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Science: Disrupt

Science: Disrupt

In our world of co-creation, hyper-connectivity and exponentially growing technology, our science industry is in much need of disruption. Our slow processes, our steep barriers to entry, and our poor external and internal communication is eroding tru...Show More
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35:25 | Sep 16th

After a long summer we're back, and we're here to talk spaaaace! Specifically the issue of satellite sustainability and the startup leading the charge. In this episode of the Science: Disrupt podcast we chat to Harriet Brettle, Business Analyst at th...Show More

21:51 | Jun 29th

What makes an innovator in the world of disrupting science? What sort of experiences, behaviours and mindsets prompt people to make change, and guard them against the challenges that changing the status quo inevitably brings? Those were the questions...Show More
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18:15 | Jun 22nd

What makes an innovator in the world of disrupting science? What sort of experiences, behaviours and mindsets prompt people to make change, and guard them against the challenges that changing the status quo inevitably brings? Those were the questions...Show More

28:32 | Jun 1st

What makes an innovator in the world of disrupting science? What sort of experiences, behaviours and mindsets prompt people to make change, and guard them against the challenges that changing the status quo inevitably brings? Those were the questions...Show More

33:50 | May 25th

In this episode we chat to science fiction author, Anne Charnock. For Anne's latest novel "Dreams Before the Start of Time" received the Arthur C Clarke award in 2018, and explores the future of fertility, and pre-natal genetic screening. Anne was al...Show More

41:39 | Apr 16th

What makes an innovator in the world of disrupting science? What sort of experiences, behaviours and mindsets prompt people to make change, and guard them against the challenges that changing the status quo inevitably brings? Those were the questions...Show More

38:24 | Apr 10th

In this episode we chat to Charles Fracchia, CEO and Co-Founder of BioBright a bioscience data company driven to make labs faster and smarter. Showing that building out a smart lab isn't the preserve of the roboticists, Biobright hoovers up every dro...Show More

26:02 | Mar 29th

What makes an innovator in the world of disrupting science? What sort of experiences, behaviours and mindsets prompt people to make change, and guard them against the challenges that changing the status quo inevitably brings? Those were the questions...Show More

37:17 | Mar 20th

In this episode we share our thoughts about the 2019 Hello Tomorrow conference in Paris, among other things. Hello Tomorrow is an impressive deep tech conference, where startups, academics, and funders meet in Paris over two days to hear some of the ...Show More

43:58 | Feb 23rd

In this episode we chat to science writer, podcaster, speaker, author, and now communications consultant Dr Kat Arney on all things science communication! We dive into the current state of the science communication industry, from the tools of the tra...Show More

34:53 | Feb 10th

In today's episode we are joined by Richard Clarke, a PhD researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine! Richard is a member of the the Vaccine Confidence Project, an initiative that monitors public confidence in immunisation for t...Show More

39:10 | Feb 5th

In today's episode Gemma speaks to Hila Cohen the International Business Development Lead of the World Food Programme's Innovation Accelerator. We dive into the invaluable work done by the WFP, the benefits of considerate locally focussed innovations...Show More

1:49:28 | Jan 24th

**Special episode klaxon** It's no secret that the internet has changed the way we communicate, and the last 12 months has also made clear the realisation that it has also changed the way we form our views. On December 5th 2018 we ran an event on Sci...Show More

28:46 | Jan 6th

Today's guest is Antipem Ofori Charles, a Ghanaian inventor and entrepreneur who is intent on transforming science education within Ghana and beyond. Antipem is the founder of the DEXT Technology, an accessible science set designed to engage students...Show More

36:57 | Dec 22nd, 2018

Today's guest is Dr Harpreet Sood, NHS England’s Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer and a practicing NHS doctor at University College London Hospital.We get to grips with how the NHS is currently interacting with founders, and the wealth of...Show More

36:09 | Nov 24th, 2018

In this episode we are joined by our pal, the inimitable Harry Destecroix. Harry is CEO of Unit DX and Carbometrics, and is former CEO of Ziylo. We chat about why (and how) he managed to have such a mental job title, how Bristol is fast becoming a sp...Show More

29:54 | Nov 2nd, 2018

In this episode we spoke to Karen Mazurkewich the Lead Executive of  Communications & Marketing at MaRS, Toronto's startup hub. Karen was also formerly a journalist with the Wall Street Journal. We were keen to understand the Toronto startup ecosyste...Show More

