Sivana Podcast: Eastern Spirituality, Yoga Philosophy, and Conscious Living

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Join us as we explore the rich culture, philosophies, techniques, and stories from the east that have endured millenniums and continue to enrich the lives of billions in the modern world. Mantras, meditation, Buddha, yoga, alternative healing, and th...Show More


20:07 | Feb 28th, 2019

Many of us crave the stability of daily, at-home yoga practice – but life gets in the way! In this episode, I share my top three tips on how to make it to your mat daily. These have worked for me pers...Show More

25:56 | Feb 26th, 2019

Let’s dive deeper into Rumi! Today, award-winning translator and scholar of Rumi, Shahram Shiva, teaches us about the chemistry of sound, quatrains, and the art of translating Rumi from Persian. We al...Show More
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23:30 | Feb 21st, 2019

Let’s travel back to the 13th century and learn about Rumi! Award-winning translator and scholar of Rumi, Shahram Shiva, takes us on a journey of Rumi’s early life. How did Rumi transition from a cons...Show More

27:04 | Feb 19th, 2019

What are the natural hormonal shifts that women experience each month in unison with the lunar phases? Naturopathic doctor, Cassandra Wilder, guides us step-by-step through the New, Waxing, Waning and...Show More

23:41 | Feb 14th, 2019

Reclaim your menstrual cycle as a time to slow down and make space for healing. Today’s guest, naturopathic doctor Cassandra Wilder, invites us to remember the sacred significance of menstruation. Get...Show More
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