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We're Alive: Lockdown

Wayland Productions

An Audio Theater for the Mind. “Life on the inside” takes on a whole new meaning. A riot has broken out at Twin Towers Jail. Simeon, five of his fellow inmates, and the prison guards assigned to them have found themselves trapped in the inescapable confines of T-block during the lockdown. Boundaries of trust are pushed to the limit as the survivors must learn to work together if they have any hope of escaping the horde of infected and the deadly secret that lies within Twin Tower’s walls. “We’re Alive: Lockdown” serves as both a standalone and continuation of the “We’re Alive: A Story of Survival” series. It answers questions, asks new ones, and keeps the listener guessing right up until the bitter end. What is “Audio Theater for the Mind”? Think of it a type of show that you can play in your head, guided by the narrative but carried by your imagination. Unlike film or television, an audio drama has the power to strike a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

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We're Alive has reached 50 million downloads! To commemorate the occasion, here's a sneak peak at the upcoming continuations in the series. Be sure to check out the website www.werealive.com to see our web store re-opening with a brand new special poster!

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We're Alive: Lockdown Preview

Apr 14th, 201616:43

April 25th we launch our next story called Lockdown, a side-story/continuation further into the world of We're Alive! Enjoy this teaser, the first 15 minutes of Lockdown.

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