42:19 | Oct 8th, 2018

The final episode of the Citizen Science series zooms out a little bit and looks at citizen science as a whole. This episode features: Ainhoa Moya a software engineer (formerly of Conde Naste now Disney), on the value of opening up the lab to people...Show More

29:20 | Sep 15th, 2018

We're baaaack! Well, Linda is back - and she's got three great interviews with people transforming how science can be done. Linda Doyle takes us on a tour of the world of citizen science in this mini-series, Citizens Disrupt. In this episode Linda ex...Show More

28:20 | Aug 18th, 2018

Linda Doyle takes us on a tour of the world of citizen science in this new mini-series, Citizens Disrupt. In this episode Linda explores the burgeoning world of DIY Bio. She speaks to: Bethan Wolfenden, co-founder of BentoBio Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale a...Show More

37:35 | Aug 6th, 2018

Linda Doyle takes us on a tour of the world of citizen science in this new mini-series, Citizens Disrupt. In this episode Linda explores contributory citizen science, where the data for scientific ventures is crowdsourced.  She speaks to: Dr Erinma ...Show More

29:49 | Aug 4th, 2018

In this episode we chat to Mary Ward, the co-founder of Counter Culture Labs, an Oakland based community space that draws a diverse crowd to scientific exploration.

39:23 | Jul 28th, 2018

In this episode we chat to Jack Parsons, the business development lead at Panacea Stars, an accelerator focussing on early-stage deep tech startups.

31:28 | Jul 17th, 2018

This week we chat to Cindy Wu and Denny Luan, co-founders of Experiment, the science crowdfunding platform.  We talk about the underappreciated power of small chunks of funding in science, different methods of sharing science, and bonding over super-...Show More

36:07 | Jun 30th, 2018

In this episode we chat to Simon Bungers, founder and CEO of labfolder.

38:35 | Jun 14th, 2018

In this episode we chat to UC San Diego Physicist Brian Keating on his new book 'Losing the Nobel Prize'. Brian Keating was in the running for a Nobel with the gravitational waves discovery, but his Nobel hopes evaporated when what they had really de...Show More

59:45 | May 22nd, 2018

For the final episode of our ‚ÄėResponsible Science‚Äô series, we look forward with some of the most exciting innovators coming up through the ranks of academia, intent on making it a better and more responsible place as they go. We chat to three entrepr...Show More

46:19 | May 14th, 2018

For the fourth episode of our ‚ÄėResponsible Science‚Äô, we dive deep into the world of the science dissemination industry ‚Äď organisations whose role is to effectively communicate science to the wider world, in the most efficient, fair and considered way...Show More

39:16 | May 4th, 2018

For the third episode of our ‚ÄėResponsible Science‚Äô, we dive deep into the world of scientific industry ‚Äď companies which bring science out of the lab, into the real world, and turn a profit at the same time. We chat to two key leaders in the world of...Show More

38:50 | Apr 27th, 2018

Featuring: Lenny Teytelman - CEO & Co-Founder of Tom Leung - CSO & Co-Founder of BenchSci Ben Miles - Head of Product at Transcriptic In this episode we chat about how technology allows us to do things that previously, were simply not ...Show More

24:27 | Apr 19th, 2018

The phrase ‚ÄėResponsible Science‚Äô brings up a whole host of different questions. What is it referring to? Who is responsible for what? Isn‚Äôt science already super responsible? That‚Äôs why we decided to take some time ‚Äď 5 episodes to be exact ‚Äď to explo...Show More

40:32 | Mar 29th, 2018

We're back from a little pod hiatus! In this episode we spoke to Dr Jenny Molloy, a Cambridge Synthetic Biologist who, among many things, is the Director of the Cambridge Biomakespace, and is on the organising committee for the Gathering for Open Sci...Show More

1:05:25 | Mar 27th, 2018

*Bonus Episode* Gemma moderated a panel at SXSW on building an ecosystem for science startups with Ana Florescu of Science Practice, Harry Destecroix of UnitDx, and Dominic Falcao of Deep Science Ventures.

