15 | Nov 12th, 2018

Maggie Jackson is the author of "Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age." She joins Dr. Hallowell on Distraction this week to discuss a very real problem a growing number of us face: lack of focus. For years, people thought the ...Show More
S3 Mini9: How Different Brains Get Engaged

06:04 | Nov 8th, 2018

Dr. H responds to a listener question about how different brains engage.
S3 Ep9: Achieving Productivity In The Midst Of Chaos

21:56 | Nov 6th, 2018

ADHDer Kristin Seymour offers up ideas for getting stuff done and shares some special advice for parents of ADHD kids.
S3 Mini 8: Why Connections Are Critical

03:27 | Nov 1st, 2018

Dr. H shares his thoughts on how connecting with others can help us through tough times.
Re-Release: Productivity Tips to Get Stuff Done

23:37 | Oct 30th, 2018

ADHDer Kristin Seymour joins Ned to talk about some of the unique ways in which she gets things done!
S3 Mini7: What Struggles Do You Keep Coming Back To?

07:10 | Oct 25th, 2018

The key to figuring out what you want in life might lie in the struggles you face every day.
S3 Ep7: Answering Your Qs About Genetic Testing, Family Issues, Self-Medicating & More

20:14 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Listeners reach out with questions about genetic testing for ADHD treatment, living with a stubborn mom, moving past trauma and more.
S3 Mini6: The Future of ADHD is VAST

06:18 | Oct 18th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell talks about the future of ADHD and the new term he's coined to replace it.
S3 Ep6: Use Your Conative Style To Find The Right Job

26:18 | Oct 16th, 2018

The key to finding the right job could lie in how you problem solve. Kathy Kolbe has spent her life studying this!
Why College Can Be Daunting For ADHDers with How to ADHD & Landmark College

15:31 | Oct 15th, 2018

Jessica McCabe joins Ned for a discussion about why college presents so many unique challenges for those with ADHD.
S3 Ep5: ADHD, Lying and the Fib Response

23:48 | Oct 9th, 2018

It's not unusual for kids with ADHD who are under stress to lie. Find out why in this episode.
S3 Mini4: ADHDer Creates A DropZone For Veterans

12:46 | Oct 4th, 2018

After serving in the army for 7 years Courtney Wilson started an organization that has helped over 10,000 veterans so far.
S3 Ep4: What Do ADHD & the AFFL Have In Common? Jeff Lewis

22:20 | Oct 2nd, 2018

American Flag Football League CEO Jeff Lewis never knew he had ADHD until he was in his 50s. The successful entrepreneur talks with Ned about how his life changed after being diagnosed.
S3 Mini3: Gender Neutral Dining Gets a Seat at the Table

06:16 | Sep 27th, 2018

Learn about a new custom taking hold in restaurants called gender neutral dining.
S3 Ep3: ADHD's Practical Problem Solver

32:34 | Sep 25th, 2018

ADHD Pioneer Dr. William Dodson talks with Ned about diagnosing and treating ADHD.
S3 Mini2: New Perspectives Can Change Your Thinking

11:03 | Sep 20th, 2018

The actions of Dr. Hallowell's sons on a recent Sunday afternoon leaves him questioning some of his own beliefs about multi-tasking and technology.
S3 Ep2: Dr. H Answers Your Questions Re: Trauma, Meds & More

22:47 | Sep 18th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell is back in the studio answering listener questions! Today's Qs address medication issues, overcoming trauma, ADHD coaching and more!
S3 Mini1: Catching Up with Dr. Hallowell

10:36 | Sep 13th, 2018

Hear about the newest project Dr. Hallowell is working on with Dr. John Ratey, and the newest member of the Hallowell family!
S3 Ep1: Cassandra Bankson Turned Her Struggles Into Success

19:12 | Sep 11th, 2018

Cassandra Bankson is a You Tube star who has struggled with acne since she was in third grade. She is now a successful model and vlogger who turned her struggles into a passion for helping others.
Listen Back: Tips to Avoid Feeling Fearful, Frustrated & Frenetic

04:53 | Sep 6th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell talks about ways to deal with the daily distractions that leave us feeling frantic, forgetful and frustrated, and how to get back to your cool, calm and collected self!
Listen Back: What We Can All Learn from Olympic Athletes

23:30 | Sep 4th, 2018

3-time Olympic gymnast and gold medal winner, Muriel Grossfeld, talks about what it takes to be an elite-level athlete
Listen Back: Media Mogul Alan Meckler Didn't Even Know He Had Dyslexia

10:38 | Aug 30th, 2018

Alan Meckler is an internet pioneer and former CEO of Mediabistro who has found incredible success in life despite having dyslexia.
Listen Back: 25 Minutes to a Calmer Approach to Life

24:54 | Aug 28th, 2018

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Herbert Benson, the gurus of mindfulness, join Ned for an enlightening conversation.
Listen Back: How Do I Get it All Done?

05:09 | Aug 21st, 2018

Dr. Hallowell speaks to a woman struggling to find the time to complete her “to-do” list and offers up some simple solutions we can all use!
Listen Back: Solving Your Kid’s Behavior Problems

23:43 | Aug 21st, 2018

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Ross Greene spoke with his friend Ned about the unique model he's developed for finding proactive solutions to behavior problems and ensuring that kids everywhere are treated in ways that are compassionate, infor...Show More
Listen Back: 4 Daily Habits to Stay On Track

04:48 | Aug 16th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell offers up the acronym HOPE to detail his 4 easy steps for staying on task.
Listen Back: This Music Helps You Hyperfocus

21:42 | Aug 14th, 2018

focus@will has developed music to help you hyperfocus, that varies depending on your personality type. We talk to the founder Will Henshall!
Listen Back: 5 Quick Back-to-School Tips

04:58 | Aug 9th, 2018

Save yourself some stress and do a little homework before the new year starts.
Listen Back: Making a Smooth Back-to-School Transition

28:41 | Aug 7th, 2018

Whether your child has ADHD or not, most can use a little help with the changes and adjustments that going back-to-school requires. This episode is chock full of advice on how to set students up for success during the first few weeks of school and on...Show More
Listen Back: Why You Should Care About Other People's Kids

09:02 | Aug 2nd, 2018

Bestselling author and Harvard Professor Robert Putnam joins Ned to talk about the growing gap between rich kids and poor kids and what we can do about it.
Listen Back: Lifting the Fog of ADHD

37:14 | Jul 31st, 2018

APRN Kristin Seymour overcame many obstacles to get where she is today, and now she helps others do the same. Listen as she shares some of the ups and downs of her journey with ADHD and the book that she wrote as a result.
Listen Back: The 1 Thing You Do That's Redefining Human Intelligence

07:32 | Jul 26th, 2018

A quick conversation with Maggie Jacksonabout the life-altering consequences of a modern habit that most of us practice on a daily basis.
Listen Back: A Conversation About Sex & Religion Over Coffee

22:47 | Jul 24th, 2018

A serious, yet sometimes lighthearted conversation ensues about the history of sex in early Christianity.
Listen Back: Spend Some Quality Time with Yourself

05:05 | Jul 19th, 2018

Are we overdoing digital? Ned talks with Sherry Turkle about why we need to pay more attention to those around us and less to our devices.
Listen Back: This Special "Sleep" Yoga Helps You Find Focus

32:19 | Jul 19th, 2018

Ned explores – and gives listeners a chance to participate in -- a meditative form of Yoga called Yoga Nidra.
Listen Back: Handling Mental & Emotional Stress

11:08 | Jul 12th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell chats with fellow ADHDer James Ochoa, LPC, about his life's work to help others resolve their issues, tap into their passion and strengths, and realize their full potential by creating personalized strategies for success.
Listen Back: Ned's Wife Gets Real About His ADHD

19:32 | Jul 10th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell's wife Sue shares her insights and tips for living with and loving someone who has ADHD.
Listen Back: 5 Tips for Clearing Out Your Mind

05:49 | Jul 5th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell offers five quick tips for weeding out your mind and quieting all that noise.
Listen Back: Time to Change the Way We Teach Kids

37:07 | Jul 3rd, 2018

Dr. Hallowell shares some new ideas for teaching kids with learning differences like ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia in this live talk he gave to New York educators.
Listen Back: Your Brain on Music

05:42 | Jun 28th, 2018

What does music do for us? Dr. Dan Levitin and Ned talk about how our brains interpret music, why we find it so captivating, and what all those piano lessons really did for us when we were younger. Dr. Levitin is a neuroscientist and top researcher ...Show More
Listen Back: Jessica McCabe Tells Us How to ADHD

26:37 | Jun 26th, 2018

ADHD superstar Jessica McCabe joined Dr. Hallowell on Distraction for the first time nearly a year ago! Listen back to her inaugural appearance on the podcast in July 2017 where she spoke with Ned about having ADHD and the unique struggles millennial...Show More
S2 Mini 57: Happy Summer!

