Literati with Colin O’Brien and Michael Wolf

Forever Dog

Literati is a comedy podcast about the greatest American novels never written. For all those times you feel like reading but can’t because you don’t know how or it’s too boring. Every episode features a reading by a literary giant or at least a prett...Show More

55:32 | Dec 17th, 2019

Colin & Michael close the book of Literati and take the listeners through all the incredible things they'll be missing out on, now that the show is no more. They requested that we include the followin...Show More

1:02:41 | Dec 12th, 2019

Colin takes a test to prove that he's intellectually fit to host a podcast about literature. Later, Officer Mike Costanazo (Alexis Pereira), a member of the NYPD Fare Evasion Task Force, reads from hi...Show More
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51:25 | Dec 5th, 2019

Colin & Michael learn from the greats and break down some easy-to-understand writing advice from Charles Bukowski! Later, they invite Hank Nohairio (Woody Fu) onto the program to read selections from ...Show More

47:53 | Nov 28th, 2019

Michael tells Colin some tragic news about his personal health. Later, they invite avant-garde theater director, Hans Tzing (Michael Cruz Kayne), onto the program to read from his new children's joke ...Show More

56:02 | Nov 19th, 2019

Part Two of Literati Live from New York Comedy Festival! Michael & Colin conduct their live writer's workshop, featuring: Josh Sharp, Sydnee Washington, John Reynolds (panelists) & Ziwe Fumudoh, Becky...Show More
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