25:48 | Feb 3rd, 2018

This episode we spoke to Elsa Sotiriadis, the Chief Futurist and Program Director of Rebel Bio. Rebel Bio is the world's first life science accelerator, based initially out of Cork, they have worked with startups tackling synthetic meat, algae deriv...Show More

35:59 | Jan 20th, 2018

We spoke to Hemai Parthasarathy, the Scientific Director of Breakout Labs, a fund for early stage deep tech startups to get their research out of the lab. Hemai started out as a neuroscientist at MIT, and moved from academia to the field of publishin...Show More

39:13 | Jan 12th, 2018

This episode we speak to Philip Hemme, the founder and CEO of Labiotech, the leading media organisation covering European biotech. We talk about their rapid growth as a startup, the current state of biotech media, their internationally diverse team, ...Show More

30:22 | Dec 15th, 2017

This episode we chatted to Erin Kim the Communications Director at New Harvest, a non-profit research institute focussed on making cellular agriculture a reality. We talk about the the current state of lab grown meat, the importance of effective scie...Show More

34:26 | Nov 28th, 2017

This episode features Julian Huppert, former Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge, and now Director of the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College Cambridge. We chat about Julian's journey from academia to the House of Commons where he was recognised as the...Show More

43:01 | Nov 18th, 2017

This episode features our pals Ali Afshar and Ignacio Willats founders of HackScience, a startup focussed on streamlining research by taking time consuming lab tasks out of hands of the scientists through automation. Their principle product currently...Show More

35:26 | Nov 12th, 2017

This episode features Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Sussex. Following on from our chat with the brilliant Chad Rigetti, we were keen to get the academic perspective on the burgeoning field of quantum compu...Show More

41:47 | Oct 31st, 2017

This episode we chatted to Bethan Wolfenden, the co-founder of Bento Bioworks, a biotech startup that has created a 'laptop size laboratory'. This kit allows the user to perform simple DNA analysis and dramatically reduces the cost of the components ...Show More

34:46 | Oct 20th, 2017

In this episode we chatted to Christine Gould, founder and CEO of the Thought for Food Foundation. Their annual conference, startup challenge and active community centres around the science and tech working to ensure we have enough food to feed the w...Show More

39:33 | Oct 10th, 2017

In this episode we chatted to Kristin Ellis, the Scientific Development Lead at OpenTrons, about all things science. OpenTrons is a company that builds affordable open-source lab robots, that remove the need to perform tedious manual pipetting tasks,...Show More

41:43 | Sep 29th, 2017

This episode Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media joins us in a far reaching conversation spanning the whole science ecosystem. From the communication of science, to liberating knowledge generated by research from the confines of the stati...Show More

28:28 | Sep 21st, 2017

This episode we speak to Jose Carranza, a deep learning PhD researcher in Costa Rica who has taken his expertise to an unexpected field, that of the biological classification of plants.  We've spoken to plenty of former researchers who have moved out...Show More

36:08 | Sep 12th, 2017

This episode we speak to Elizabeth Iorns who is the Founder and CEO of Science Exchange. We wanted to get Elizabeth's view on what it really takes change the status quo in science - both from a process perspective in the way we conduct ourselves in a...Show More

42:46 | Sep 4th, 2017

We speak to Chad Rigetti, CEO of quantum computing startup Rigetti Computing. We dive deep into the challenges that face deep tech startups, the core debates within quantum computing, and what it's like to compete with the likes of Google in this bra...Show More

38:03 | Aug 4th, 2017

This episode we spoke to Imogen Bunyard, CoFounder of Qadre a startup focussed on building blockchain solutions that tackle trust issues within enterprises. This could include tackling the counterfeit drug market. Imogen has a particular knack for br...Show More

38:44 | Jul 28th, 2017

This episode was recorded in the bowels of Sussex University when we met up with Tom Baden a Neuroscientist interested in how the visual system processes information. Our motivation for chatting to Tom was a brilliant project called the FlyPi that he...Show More

35:06 | Jul 24th, 2017

This episode we speak to Zach Mueller, an Amazon Data Scientist and co-Founder of Sound.Bio, Seattle's first DIY Biohackspace. We wanted to hear about how they aim to build a community around biology, the challenges of setting up the lab, and the eff...Show More

29:25 | Jul 12th, 2017

In this episode we spoke to Jackie Hunter, CEO of Benevolent Bio, a company that utilises machine learning and AI to find previously overlooked drug candidates within the research literature. Jackie was previously Chief Executive of the BBSRC and com...Show More

36:01 | Jul 6th, 2017

In this episode we spoke to Emily Leproust, CEO of Twist Bioscience. Twist has revolutionised the process of synthesising DNA which is used in applications spanning drug discovery to optimising crop production and beyond.