06:52 | Jun 21st, 2018

For our last episode of Season 2 Dr. Hallowell shares some of his summer plans (which include getting a new family member!) and well-wishes for listeners during this fun and relaxing time of year. We'll be back in August with brand new episodes for t...Show More
S2 Ep 57: Broken Like Everybody Else

27:07 | Jun 19th, 2018

Jose Del Cueto went from being an abused child, a drug-dealing teenager and then addict, to a loving family man and successful marketing executive. His memoir, Broken Like Everybody Else, details how he emerged from the depths of adversity to become ...Show More
S2 Mini 56: End the Stigma of Mental Illness

09:18 | Jun 14th, 2018

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have put suicide back into the national spotlight, but Dr. Hallowell has long been on a mission to end the stigma of mental illness. He shares his thoughts on celebrating human life in all its forms, the good and the b...Show More
S2 Ep 56: Dr. H Shares Stories About His Crazy Family

37:34 | Jun 12th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell is on a mission to remove the stigma of mental illness. One of the ways he's doing that is through his new memoir, just released today. Because I Come From A Crazy Family The Making Of A Psychiatrist is the true story of Ned's life and ...Show More
S2 Mini 55: Contest Winners Announced!

03:34 | Jun 7th, 2018

The Distraction podcast recently received its 1,000,000th episode download. We celebrated with a Facebook contest! Listen as Dr. Hallowell announces the winners of his new memoir which comes out June 12th, Because I Come From A Crazy Family The Makin...Show More
S2 Ep 55: Teaching Critical Thinking with The Cognitive Six

25:58 | Jun 5th, 2018

While some ordinary activities require people to engage in critical and creative thinking, advancements in technology have created a world in which many tasks no longer require this type of thinking. This absence is leaving many people ill-equipped t...Show More
S2 Mini 54: Distracted By Technology? There's An App For That

04:58 | May 30th, 2018

If switching tasks every 3 minutes is now the norm for an office worker, and it takes over 20 minutes to get back on track after a switch, it's amazing people can get anything done!  Listen as Dr. Hallowell talks about the new technology that is n...Show More
S2 Ep 54: Stand Up For Yourself Without Being A D*ck

18:42 | May 29th, 2018

"I found my voice. Turns out it was there all along," says author and certified coach Amy E. Smith. She joins Dr. Hallowell for a lively conversation about staying true to yourself and finding confidence, two issues that many people find challenging....Show More
S2 Mini 53: Treading Water in a Toxic Workplace

13:08 | May 24th, 2018

Liz Ryan, former Fortune 500 Human Resources SVP and the world's most widely-read career adviser, returns to Distraction for a conversation about toxic work environments and what to do if you're in one.  To learn more from Liz or to get a copy of ...Show More
S2 Ep 53: A Million Thank Yous & Listener Questions Answered

28:14 | May 22nd, 2018

We're so grateful and thankful for our listeners who helped us reach 1,000,000 episode downloads! To celebrate this AMAZING milestone, we're giving away 3 copies of Ned's new memoir, as well as one 30-minute phone call with Dr. Hallowell! Also, Dr....Show More
S2 Mini 52: 7 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

07:24 | May 17th, 2018

While you might not be able to avoid jet lag completely when you travel, it is possible to minimize the symptoms. And although he travels extensively, even Dr. Hallowell struggles with the effects of jet lag as you'll hear him admit! Learn about a va...Show More
S2 Ep 52: Master Time Management with The Pomodoro Technique

21:17 | May 15th, 2018

Prioritizing, organizing and time management are fundamental skills that everyone should have, but unfortunately many never learn. Self-described school junkie and founder of SchoolHabits.com, Katie Acevedo, joins Dr. Hallowell to share some habits a...Show More
S2 Mini 51: Life Lessons From Mom

08:24 | May 10th, 2018

In honor of Mother's Day, Dr. Hallowell shares a heartwarming story from his childhood about going to a Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park with his Mother when he was 10 years old. Dr. Hallowell learned a lesson from his Mom that day that he still ...Show More
S2 Ep 51: Reinvent Yourself At Work

28:39 | May 8th, 2018

The new-millennium workplace requires all of us to rewrite the rules and start treating our careers like we’re running a business—which means understanding the markets for our talents, knowing our value, & looking out over the horizon to plot our pat...Show More
Unique Ways to Stay Engaged with How to ADHD & Landmark College

21:47 | May 4th, 2018

Who do you think wiggles their toes to help wake themselves up, Dr. Hallowell or Jessica McCabe? In this special episode sponsored by Landmark College, the How to ADHD creator joins Ned for a discussion about some of the unique methods she uses to mo...Show More
S2 Mini 50: Change Is The Only Constant

07:56 | May 3rd, 2018

A few recent conversations with friends has Dr. Hallowell thinking about how the world has changed in his lifetime, and whether or not it's for the better. He ponders questions like: Are millennials lazy? Is social media to blame for all of our probl...Show More
S2 Ep 50: Landing A Job When You Have A Learning Difference

35:21 | May 1st, 2018

Finding employment can be very difficult when you are someone who learns differently. Inventive Labs in Amesbury, MA is on a mission to change that! Founder Rick Fiery joins Dr. Hallowell to talk about the new intern program his organization has star...Show More
S2 Mini 49: Ned Wants This PGA Tour Pro To Call Him

05:15 | Apr 26th, 2018

Patrick Reed recently won the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia and there's controversy surrounding the 2018 champion's use of the medication Vyvanse to treat his ADHD. And while on the subject of pro golfers with ADHD, Dr. H makes a plea to Bub...Show More
S2 Ep 49: Live Listener Q&A with Dr. Hallowell

28:01 | Apr 24th, 2018

If you're not following Distraction on facebook you're missing out on opportunities to ask Dr. Hallowell your questions! A few weeks ago we hosted a live facebook event where Dr. Hallowell was asked about everything from ADHD symptoms, meds, and diag...Show More
S2 Mini 48: Behind Every Great Doctor Is A Great Team

03:46 | Apr 19th, 2018

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day on April 25th, Dr. Hallowell takes a moment to thank those people in his life who help support him and his goals. Who supports you in your life? Why not thank them today! To learn more about our spon...Show More
S2 Ep 48: Young Adults, Risky Behavior & ADHD

41:57 | Apr 17th, 2018

Sex, drugs, trust, medications, and alcohol are just some of the topics discussed in this conversation that's all about the big issues young people with ADHD and their parents face in today's  world. Dr. Hallowell is joined by psychologist Christina ...Show More
S2 Mini 47: ADHD Family Summer Camp with Ned

04:35 | Apr 12th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell wants you to join him at camp this summer! Listen as he shares all of the details about his annual ADHD family camp on the shores of Lake Michigan July 15-20, 2018.  To learn more about ADHD summer camp with Dr. Hallowell go to www.H...Show More
S2 Ep 47: What's Your Therapist Really Thinking with Kati Morton

33:30 | Apr 10th, 2018

Ever wondered what is going through your therapist's mind while you're talking? This episode is especially for you! Kati Morton is a licensed therapist in California who has garnered over 300,000 followers on social media through her weekly mental he...Show More
S2 Mini 46: Quizzing Ned on Merriam Webster's Newest Words

