MEDIA INDIGENA : Weekly Indigenous current affairs program

Rick Harp

A weekly roundtable about Indigenous issues and events in Canada and beyond. Hosted by Rick Harp.


45:42 | Mar 3rd, 2019

THIS WEEK: A headdress head scratcher. What exactly did the premier of Alberta—a province hell-bent on hydrocarbon exploitation, come what may—do to deserve the honour of a Blackfoot headdress? Then a...Show More
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A thoughtful discussion of the implications of Premier Notley receiving a ceremonial Blackfoot headdress.

1:07:18 | Jan 24th

Once again, our podcast features a conversation based on our partnership with the Weweni Indigenous Scholars Speakers Series, a series made possible by the University of Winnipeg’s Office of Indigenou...Show More
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45:49 | Jan 12th

On this week’s program: awakening ancestral languages. Our very first episode of 2020 sees us return to our partnership with the Weweni Indigenous Scholars Speakers Series, sponsored by the University...Show More

38:33 | Dec 31st, 2019

If you’re active on Twitter maybe you’ve seen it—the fuss some have kicked up over Donald Trump’s recent use of the phrase “Indian Country” in a tweet. But look carefully among those the most fussed: ...Show More

43:05 | Dec 26th, 2019

Did you know it’s been roughly four years since Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its final report? If all you follow is mainstream media, likely not: which is odd, because the work ...Show More
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