36:19 | Jun 30th, 2017

This week we spoke to Josh Ghaim, CTO of Johnson & Johnson. We were interested in how at around 130 years old, one of the largest organisations on the planet can stay nimble, forward facing, and seek out innovation in new places. We met Josh at the H...Show More

30:08 | Jun 23rd, 2017

This week we spoke to Katie Rae, the CEO of The Engine, a Cambridge (Mass.) based deep tech accelerator that provides the physical workspace to develop the companies, the Cambridge brain trust to guide the founders, and the financial backing to make ...Show More

38:53 | Jun 15th, 2017

Our latest episode is with Tom Zeller Jr the Editor in Chief of Undark (formerly at the New York Times). Undark was set up as way of applying hard hitting investigative journalism to the intersection of science and society. Supported by the Knight Fo...Show More

42:52 | Jun 1st, 2017

This episode we chatted to Hugh Forrest, the newly minted Chief Programming Officer of South by South West (SXSW). This role puts Hugh in charge of one of the most dynamic and diverse conferences around, covering around 1300 panels & talks, approxima...Show More

49:11 | May 18th, 2017

This week we chatted to Chris Hartgerink a PhD metascientist (the science of science) and open access advocate, whose core focus is on data fraud. Chris was recently featured in this Guardian piece - he ruffled plenty of feathers when he modified an...Show More

51:48 | May 11th, 2017

This episode we chatted to Michael Eisen (@mbeisen), a Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Michael is a core advocate of the Open Science movement Co-Founding the Public Library of Science (PLOS). He...Show More

37:34 | May 4th, 2017

We were joined by Alok Tayi, CEO and Co-Founder of TetraScience, a Y Combinator alumni company that utilises IoT to transform how research is done. We talk about the current state of 'disconnected' research, being open to innovation within science, a...Show More

32:33 | Apr 26th, 2017

We spoke to Dr Roby Polakiewicz, Chief Scientific Officer of Cell Signaling Technology about their role in ensuring life science research is as reproducible as possible, through antibody production & validation. We chatted about the long road to repr...Show More

41:22 | Apr 20th, 2017

We spoke to Ryan Bethencourt, the Program Director and Venture Partner at IndieBio - the world's largest seed biotech accelerator - about building the science startups of tomorrow, the importance of the hustler, and why more risk should be taken in t...Show More

13:55 | Apr 12th, 2017

Woohoo! Science: Disrupt is now a year old. We reflect back on the past year and talk about what's next for the show. Thanks so much for listening and stay tuned - we have big plans for 2017!

45:49 | Apr 6th, 2017

This episode we spend time with the brilliant Vivian Chan, Co-Founder of Sparrho, a platform that allows researchers to stay up to date with cutting edge research curated by AI & the Sparrho community. We chatted about support networks inside and out...Show More

31:10 | Mar 24th, 2017

We spoke to Joris van Rossum founder of Peerwith, a platform that makes it easy to find the right experts to help with your research publication. Think of it like a Fiverr for science. We chatted about the sharing economy, the power of remote collabo...Show More

36:00 | Mar 8th, 2017

We spoke to Alon Vitenshtein Co-Founder of LabWorm, a newly launched, crowd-sourced platform for scientists in the digital age. LabWorm wants to make research more efficient by taking the stress and randomness out of the search for useful research to...Show More

41:18 | Feb 24th, 2017

Recorded a week after Trump's Inauguration, this week's episode is with Richard Burge, Chief Executive of Wilton Park - an executive agency of the Foreign Office who helps coordinate Global political discussions - about the diplomacy of science. We c...Show More

29:13 | Feb 8th, 2017

This episode we spoke to Max Hodak Founder and CEO of Transcriptic, a Menlo Park based biotech company offering a robotic solution to research in the life sciences! We spoke about reproducibility in research, how Max went from undergrad to founding a...Show More

35:10 | Jan 25th, 2017

We sat down (over Skype) with the fascinating Sijbrand de Jong, President of Council at CERN, to chat about how CERN is working with startups, the importance of basic science and the story of how he managed to miss the discovery of the Higgs Boson..!