07:10 | Apr 5th, 2018

Dumpster fire, glamping, and schnoodle are three of the 850 words that were recently added to the dictionary. Our producer, Sarah Guertin, sat down with Dr. Hallowell to find out what he thinks some of the new words in Merriam-Webster's latest editio...Show More
S2 Ep 46: Productivity Tips to Get Stuff Done

32:37 | Apr 3rd, 2018

Kristin Seymour accomplishes more in one day than most do in a week! And she might be the only person we know that travels with a cooler and ice packs in her car... just in case! This busy ADHDer (and previous Distraction guest) joins Dr. Hallowell t...Show More
Accountability Strategies from How to ADHD & Landmark College

21:17 | Mar 30th, 2018

Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD joins Dr. Hallowell once again for a special episode brought to you by our sponsor, Landmark College, in Putney, Vermont. It's the college of choice for students who learn differently! In this episode, Jessica shares s...Show More
S2 Mini 45: Your Annual Screen-Sucking Self-Exam

05:52 | Mar 29th, 2018

Do you know how much time you spend on your phone each day? Dr. Hallowell talks about why you should take a look at your screen habits and assess the results. He gives detailed instructions on how you can track your phone usage to learn not just how ...Show More
S2 Ep 45: Doctor to Doctor: Kids & Mental Health

29:07 | Mar 27th, 2018

Advancing science has always changed the way doctors treat mental health issues in their patients and today is no different. Dr. Timothy Willens is the Chief of Child Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital joins Dr. Hallowell to talk about the ...Show More
S2 Mini 44: Netflix's 'Take Your Pills' Doc Misses The Mark

08:46 | Mar 22nd, 2018

"Every era gets the drug it deserves. In America today, where competition is ceaseless from school to the workforce and everyone wants a performance edge, Adderall and other prescription stimulants are the defining drugs of this generation." That's t...Show More
S2 Ep 44: Are The Adults Listening?

13:53 | Mar 19th, 2018

As thousands of students protested against gun violence last week and more prepare to march in Washington, D.C. and across the United States this weekend, Dr. Hallowell can't help but wonder if the adults in America are getting the message. Listen as...Show More
S2 Mini 43: New, Non-Pharmaceutical Help for Anxiety & Insomnia

04:52 | Mar 15th, 2018

There's a new way people are getting relief from anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain that doesn't require taking a pill. It's called Alpha-Stim and Dr. Hallowell has seen promising results with his patients who've tried it. To experience the Alp...Show More
S2 Ep 43: Anger, Alcohol, Meds & More: Listener Questions Answered

15:48 | Mar 13th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell addresses some of the most recent questions we've received from our listeners. Topics discussed include medication issues, anger and alcohol, workplace accommodations, and how ADHD is viewed in Ireland and other countries around the wor...Show More
S2 Mini 42: Give Yourself A Little Credit

08:57 | Mar 8th, 2018

A recent New York Times article about the gender pay gap got Dr. Hallowell thinking about his own personality traits and wondering if he would be richer, more well-known and more successful if he were less agreeable in life. Ultimately, Dr. H wouldn...Show More
S2 Ep 42: Willpower Doesn't Work

30:27 | Mar 6th, 2018

Benjamin Hardy believes people can change in both big and small ways, but not how they've traditionally been taught. He thinks that "you are who you are because of your environment." If you want to change, Ben says, you need to change your environmen...Show More
S2 Mini 41: A Sneak Preview of Ned's New Book

06:08 | Mar 1st, 2018

Dr. Hallowell's 20th book, Because I Come From A Crazy Family: The Making Of A Psychiatrist, will be released this June. It's unlike any book he's written before, because this one tells the story of his own upbringing. It was a childhood that was fil...Show More
S2 Ep 41: Brad Meltzer Thinks Ordinary People Change the World

28:03 | Feb 27th, 2018

Master storyteller Brad Meltzer has been a published writer for 20 years. In that time he's come to realize that, "Every life makes history. Every life is a story." In this very special episode the bestselling thriller and mystery writer talks about ...Show More
Brain Care Basics from How to ADHD & Landmark College

19:24 | Feb 26th, 2018

Jessica McCabe has researched the best ways to take care of your brain and this week she shares her insights with Distraction listeners. In this special episode sponsored by Landmark College, the How to ADHD host talks with Dr. Hallowell about all of...Show More
S2 Mini 40: Dr. Hallowell on the Shooting in Parkland, FL

06:51 | Feb 22nd, 2018

In the wake of yet another school shooting, Dr. Hallowell shares his thoughts on the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the epidemic of disconnection in our world; and offers some heartfelt ideas on ways we can each affect change.
S2 Ep 40: Women and ADHD Q&A Part 2

24:15 | Feb 20th, 2018

This week we continue the discussion on women's issues related to ADHD. Terry Matlen, ACSW, returns to answer more questions from our female listeners. In this episode, she and Dr. Hallowell address topics like diagnosis, depression, migraines, estro...Show More
S2 Mini 39: Try Something New, It's Good For You

07:02 | Feb 15th, 2018

Dr. Hallowell opens up about following his own advice and trying something new, a recommendation he regularly makes to patients. In his case, the "something new" is learning how to use Facebook live. And as Dr. Hallowell reveals in this mini episode,...Show More
S2 Ep 39: Women and ADHD Q&A

34:09 | Feb 13th, 2018

Women and girls with ADHD face a number of unique issues in dealing with their "race car brains." In this episode Terry Matlen, ACSW, who specializes in helping women with ADHD, joins Dr. Hallowell to answer questions from our female listeners. Topic...Show More
S2 Mini 38: Dealing with Disappointment

06:11 | Feb 7th, 2018

It should come as no surprise to Distraction listeners that Dr. Hallowell is pretty bummed the Patriots lost the Super Bowl on Sunday. But what can you do about those bad feelings? In this mini, Dr. Hallowell shares some of the ways he deals with dis...Show More
S2 Ep 38: Become A Better Listener By The End Of This Episode!

30:12 | Feb 6th, 2018

From our phones and TVs, to email notifications, traffic and crowded restaurants, our minds are constantly bombarded with noise. Speech and language pathologist, Rebecca Shafir, joins Ned to talk about her book The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communica...Show More
S2 Mini 37: Ned's Super Sunday Traditions

08:45 | Jan 31st, 2018

Whether you're all geared up for the big football game this weekend or couldn't care less about it, Super Bowl hype is hard to avoid! In this week's lighthearted mini, Dr. H lets listeners in on his plans for game day (including where to get the best...Show More
Managing Distractions with How to ADHD & Landmark College

10:54 | Jan 31st, 2018

Whether it's a notification on your phone, a new email, a chatty co-worker or a really good tv show, distractions are all around us. So how do you get stuff done amid a sea of interruptions? Jessica McCabe joins Dr. Hallowell to offer up solutions fo...Show More
S2 Ep 37: Proof of Heaven?

49:32 | Jan 30th, 2018

For years Dr. Eben Alexander dismissed the near-death revelations of God and heaven by his patients. But his opinion changed when the Harvard neurosurgeon spent 7 days in a coma due to E. coli meningitis. In this very unique episode of Distraction, D...Show More
S2 Mini 36: 3 Ways To Feel Less Busy

04:14 | Jan 25th, 2018

Is life feeling a little too hectic these days? Then it's time to un-busy yourself. Dr. Hallowell outlines three easy ways to feel less busy and regain control of your day, in this mini that was inspired by a recent article from DailyGood.org.   F...Show More
S2 Ep 36: Sleep, Stress, Stimulants & More: Dr. H Answers Your Questions

14:59 | Jan 23rd, 2018

Dr. Hallowell opens up the Distraction inbox to answer listener questions this week. Topics addressed include stimulants and hypertension, sleep and stress, depression and anxiety, and the effectiveness of low energy neurofeedback system therapy for ...Show More
S2 Mini 35: Stop Brooding & Start Doing This

06:30 | Jan 17th, 2018

We've all been upset, disappointed, discouraged and/or let down in life, but allowing your mind to agonize over problems or failures won't help the situation or make you feel better. In fact, it does the opposite! In this mini, Dr. Hallowell offers a...Show More
S2 Ep 35: Just Let Boys Play

29:23 | Jan 16th, 2018

What do boys need that they're not getting? Dr. Michael Thompson joins Dr. Hallowell to talk about where boys stand in today's world versus girls. Dr. Thompson is best known as a NY Times bestselling author and international speaker on the subject of...Show More
S2 Mini 34: Should I Tell My Employees I Have ADHD?

07:28 | Jan 11th, 2018

If you're the boss, do you tell your employees that you have ADHD? Dr. Hallowell responds to a question from a listener that is struggling in his leadership position. Should he tell his employees that he has ADHD so they'll better understand his chal...Show More
S2 Ep34: This Teen Proves the Power of Getting the Right Help

39:27 | Jan 9th, 2018

16-year old Harry Nardini has always been a bright, outgoing, fun loving person, despite the tragic circumstances of his less-than-ideal start in life. Listen as he sits down with Dr. Hallowell, along with his mom, to tell his story of how his life ...Show More
S2 Mini 33: Get Maximum Mileage From Medication

06:28 | Jan 4th, 2018

What do you do when your 7-year-old's teacher says that it seems like your child needs a special invitation to everything? In this week's mini Dr. Hallowell addresses a question regarding one listener's son and  his ADHD, and how it relates to his be...Show More
S2 Ep 33: Gabby Bernstein's Judgment Detox

21:36 | Jan 2nd, 2018

Gabby Bernstein is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back, an international speaker, and a self-proclaimed spirit junkie. She joins Dr. Hallowell on Distraction to talk about her latest book, Judgment Detox, a clear, p...Show More
S2 Ep 32: Dr. Hallowell's Best Advice for 2018

16:41 | Dec 26th, 2017

In our final episode of the year, Dr. Hallowell shares good wishes and his very best advice with listeners for the coming year and beyond. From everyone on the Distraction team, thank you so much for listening to our podcast in 2017! We're looking...Show More
S2 Mini 31: Finding The Good In Each Day

07:34 | Dec 21st, 2017

In the midst of holiday gatherings, errands and mayhem it can be easy to forget the point of it all. In this special holiday mini, Ned muses about how to make this time of year special and meaningful in spite of the chaos.  Do you know someone who...Show More
S2 Ep 31: What Motivates Getting Things Done

32:09 | Dec 19th, 2017

Are you task driven or deadline driven? Modern research has shown that procrastination does not interfere with success, and that procrastinators and non-procrastinators simply respond to motivation in different ways. In this episode, Dr. Hallowell an...Show More
S2 Mini 30: Do Kids Need ADHD Coaches?

05:41 | Dec 14th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell responds to a listener question we received recently about ADHD coaches for kids. We think the self-proclaimed "disorganized parent" who reached out will be surprised to hear Ned's answer! Do you have a question for Dr. Hallowell? Em...Show More
S2 Ep30: Achieve More With A Growth Mindset

26:58 | Dec 12th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell considers it a happy accident that he happened to attend a lecture given by third-grade teachers Darrah Parsons and Becky Kline. Their talk focused on their experiences teaching young girls about Carol Dweck's groundbreaking findings re...Show More
S2 Mini 29: Dr. Hallowell's Oldest Patient

04:00 | Dec 7th, 2017

How old is too old to be diagnosed with ADHD? We recently received a question from a person who suspects his parents have ADHD. They are 82 and 84, and the listener is wondering if there are successful examples of elderly people being diagnosed with ...Show More
S2 Ep 29: Empowering Parents with Personalized Resources for Kids

25:11 | Dec 5th, 2017

Understood.org is a non-profit organization focused on helping  parents whose children, ages 3-20, struggle with learning and attention issues. Dr. Hallowell spoke with Kevin Hager, Managing Director of Understood, and Amanda Morin, Content Developme...Show More
S2 Mini 28: If You Believe It, You Can Do It

06:52 | Nov 30th, 2017

Finally there's proof that if you think you can do something, or think you can't, you're right! In this mini Distraction Dr. Hallowell talks about the "Growth Mindset" that was originally discovered by Carol Dweck, and what that means for all of us. ...Show More
Feeling Overwhelmed? How to ADHD & Landmark College Offer Advice for Students

18:48 | Nov 29th, 2017

Students of all ages can have issues dealing with the stress and anxiety of their workload, whether they're in elementary school, high school, college or beyond. But there is help for those who feel overwhelmed! Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD joins ...Show More
S2 Ep 28: Prevention, Medication Alternatives & Finding Your Tribe: Dr. H Answers Your Questions

18:24 | Nov 28th, 2017

How can I find my tribe and/or what I'm good at? What are some alternatives to medication for my child? How do we re-frame the conversation so prevention is the treatment?  In this episode Dr. Hallowell takes some time to address a few of the ques...Show More
S2 Mini 27: A Thanksgiving Wish For You

06:25 | Nov 22nd, 2017

On this special day, Dr. Hallowell reflects on Thanksgivings past and present, and shares his thoughts on why this holiday feels so important.  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Distraction!
S2 Ep 27: Peter Shankman Is Faster Than Normal

25:23 | Nov 20th, 2017

Peter Shankman is a well known entrepreneur, author and host of the highly popular podcast, Faster than Normal. As you'll hear in this episode, Peter truly is faster than normal, as he talks faster than anyone we've had on the show thus far! But for ...Show More
S2 Mini 26: Write Your Own Memoir

10:40 | Nov 15th, 2017

What's your life story? Dr. Hallowell is about to share his with the world! His 20th book comes out this spring and it's unlike any other he's written. In this mini he shares a few stories about some of the people and places in his new memoir, and en...Show More
S2 Ep26: The Man Who Walked 4,000 Miles Just To Listen

29:21 | Nov 13th, 2017

At 23, Andrew Forsthoefel headed out the back door of his home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, with a backpack, an audio recorder, and a sign that read "Walking to Listen." He had just graduated from Middlebury College and was ready to begin his adult ...Show More
S2 Mini 25: Are You Guilty of Phubbing?

07:06 | Nov 9th, 2017

If you've ever ignored someone in a social situation by busying yourself with a phone or other mobile device than you are guilty of phubbing. In this mini Dr. Hallowell gets fired up talking about why phubbing is bad for relationships and why this sh...Show More
S2 Ep25: One Veteran's Multitude of Mental Health Issues

24:12 | Nov 7th, 2017

It's not hard to imagine someone being diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, PLMD, depression or bipolar disorder. But imagine being diagnosed with ALL of those conditions? That's the reality for one U.S. veteran who recently reached out to D...Show More
S2 Mini 24: Turning Off Unwanted Thoughts

05:58 | Nov 2nd, 2017

Dr. Hallowell answers two listener questions in this week's mini Distraction. One asks about staying focused in church, and the other is looking for ideas on how to turn off unwanted thoughts. Dr. Hallowell makes suggestions to both listeners and off...Show More
S2 Ep24: Unmasking ADHD: An In-Studio Diagnosis

35:01 | Oct 31st, 2017

The first step on the path to an ADHD diagnosis is sitting down with a qualified professional to learn your history. In this episode a listener who suspects he has ADHD joins Dr. Hallowell in the Distraction studio with his fiancee to talk about his ...Show More
Special: Study Tips from How to ADHD & Landmark College

14:06 | Oct 30th, 2017

Do you know someone who struggles with studying? Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD joins Ned to share study tips for students who learn differently in this special episode sponsored by Landmark College.  College capable students with ADHD require a di...Show More
S2 Mini 23: Governing Your Feelings of Vulnerability

04:03 | Oct 26th, 2017

Are you always on the look out for the next disaster? Dr. Hallowell talks about the overwhelming vulnerable feelings that can go hand-in-hand with ADHD and offers ways to reduce and regulate those less-than-happy thoughts.  Learn more about our sp...Show More
S2 Ep 23: Managing Your Money & ADHD

18:12 | Oct 24th, 2017

It's very common for someone with ADHD to also have trouble managing their finances. In this special Distraction episode, Dr. Hallowell is joined in the studio by his son Jack, a financial planner who also has ADHD, to talk about the unique problems ...Show More
Bonus Mini: Why Do I Need People To Like Me?