45:39 | Jan 11th, 2017

We caught up with Lenny Teytelman, Co-Founder of about the importance of Scientists sharing their how-to's and his story of becoming an accidental founder. acts as a GitHub for scientific methods, with collaboration, credit,...Show More

42:17 | Dec 18th, 2016

This episode we chatted to Alice Bentinck Co-Founder of Code First Girls and Entrepreneur First about the importance of upskilling, flipping the perception of PhD utility, and the rise of domain specialist founders.

42:48 | Dec 1st, 2016

We sat down with the wonderful Dr Shafi Ahmed and Steve Dann, founders of Medical Realities, an organisation specialising in the innovation of surgical training through virtual reality, and augmented reality. We talk about the importance of transpare...Show More

44:36 | Nov 3rd, 2016

This time we chatted to Michael Marshall, Co-Founder of the Merseyside Skeptic Society, and Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, on the value of effective communication, the ongoing battle against pseudoscience, and the importance of exposi...Show More

41:29 | Oct 19th, 2016

We spoke to Dr Ceri Brenner, an Application Development Physicist at the STFC. Based out of Harwell, Ceri marries research with entrepreneurialism, focussing on how to spin out innovations related to the powerful lasers she works with. We chatted abo...Show More

35:21 | Oct 5th, 2016

We sat down with Mark Hahnel founder of Figshare - an online data sharing platform for researchers - to talk open science, founding a startup in the midst of a PhD, and the death of paper lab notebooks.

46:32 | Sep 21st, 2016

We spoke to Maxine Mackintosh, Chair of Health Tech Women UK about innovations in health technology, creating communities for empowering women in STEM and balancing PhD and organisational leadership life! AND THERE'S A LIMERICK....

31:44 | Sep 7th, 2016

Nobel laureate Eric Betzig joined us to talk blue skies thinking, the benefits of naval gazing, open access, and why in science being risk averse can be the riskiest choice of all.

39:34 | Aug 26th, 2016

We spoke to Dr Shelly Moram who leads the Functional Nitrides Group at the Department of Materials at Imperial College London about how to disrupt the way we do research and university teaching. We chatted about the metric-driven culture of universit...Show More

37:35 | Aug 14th, 2016

We spoke to Andrew Steele (@statto) founder of Scienceogram and Vice-Chair of Science is Vital about the funding landscape within the UK and the impact that Brexit may have on the the pockets of the countries research institutions and the potential o...Show More

43:15 | Jul 27th, 2016

The Open Science movement is gaining momentum and there is some seriously exciting initiatives driving for transparency and alternative methods of sharing scientific data. But it's got a big obstacle to overcome; the traditional academic publishing m...Show More

39:36 | Jul 13th, 2016

We spoke to Conrad Wolfram, Strategic and International Director of Wolfram Research, and founder of Computer Based Math. He was keen to talk about disrupting maths education by teaching broader problem solving rather than pure computation, the impor...Show More

38:41 | Jun 29th, 2016

How do you go about building a tech solution to a scientific problem? Well it certainly helps if you recognise that there's a problem to begin with. This was the starting point for the biologically trained founders of Desktop Genetics to really make ...Show More

33:54 | Jun 16th, 2016

Timezones, geography, full time jobs - these should be barriers to the running of a complex engineering side-project on a moonshot challenge. Not the case with rLoop: a crack team of international engineers and enthusiasts who came together over Redd...Show More

46:52 | Jun 1st, 2016

We speak to Mark Levinson, Director of Particle Fever, about telling the human stories behind the Higgs Boson discovery, making the complex beautifully compelling, and what's next for the Particle Physicist turned Film-Maker...

28:24 | May 18th, 2016

We spoke to Laura Wheeler of Digital Science to discuss how they are focusing on solving the problems of the research community through startups, software and innovation... She also spoke about their brilliant Catalyst Grant for early stage ideas / s...Show More

38:00 | May 5th, 2016

We spoke to Alex Flamant of Notion Capital (and ex-IBM Watson) to discuss what VCs are looking for in startups, why London is the perfect hotbed for innovation in AI and how corporates can foster an open research culture...

41:16 | Apr 22nd, 2016

Science communication needs help. We talk to Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures, an organisation that collides science, technology and art through immersive events, about the importance of respecting your audience, what the tech industry ...Show More