04:07 | Oct 20th, 2017

Listener Christine reached out with a question about rejection and her need for others' approval. Listen as Dr. Hallowell talks about why people with ADHD tend to be highly sensitive and why it's okay!  Do you have a question for Dr. Hallowell? Se...Show More
S2 Mini 22: How Do I Know If I Have ADHD?

06:12 | Oct 19th, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, there is no definitive test for ADHD. So how do you know if you have it? Dr. Hallowell tells listeners about the various steps and processes people go through to determine whether or not they have ADHD.    Do you like w...Show More
S2 Ep 22: Journalist Lisa Ling On Having ADHD

17:30 | Oct 17th, 2017

Award-winning journalist Lisa Ling opens up to Dr. Hallowell about her ADHD diagnosis, and the issues she's struggled with since childhood. She talks about the unique challenges of being a minority with ADHD, and how her ADHD strengths have helped ma...Show More
Bonus Mini: “Should A Student With ADHD Attend College Far From Home?"

02:30 | Oct 13th, 2017

A listener named Ann reached out to ask Dr. Hallowell if it's a good idea for a high school senior with ADHD to go to a college far from home. As Dr. H explains in this mini Distraction, it's not so much about where you go, but rather what kind of su...Show More
S2 Mini 21: When Your Spouse Feels Like Your Child

03:00 | Oct 12th, 2017

It's a common issue in couples where one person has ADHD for the other person to feel like their partner is not carrying their weight or fulfilling responsibilities in the relationship. Dr. Hallowell talks about why this happens and offers suggestion...Show More
S2 Ep 21: The Impact of ADHD on Marriage

28:17 | Oct 10th, 2017

Marriage is never easy, but it's even harder when one or both partners have ADHD! Meygan and Casey Caston say they are the least likely couple to succeed in marriage. Not only does Casey have ADHD, but between them their parents have been married a d...Show More
Bonus Mini: Ashley Asks About ADHD & Job Struggles

02:21 | Oct 6th, 2017

Do you have trouble staying focused at work? In this bonus mini episode Dr. Hallowell answers a question from listener, Ashley, a 19 year old woman diagnosed with ADHD in the 4th grade, who struggles with distractions and staying focused in her job a...Show More
S2 Mini 20: ADHD Myths vs. Facts

03:09 | Oct 5th, 2017

Think you know what ADHD is and isn't? Dr. Hallowell dispels some common myths about ADHD in this quick mini Distraction. Do you have a question or show idea for the Distraction team? Send us an email! connect@distractionpodcast.com   Please ra...Show More
S2 Ep 20: Lifting the Fog of ADHD

37:14 | Oct 3rd, 2017

Kristin Seymour overcame many obstacles on the way to accomplishing her goals. She stole a car as an undergraduate college student and tested her parent's patience on many occasions before being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 19. She is now a succ...Show More
S2 Mini 19: You Saw the Wrong Psychiatrist!

03:22 | Sep 28th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell responds to a question from a listener named, Eddie, a 31 year old man who has been aware of his ADHD since age 16. Eddie was dismissed by his psychiatrist saying that he could not possibly have ADHD, based on his prior work experience....Show More
Special Guests & Giveaways for ADHD Awareness Month

01:48 | Sep 27th, 2017

The Distraction teamis busy getting ready for ADHD Awareness Month in October! Listen as Ned outlines some of the exciting things we have planned including tons of interesting guests, new ADHD content, a live facebook chat, book giveaways and more!  ...Show More
S2 Ep 19: Why Kindness Is Important

25:49 | Sep 26th, 2017

Is the world becoming more unkind? Does technology play a role in how nice we are to one another? On today's episode we're talking about the state of kindness in our crazy busy world. Ned shares his thoughts on why being kind is important to everyone...Show More
S2 Mini 18: Celebrating a Day of Peace

05:15 | Sep 21st, 2017

Dr. Hallowell shares a personal story about his strong connection to a man from South Sudan, as he reflects on this year's United Nation's International Day of Peace theme: Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.
S2 Ep 18: Ned Says, "Adopt a Pet and Call Me In The Morning"

17:09 | Sep 19th, 2017

Anyone who knows Dr. Hallowell knows he LOVES animals, especially dogs. He's talked several times on the podcast about his own dog, Ziggy, and how he prescribes a dog for all of his patients. In this extra special episode, NY Times bestselling author...Show More
S2 Mini 17: How Little Things Bring Big Joy

07:24 | Sep 14th, 2017

After a recent joyful experience with a power tool, Dr. Hallowell is moved to share his excitement for the little things in life.  Is there a "little thing" in your life that means a lot? We'd love to hear your story. Send us an email or voice mem...Show More
S2 Ep 17: Dr. H Answers Qs About Changing Routines, Anxiety, Meds & More!

23:57 | Sep 12th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell addresses several listeners' concerns this week including how to change routines; anxiety and how it's related to muscular tension in the body; dealing with emotional stress; and controlling your reactions in certain situations. Ned als...Show More
S2 Mini 16: Ned's Encouragement For Empty Nesters

03:50 | Sep 7th, 2017

As a parent of 3 adult children, Dr. Hallowell knows what it's like to have an empty nest. In this quick mini, Ned shares his thoughts on the transition that parents make when their kids finally move out of the house. And in Ned's case, what happens ...Show More
S2 Ep 16: This Music Helps You Hyper-Focus

21:22 | Sep 5th, 2017

Scientists have discovered that there is a specific type of music for your personality type that can put your brain into a "flow state" making you hyperfocused. In this episode Dr. Hallowell speaks with Will Henshall, founder of focus@will, a company...Show More
S2 Mini 15: Hurricane Harvey Brings Out The Best In Humanity

05:34 | Aug 30th, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has brought trillions of gallons of rain to Texas but it's also brought something else-- kindness and compassion. In this mini, Dr. Hallowell shares some of the heartwarming stories of how people and companies are coming together to ...Show More
S2 Ep 15: Making a Smooth Back-to-School Transition

28:41 | Aug 29th, 2017

Whether your child has ADHD or not, most students can use a little help with the back-to-school transition. In the first half of the episode Dr. Hallowell speaks with ADHD parent coach, Cindy Goldrich, about ways to get kids back into the swing of t...Show More
S2 Mini 14: Football Widows (and Widowers) Unite!

04:22 | Aug 24th, 2017

We know there are plenty of couples who love football equally, but what advice would Ned give to those who don't share their significant other's passion for the sport? Listen to this quick mini and find out!  Have you taken our listener survey yet...Show More
S2 Ep 14: The Business of Fear

28:27 | Aug 22nd, 2017

From terrorism, disease, war, kidnappings and more, we live in a fear-filled society. However, historically Americans are safer and healthier than ever before. So why doesn't it feel that way? Dr. Hallowell speaks with sociologist Barry Glassner, who...Show More
S2 Mini 13: How Much Sleep Is Enough?

03:47 | Aug 17th, 2017

Getting enough sleep is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Dr. Hallowell outlines how to determine how much sleep you need and offers tips for getting a good night's rest.
S2 Ep 13: Protecting An Aging Population From Financial Peril

21:42 | Aug 15th, 2017

How do you know when your parent or loved one can no longer make good financial decisions? Unfortunately, many don't notice until it's too late. In this week's episode Hilary tells us her dad's story, an independent investor who lost his life's savin...Show More
S2 Mini 12: Overcoming Distractions at Work

05:32 | Aug 10th, 2017

Be more focused and productive at work with Dr. Hallowell's strategies for combating the 6 most common interruptions. Want to learn more? Read Dr. Hallowell's book: Driven to Distraction at Work
S2 Ep 12: Yes, You Can Leave Your Phone At Home

27:43 | Aug 8th, 2017

When was the last time you left your smartphone at home... on purpose? We sent Dr. Hallowell out on an adventure without his to see how he'd manage, and of course, we were there every step of the way! After Ned's adventure, keep listening for a round...Show More
S2 Mini 11: 6 Minutes at the Beach Is Enough

04:13 | Aug 3rd, 2017

Dr. Hallowell loves what he does for a living and can't imagine taking time off to "do nothing." In this mini, Ned challenges listeners to tell him why vacations are worth it. Please take a moment to participate in our listener survey! You can ac...Show More
S2 Ep 11: Ned & Sue Answer Your ADHD Questions!

36:00 | Aug 1st, 2017

Dr. Hallowell's wife Sue returns to Distraction to address listeners' ADHD questions. Sue Hallowell is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and has been married to Ned for nearly 30 years. They've also raised 3 children together who all have...Show More
S2 Mini 10: Handling Mental & Emotional Stress

11:08 | Jul 27th, 2017

Feelings of irritation, disorganization and procrastination can throw your life out of balance, but they often go hand in hand with an ADHD diagnosis. In this mini, Dr. Hallowell chats with fellow ADHDer James Ochoa, LPC, about his life's work to hel...Show More
S2 Ep10: Just the Right Summer Distraction

25:32 | Jul 25th, 2017

This week we're sharing a few good distractions with listeners via our sister podcast, Just the Right Book with Roxanne Coady, and a recent talk the host and bookseller gave where she shared her best picks for summer. If you're looking for a good boo...Show More
S2 Mini 9: Watering Fake Plants Isn't Always A Waste Of Time

04:35 | Jul 20th, 2017

Ned draws a lesson from a humorous (but true) story of a fake plant in our studio. "Maybe by watering illusions, maybe we water our souls," says Ned about the on-going watering of an artificial cactus.
S2 Ep9: Do You Think About Your Happiness?

43:56 | Jul 18th, 2017

Happiness is big business in the United States, but ironically we're less happy than ever. According to the United Nations' 2017 World Happiness Report the U.S. doesn't even make the top 10 list! In this episode we take a look at the happiness indust...Show More
S2 Mini 8: Traffic Jams Make Ned See Red

06:38 | Jul 13th, 2017

There's nothing like a good traffic jam to make you lose your cool. In this mini Dr. Hallowell shares the story of a recent frustrating commute he made to our studios in Hamden, Connecticut. He reminds himself (and listeners) about some of the ways h...Show More
S2 Ep8: Jessica McCabe Tells Us How To ADHD

26:37 | Jul 11th, 2017

Jessica McCabe knows what it's like to struggle with ADHD. Diagnosed as a teen, she now helps others understand their ADHD brains through her wildly popular YouTube channel, How to ADHD. Jessica spoke with Ned about the unique struggles millennials w...Show More
Throwback Thursday: Don't Worry, Do This Instead!

03:42 | Jul 6th, 2017

What is constructive worry?  What is toxic worry?  Ned gives guidance on what they are and how to tell the difference. He shares his simple, three-step plan for controlling those anxious feelings we all get.  This episode was originally released in J...Show More
Special Announcement: New Episodes Return Next Week!

01:39 | Jul 5th, 2017

We are proud to announce that new episodes will return next week! Listen in as Dr. Hallowell outlines some of the shows we have lined up!
Meet Them Again: The Women Behind the Guys We F****d Podcast

47:08 | Jul 4th, 2017

Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson are on a mission to spread the word that women should be able to have sex with whoever they want and not be ashamed or called names. The comedians joined Dr. Hallowell in the studio for a frank and entertaining di...Show More
Throwback Thursday: The Benefits of Forgiveness

06:35 | Jun 29th, 2017

For many of us, when we get hurt our natural inclination is to seek revenge. But that’s not good for our health! In this mini episode, Ned stresses the importance of letting go of anger and resentment. It’s not easy, but the benefits are definitely w...Show More
Revisiting The Effect of Technology on Our Kids

26:10 | Jun 27th, 2017

Ned hears from the pros, kids, parents and a special guest as he explores screen-time, online dangers, setting limits, and the latest apps parents should be concerned about.  He also talks to a security expert and former FBI agent posing undercover o...Show More
Throwback Thursday: 5 Pillars of Brain Health

09:23 | Jun 22nd, 2017

Age doesn't really matter! World-renowned leader in brain health, Dr. Paul Nussbaum shares his prescription for longevity and quality of life with Dr. Hallowell. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with how old you are!  Dr. Nussbaum's book: What is t...Show More
Take Another Listen: Part 2 - Tackling ADHD Questions Head-On

24:45 | Jun 20th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell and his longtime co-author, Dr. John Ratey, pick-up where they left off in Part 1 by answering more listener questions. Anxiety, slow processing speeds, helping someone you love with ADHD and other issues are all covered in this show. J...Show More
Throwback Thursday: 10 Tips on Connection

05:15 | Jun 15th, 2017

When you feel engaged and connected to the world you become less distracted. In this week's mini episode Dr. Hallowell talks about ten key connections you should foster in order to live a happier and more focused life. This episode was originally rel...Show More
Revisiting Dashboard Diversions: Are New Cars Safer or Scarier?

18:19 | Jun 13th, 2017

Car manufacturers are enticing buyers with the latest technological advancements, but are the newest vehicles helping or hindering drivers? In this show the editors of Car & Driver magazine take listeners on an adventure in a self-driving Tesla, and ...Show More
Special: Join Dr. Hallowell on Cape Cod this Summer for an ADHD Seminar!

03:54 | Jun 9th, 2017

In this special episode Dr. Hallowell outlines the ADHD program he's offering from August 7-11, 2017 called "Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span." This seminar is being offered through the Cape Cod Institute a...Show More
Throwback Thursday: Tune Out the Noise and Get Stuff Done!

06:23 | Jun 8th, 2017

Attention management is the new time management, says productivity expert Maura Thomas. Learn how to find your "flow zone" in this week’s mini.  www.RegainYourTime.com This episode was originally released in June 2016.
Special: Looking for Callers & ADHD Questions for Ned's Wife!

03:04 | Jun 7th, 2017

Do you love someone who has ADHD? Sue Hallowell returns to Distraction to talk with listeners and answer their questions about loving (and living with) someone who has ADHD for an upcoming episode. Not only has Sue supported Dr. Hallowell throughout ...Show More
Listen Again: 3 Stories You'll Want to Hear

29:44 | Jun 6th, 2017

Thrown down a flight of stairs at 2 years old; moved to America for love then got divorced; homeless at 16... Dr. Hallowell hears three fascinating life stories when he goes back to Distraction's favorite electronics-free coffee shop to connect with ...Show More
Throwback Thursday: Got Junk? How to Get Rid of It

06:27 | Jun 1st, 2017

Staying neat and organized is good for a focused mind, but it takes effort! Professional organizer, Judith Kolberg, offers tips for getting rid of stuff you don’t need and shares insight on when it’s time to call an expert. Judith’s website: http://f...Show More
Revisit The Dangers of Internet Addiction

24:18 | May 30th, 2017

Internet addiction is a very real problem, with real consequences. And it’s way more prevalent than you think. This week, we hear from a young man about his struggles with a gaming addiction. And, a woman who asked to remain anonymous, shares the emo...Show More
Throwback Thursday: 9 No-Brainer Things You Can Do to Finish What You Start

02:43 | May 25th, 2017

Great at generating ideas, but not so great at bringing them to life? Ned offers ways to follow through and make the most out of your ideas. Find more of Dr. Hallowell’s advice in his book, Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Prod...Show More
Special: Dr. Hallowell Reacts to Manchester Terror Attack

06:43 | May 23rd, 2017

Dr. Hallowell is in San Diego this week attending the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, but took a few moments to share his thoughts and offer guidance to listeners on the terror attack that killed 22 people and injured 59 at th...Show More
A Look Back: Tackling ADHD Questions Head-On

16:36 | May 23rd, 2017

It’s the ADHD call-in show! Dr. Hallowell is joined by his longtime co-author Dr. John Ratey, and together they talk to listeners. Nothing is off limits, including medication, alternative treatments, coping with day-to-day challenges and more. If you...Show More
Throwback Thursday: Why Walking Is Powerful Medicine

08:04 | May 18th, 2017

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Dr. Beth Frates, a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist and Clinical Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, shares her tips and ideas for incorporating healthy habits into your daily life to decrease s...Show More
Listen Again as Marie Forleo Shares Her Secrets for Getting What You Want

17:18 | May 16th, 2017

She’s taught thousands how to take action and realize their dreams through her award-winning show, MarieTV, and training program, B-School. Full of inspiration and optimism, Forleo lives her life by the mantra, “Clarity comes from engagement, not tho...Show More
Throwback Thursday: Your Anti-Distraction Daily Plan

10:32 | May 11th, 2017

Ned outlines his simple, 7-step plan that’ll have you crossing things off your to-do list in no time! Learn how to meet your goals and bring focus into your life every day.   This episode was originally released in May 2016.
Distraction in the News

02:45 | May 10th, 2017

Are people more distracted than ever? If the news is any indication, the answer is yes! From distracted driving to fidget spinners we've rounded up the latest distraction-related stories making headlines this week! Links mentioned in this episode: h...Show More
Encore Presentation: Our Obsession With Our Devices

19:44 | May 9th, 2017

How much time do you spend staring at a screen? Maybe it’s not your fault. Maybe the internet is designed to be addictive. Ned takes a look at the issue, and we send our producers down a digital rabbit hole to show you how we all get sucked in. Learn...Show More
Throwback Thursday: 7 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD

06:09 | May 4th, 2017

Being successful in life takes hard work, especially when you have ADHD! Dr. Hallowell offers several tips for adults with ADHD to get the most out their "ferrari-engine brains" and thrive in life. Please share this episode with someone you know who ...Show More
Revisiting a Connection Over Coffee

22:47 | May 2nd, 2017

While Dr. Hallowell's demanding schedule has him travelling around the country and the world, we're taking a second listen to some of Distraction's most popular episodes from Season 1. In this episode Ned goes back to East Rock Coffee, the no-electro...Show More
Special: Where in the World Is Ned?

02:53 | May 1st, 2017

Notice some re-released episodes in our feed? Take a listen and find out what the Distraction team has planned!
Throwback Thursday: How to Deal with Difficult People

06:02 | Apr 27th, 2017

Abraham Lincoln once asked, "Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" In this "Throwback Thursday" mini Distraction from Season 1, Ned gives practical tips for handling the challenging people in your life, whether it’s your boss, tea...Show More
Take Another Listen to Dr. Hallowell's Best Advice

18:40 | Apr 25th, 2017

Ned's advice never gets old! Listen to this re-release featuring a compilation of some of Dr. Hallowell's most popular advice from Season 1. Learn how to get the most out of your day, control worry, deal with difficult people and more-- in about 20 m...Show More
S2 Mini 7: Top 5 Focus Factors

04:28 | Apr 20th, 2017

Ned outlines key elements for training your attention and becoming more focused every day. Learn about the healthy habits that can help you consistently find focus and achieve your goals.  This episode is sponsored by OmegaBrite, the premier natural ...Show More
S2 Ep 7: How Advertisers Target Kids

26:56 | Apr 18th, 2017

In our world of ever-evolving technology, advertisers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to capture kids' attention. The most recent craze has parents buying boatloads of Elmer's Glue to help their children make homemade slime. Dr. Hallowell ...Show More
S2 Mini 6: Bad Design Can Drive You Crazy

06:31 | Apr 13th, 2017

Ever try to open a package and get so frustrated that you want to throw it out the window? You're not alone! Ned talks with Professor Karen Anthony about bad design and its effects on our everyday lives. You might be surprised to learn what Oprah sai...Show More
S2 Ep6: Super Connected, Yet Utterly Disconnected: The Modern Paradox

26:30 | Apr 11th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell recently spoke to a live audience in Manhasset, NY about the crazy-busy, 24/7 technology-driven world we live in and how to take back control of your life. Ned likens people to lab rats participating in a massive behavioral conditioning...Show More
S2 Mini 5: Listeners Ask About Ethics, Anger & Deep Conversations

11:12 | Apr 6th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell gets all fired up as he answers your questions this week! One listener reached out for help with an ethical question regarding a career choice and ADHD, another looks for help with an angry spouse, and another struggles to make meaningf...Show More
S2 Ep5: Bernie Siegel On Love, Animals & Miracles

25:58 | Apr 4th, 2017

The legendary doctor brings his message of hope and love to the Distraction studios for a heartwarming conversation about life, medicine and his latest book, Love, Animals and Miracles: Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond. Bernie talk...Show More
S2 Mini 4: Alternative Facts & Marketing the Truth

11:40 | Mar 30th, 2017

How we can decipher fact from fiction when it comes to climate change, vaccines, cancer treatments and other science news? Listen in and learn the best strategies for determining fact from fiction in a world filled with bad reporting and fake news. A...Show More
S2 Ep4: Stop Chewing Like That! When Noises Trigger Rage

24:05 | Mar 28th, 2017

Most of us have been annoyed at one time by the sound of another chewing or breathing, but for some it goes way beyond annoyance. For those who suffer from misophonia, everyday sounds like gum chewing, lip smacking, or clicking a pen can induce feeli...Show More
S2 Mini 3: The Incredible Benefits of Daily Meditation

09:40 | Mar 23rd, 2017

A recent study found that meditating for just 30 minutes a day can have amazing health benefits. In this mini episode, Dr. Sara Lazar of Harvard University tells Ned about her research that showed regular meditation can improve a person's focus and i...Show More
S2 Ep3: Being Transgender, Bathrooms & Balancing Rights

46:59 | Mar 21st, 2017

Mitzie, mother of a 4-year old transgender boy talks to Dr. Hallowell about her son's story and the journey they've taken so far. He also speaks with Grayson, a 20-year old college student who opens up about his own experience in becoming his true se...Show More
S2 Mini 2: Home Alone

09:06 | Mar 16th, 2017

If you could spend the evening at home by yourself, doing absolutely anything you wanted, what would you do?  In this episode of Distraction, Dr. Hallowell takes listeners on his personal journey through one rare evening at home alone…. Complete with...Show More
S2 Ep2: Solving Your Kid's Behavior Problems

27:08 | Mar 14th, 2017

Dr. Ross Greene believes that whether you're a parent or teacher with a behaviorally challenging child or not, collaboration is the key to solving problems, improving relationships and better communication. Dr. Greene spoke with Ned about the unique ...Show More
S2 Mini 1: Breaking Through Creative Roadblocks

06:46 | Mar 9th, 2017

Sure, he’s written 19 books and counting, hundreds of essays, delivered many speeches, yet even Dr. Hallowell experiences self-doubt - especially when it comes to the creative process. In this mini edition of Distraction, Ned talks about slogging thr...Show More
S2 Ep1: This YouTube Superstar Struggles with ADHD

24:29 | Mar 7th, 2017

We're starting off the second season with a fascinating conversation between Dr. Hallowell and YouTube superstar, Chris Oflyng. Chris earned his ranking as one of YouTube's top vloggers by recording himself performing wacky stunts and emotional appea...Show More
Special Re-Release: Why Dads Matter

29:04 | Feb 28th, 2017

Our Father's Day episode was one of our most popular episodes in 2016. Take a listen and hear why! In honor of Father’s Day, Ned explores fatherhood in the age of distraction. We hear from Kyle Pruett, an internationally known child psychiatrist, who...Show More
Special Re-Release: Live From Boston: How to Handle Your Fast-Paced Life

29:21 | Feb 21st, 2017

As the one year anniversary of the Distraction podcast approaches, we're revisiting some of our most popular episodes from our first season. In this episode Dr. Hallowell speaks to parents and educators at the Newman Elementary School in Needham, Mas...Show More
Mini 48: A Personal Story About Bullying & Racism

11:17 | Feb 16th, 2017

This week, Distraction's producer Sarah Guertin sits down with Dr. Hallowell to share her family's recent experience with bullying and racism. And as Ned tells her, we all share in social cruelty and we all share the responsibility of finding creativ...Show More
Ep 48: Breakthrough in Treating PTSD

41:41 | Feb 14th, 2017

MDMA (the main component of the party drug ecstasy) is now being used in clinical trials for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In this episode, Dr. Hallowell has an in-depth conversation with CJ Hardin, a veteran who served in I...Show More
Mini 47: We Are Enriched By Diversity

05:40 | Feb 9th, 2017

In honor of Black History Month, Dr. Hallowell shares some of his personal connections to black history and the cause of equal rights for all people, including abolitionist and women's rights activist, Lucretia Mott. This episode's sponsor is OmegaBr...Show More
Ep 47: Learning From The Wisdom Of Others

23:23 | Feb 7th, 2017

Most of us have been in a situation where we didn't have all of the answers-- when we didn't know what to do next or where to turn for help. In this episode, Ned talks with the team at Wisdo.com, a new online community that connects users looking for...Show More
Mini 46: We Can Agree on Football

07:35 | Feb 2nd, 2017

If there's one thing that brings Americans together, it's football! In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Dr. Hallowell shares his passion for the sport with listeners. And sorry Falcons fans but we have to warn you-- Ned is a diehard New England Patriots f...Show More
Ep 46: Karina Smirnoff, DWTS & ADHD

15:29 | Jan 31st, 2017

Karina Smirnoff is best known as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, taking home the coveted Mirrorball Trophy in Season 13 with army veteran and actor, J.R. Martinez. Karina also has ADHD. She spoke to Dr. Hallowell recently about her d...Show More
Special: Contest Winner Announced!

00:52 | Jan 27th, 2017

Thank you so much to our listeners who participated in our December contest and left us a review on Itunes! In this special episode, Dr. Hallowell announces the winner of the 30-minute phone call.  If you haven't written a review of Distraction on It...Show More
Mini 45: Is France's Disconnect Law A Sign Of Things To Come?

05:41 | Jan 26th, 2017

French workers now have "the right to disconnect" outside of work hours, thanks to a new law that took effect Jan. 1.  As work-related stresses continue to grow for many, Dr. Hallowell wonders if this new law will catch on in other parts of the world...Show More
Ep 45: Distraction Pays It Forward

20:30 | Jan 24th, 2017

Ned and the Distraction team head to East Rock Coffee in New Haven, CT to practice the art of paying it forward. Plus Pay It Forward author, Catherine Ryan Hyde, shares her thoughts on why the do-good movement is still going strong nearly 20 years af...Show More
Special: Dr. Hallowell Addresses Inauguration Anxiety

12:35 | Jan 19th, 2017

Ned offers some words of wisdom and practical advice for dealing with stress and worry. He encourages listeners to find the good in one another and realize that we all need each other.
Mini 44: Go Do Something Nice For Someone Today

06:51 | Jan 19th, 2017

Research shows that if you do something nice for someone else it can have a major impact on your own happiness. In this mini Dr. Hallowell issues a challenge to listeners to go and do something good, and report back to Distraction with the results!  ...Show More
Ep 44: Cyberbullied to Death

25:07 | Jan 17th, 2017

Nearly 1 in 3 students from middle and high school has experienced cyberbullying at some point, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center. Dr. Hallowell speaks with Dr. Lisa Strohman, founder of the Technology Wellness Center, about this serious...Show More
Mini 43: Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Is An Alarm Call

06:40 | Jan 12th, 2017

Dr. Hallowell reacts to the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale, FL airport on January 9, 2017. He shares his thoughts on how "the system" failed the shooter and questions how we can get mental health help to the people who really need it. This episode's...Show More
Ep 43: You've Got Questions. Dr. H Has Answers!

34:34 | Jan 10th, 2017

This week Dr. Hallowell talks to several listeners who have reached out to Distraction with questions. Liz from Seattle has concerns about self-doubt, Sammy talks to Ned about her young daughter's ADHD diagnosis, Nikki seeks advice on dealing with he...Show More
Ep 42: Make 2017 The Year You Think You Can

11:03 | Jan 3rd, 2017

Happy New Year to all of our listeners! In this short episode, Dr. Hallowell shares his hopes for the new year, and asks you to think about what you want to accomplish in 2017. As Henry Ford famously said, "Whether you think you can or you think you ...Show More
Ep 41: Ned Reflects on 2016

09:47 | Dec 27th, 2016

Dr. Hallowell looks back at this past year and encourages listeners to do the same. This will be our only episode this week as the Distraction team takes time to be with our families. Happy Holidays! We'll see you in 2017! Remember to write a review ...Show More
Special: Rate & Review Contest Going On Now!

01:33 | Dec 23rd, 2016

Leave a written review about Distraction on Itunes for your chance to win a 30-minute phone call with Dr. Hallowell! But hurry, the contest ends December 31st!
Mini 40: Marie Forleo is Helping Aleppo & You Can Too

10:28 | Dec 22nd, 2016

Entrepreneur, writer and serial do-gooder Marie Forleo returns to the show to talk about how we can be a force for good in the world, and specifically how we can all help the people of Aleppo right now. To help the people of Aleppo by donating to The...Show More
Ep 40: Helping Your Kids Get Through Holiday Events

24:12 | Dec 20th, 2016

Ned talks to education consultant Mark Griffin about strategies for making sure everyone in your family enjoys the holiday gatherings, even when the kids start to "act up."  For more tools and resources visit: www.understood.org  This episode's spons...Show More
Mini 39: Media Mogul Alan Meckler Didn't Even Know He Had Dyslexia

11:05 | Dec 15th, 2016

Alan Meckler is an internet pioneer and former CEO of Mediabistro who has found incredible success in life despite having dyslexia. In fact, he didn't even realize he had the condition until somewhat recently. Ned and he chat about the unusual way Me...Show More
Ep 39: Try This Breathing Exercise When You're Stressed

23:35 | Dec 13th, 2016

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season can leave you feeling stressed to the max. This week's episode can help! Join Ned as he's led through a simple breathing exercise designed to put you at ease and make you feel more in the mom...Show More
Mini 38: Forget Politics & Find Common Ground

08:36 | Dec 8th, 2016

In the wake of one of the most contentious presidential elections in history, Dr. Hallowell urges all of us to reconnect with those around us, especially those who hold different beliefs. He challenges listeners to set their political views aside and...Show More
Ep 38: Holiday Help For Us All

41:41 | Dec 6th, 2016

Here's a novel idea-- let's actually ENJOY the holidays this year! For this week's episode we gathered together a group from CRN headquarters (where Collisions is produced) to put into practice Dr. Hallowell's mantra of "never worry alone." The livel...Show More
Mini 37: Not Feeling Holly or Jolly? You're Not Alone!

12:15 | Dec 1st, 2016

The holiday season is a time of year that's supposed to make you feel happy. But that's not the case for many of us. In this episode, Dr. Hallowell talks about his own struggles with the holidays and offers some thoughtful and practical ways to make ...Show More
Ep 37: Seeking Out Smiles in New York City

27:34 | Nov 29th, 2016

Dr. Hallowell believes in the power of connection as a means to living a happier and healthier life. In this episode he puts his belief into practice by hitting the streets of New York in search of smiles and real moments. As you'll hear it's not alw...Show More
Mini 36: In Their Own Words: Kids on Being Thankful

07:17 | Nov 23rd, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! In this special mini episode, Dr. Hallowell shares a message of love, connection and gratitude. We've included a montage of kids sharing their thoughts on what they're thankful for that you won't want to miss! And a big thank you ...Show More